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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon RP community focused on keeping it simple. We're all about getting back to the basics here, with a streamlined training system and a focus on writing and character development over grinding for experience. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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January 2 – Happy New Year, Paradise! I hope everyone had a good time ringing in 2017. With the holidays over, I've got an important announcement to make: the Ironwood Gym Leader position has officially re-opened. If you think you might be interested in filling it, please consider applying!


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By: Amaya Hayashi

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In: »Training Log
By: Felicity Veleno

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Potpourri Harbor
Potpourri Harbor is the point of entry for new arrivals to Eden, as well as a hub city where many different types of people mix and mingle. Beyond the busy marina, clusters of tall buildings span up and down the water’s edge, and the city’s most recognizable landmark, the lighthouse, looms on a distant cape. Although the Bay Bridge leads directly to Primrose Town, many trainers prefer to take the more adventurous route via the Hawthorn Woods.
17 250 1/11/17, 02:01 pm
In: »(!) Dogs go bark... and so ...
By: Simón Ade
Hawthorn Woods
A veritable labyrinth of trees, the Hawthorn Woods form a barrier between Potpourri Harbor and neighboring Primrose Town. Regular travelers can take the Bay Bridge and bypass the forest, but since it represents the first challenge for beginning trainers, trekking through it has become tradition. But while the dense woods may look imposing, the paths are well-worn and carefully marked, and the wild pokémon are low-leveled and mostly docile.
12 143 Yesterday at 12:52 pm
In: »(!) are we in the clear yet?
By: Wild Pokémon
Primrose Town
Neat and tidy without a single flower out of place, Primrose Town sits on a cliff overlooking the sea. Although the antique lampposts lining the streets give it a somewhat historical feel, everything is well-kept and painstakingly landscaped. Stalwart trees tower over the pavement, and manicured hedges fill the gaps between buildings. Despite its small-town status, it is home to the most prestigious schools in the region: Primrose Academy.
31 430 Yesterday at 09:38 pm
In: »Old Habits; New Friends
By: Felicity Veleno
Seaside Route
Running from Primrose Town to Hibiscus Beach, the aptly-named Seaside Route never veers far from the shoreline. This paved roadway meanders down the sea-cliffs near Primrose Town and stretches on for miles across the coastal plains and occasional patches of forest. While traffic is moderate, there are always pedestrians traveling the route on foot. Because of this, there are a number of rest-stops along the way, including Pokémon Centers.
5 97 1/1/17, 12:32 pm
In: »(!) Off-day travelling
By: Wild Pokémon
Hibiscus Beach
The edges of the Eden region are known for their steep, sheer cliff faces, but on the southwestern tip of the island there lies a hidden inlet: Hibiscus Beach. Droves of tourists flock to the beach year-round to enjoy its clear, emerald waters and snow-white sand. Another one of the main attractions is the Boardwalk Carnival, a fairground by the docks that boasts dozens of games and rides. Perhaps most notable among them is a colossal Ferris wheel with enclosed baskets shaped like pokéballs.
19 296 Today at 05:40 am
In: »(!) trial by ordeal
By: Jessica North
Mangrove Marsh
Freshwater and saltwater combine in the shallows of Mangrove Marsh. Its namesake, a sprawling forest of mangrove trees, spans up and down the southwestern coast of Eden. Ferns, mosses, and flowering plants drape from the canopy and sprout up from patches of boggy earth, while beneath the surface lurks a maze of twisted roots. Traversing the marsh on foot can lead to a sticky situation; many visitors choose to navigate its brackish waters by boat or on the back of a water pokémon.
4 73 Yesterday at 04:10 pm
In: »Two lost sisters
By: Bura Gold
Plumeria Jungle
While its temperature and precipitation levels leave it just shy of the tropical rainforest category, Plumeria Jungle is as close as it gets. From the humid forest floor to the breezy canopy, every inch of it is teeming with life: innumerable species of plants, insects, and of course – pokémon. Hidden in its deepest reaches, where the dense foliage of the jungle meets the Ginkgo Mountains, stand the ruins of an ancient civilization.
12 126 1/12/17, 12:37 am
In: »(!)Praying for the Mantis: ...
By: Carnatia Livingstone
Jungle Ruins
At the base of the mountains lie the ruins of an ancient civilization. Remnants of stone buildings lay strewn across the landscape, which is dominated by the legendary Flame Temple. Covered in moss, grass, and shrubs, the monolithic structure appears to have been carved out of the very the hillside. Hundreds of stairs lead up the tiers to the apex of the pyramid, and stone reliefs on the walls depict various pokémon – most prominently Larvesta and Volcarona.
5 109 1/14/17, 10:54 pm
In: »(!) What Pokemon live in ru...
By: Kori Pax
Ginkgo Mountains
Sometime in the distant past, an errant surge of volcanic activity created the landmass now known as the Eden region. Most of these volcanoes settled into dormancy eons ago, but the mountains formed during that ancient time remain, dominating the central part of the island. The peaks are densely forested and gently-rounded in appearance in most areas, but the tallest among them boast steep, craggy summits veiled in mist.
7 68 Yesterday at 11:30 am
In: »(!) Early Morning Hike
By: Vexel Mitore
Hinoki Village
Entering the gates of Hinoki Village is like stepping back in time. Nestled deep in the mountains, it seems relatively ordinary from the outskirts, where most of the residents live, but the central part of town is designed to resemble a village in Edo-period Japan. The streets are lined with shops and restaurants catering to tourists who come year round to visit famous attractions. Chief among these are the beautiful gardens, the hot springs, and the local Shinto shrine.
9 111 Yesterday at 03:23 pm
In: »(!) Insert Catchy Title Here
By: Simón Ade
Agave Desert
The result of a rain-shadow effect courtesy of the Ginkgo Mountains, the flat, sun-baked Agave Desert stretches for miles upon miles to the northeast. A singular highway cuts through the barren landscape and acts as guide for traveling trainers, along with a Pokémon Center here and there, but otherwise the desert is home to little more than hardy plants and pokémon. Sagebrush and cacti dominate the rough terrain, which ranges from stretches of open desert to towering plateaus and deep, vast canyons.
6 72 12/29/16, 03:24 pm
In: »(!) Setting Out
By: Annabelle Jones
Tumbleweed Gulch
Situated right where the desert gives way to miles of rolling prairie, Tumbleweed Gulch is a rare bit of civilization in a mostly barren area. The dusty little town gets its name from the steep ravine that cuts through the rocky terrain beyond its outskirts. The river at the bottom flows into the nearby farmlands, where the paved streets of the town taper off into dirt roads winding through fields and pastures. Local ranchers often allow trainers onto their land to battle and capture the pokémon they raise.
4 27 Yesterday at 04:28 pm
In: »Adrenaline High
By: Carnatia Livingstone
Larkspur Prairie
Between the unforgiving barrens of the desert and the urban sprawl of Ironwood City lies a tract of gently-rolling grassland: Larkspur Prairie. Although the land is considerable more fertile than the neighboring desert, it stays relatively dry for the majority of the year – except during the rainy season, when the area is subject to intense storms. The resident pokémon are the rough and tough sort, all of them adapted to the harsh conditions of their environment.
1 11 10/31/16, 11:26 am
In: »Rescue Mission
By: Mirabelle Howe
Ironwood City
The largest city in Eden, both in population and in sheer size, Ironwood and its towering buildings make for an impressive skyline. The manufacturing heart of the region, this concrete jungle was once a huge producer of steel and lumber, but in recent years the emphasis has shifted to technology development. In the past, the heavy industry left the city shrouded in smog. However, thanks to the ingenuity of the up-and-coming generation, pollution levels have been on a steady decline.
31 321 Today at 12:04 am
In: »(!) Autumn visits
By: Kisriel Sallow
Sycamore Springs
Straddling the narrowest point in a winding river, the rustic town of Sycamore Springs is best known for its many bridges and the blue-tinged water flowing beneath them. The eponymous spring rises from a limestone bluff on the northern edge of town and flows southeast, originating in white-cap rapids but gradually easing into a wide, slow-moving channel. Its banks are bordered by wooded hillsides, and its waters are crystal-clear, making it easy to spot aquatic pokémon.
7 89 1/8/17, 10:58 am
In: »(!) i'm drowning in you...
By: Random Event
Amaranth Forest
North of the desert, the terrain inclines into gently-rolling hillsides, and the harsh landscape gradually yields to the majestic woodland known as the Amaranth Forest. The higher altitude and coastal winds create a cool, damp environment, and patches of mist hang in the air throughout the day. The trees are spaciously dispersed with little underbrush growing between them, and sunbeams pour freely through the canopy onto the carpet of moss and dead leaves that blanket the forest floor.
14 182 1/12/17, 06:25 pm
In: »(!) The Hunt Continues
By: Vexel Mitore
Wisteria Town
Nestled on the edge of Amaranth Forest, Wisteria Town is a welcome sight to travelers who have journeyed through the woods. From the cobblestone streets to the antique streetlamps, the little village hearkens back to days long past. Many of the buildings date back to the early nineteenth century, but these relics of the past have been maintained well over the years. The wisteria vines seen in draping clumps around town are said to be as old as the buildings they cover.
23 374 Yesterday at 03:35 pm
In: »The Psyduck and the Roselia.
By: Arcadia Valance
Asphodel Meadows
The windswept hills of the Asphodel Meadows stretch all the way from the outer fringes of Amaranth Forest to the jagged mountain peaks at the northeastern edge of the island. Boulders of varying and shapes and sizes lie strewn across the austere landscape – their enormous white forms standing stark against the craggy hillsides. An eerie wind blows almost perpetually, creating waves in the sea of tall grass, which is home to some of the strongest pokémon in the Eden region.
8 87 12/30/16, 11:53 pm
In: »(!) Travelling in the mist
By: Wild Pokémon
Victory Road
Located in the rugged mountains of the north, Victory Road stands as the last obstacle between trainers and the Eden Elite. Its entrance is a gaping cave mouth marked by a dozen pairs of towering stone columns, each one draped with the red banners of the Pokémon League. From the base of this first mountain cavern, the maze-like paths gradually work their way upward, towards lofty Garland City. While most of Victory Road is located within the mountains themselves, some paths lead to cliffs and canyons outside of the caves.
2 8 10/26/16, 12:31 pm
In: »(!) Dragon Slayer
By: Wild Pokémon
Garland City
Perched high in the mountains, Garland City stands in moving water that stems from a nearby lake and flows into waterfalls that spill over the surrounding cliffs. Thick walls form a barrier that allows only minimal water to pass through, creating the famous canal system that extends throughout the city. Those who choose to travel by foot rather than by boat do so via narrow, stone-paved streets. The buildings tend to have an old-world look about them, and although the city itself is weathered by the years, it retains a timeless sense of opulence.
5 31 12/29/16, 08:11 pm
In: »A holiday misadventure
By: Felicity Veleno

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