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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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October 15 – It's that time again, folks! The annual Harvest Festival has begun in Wisteria Town, and everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit. Characters participating in the event are eligible for some sweet treats, so be sure to get in on the celebrations~!


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Field Guide

A handy reference guide detailing which wild pokémon appear in what locations throughout the region

Potpourri Harbor

Hawthorn Woods

Primrose Town

Seaside Route

Hibiscus Beach

Mangrove Marsh

Plumeria Jungle

Jungle Ruins

Ginkgo Mountains

Hinoki Village

Agave Desert

Tumbleweed Gulch

Larkspur Prairie

Ironwood City

Sycamore Springs

Amaranth Forest

Wisteria Town

Asphodel Meadows

Victory Road

Garland City

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