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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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March 10 – Hey, guys! We've still got three important site roles to fill, so if you think you might be interested in playing a gym leader or Eden Elite character, please check out this thread for more information!


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Eden Pokémon League

The Eden region is home to five pokémon gyms that are recognized and certified by the Pokémon League. While trainers are not required to complete the gym challenge in any particular order, many trainers choose to begin with the Hibiscus Gym and proceed from there, collecting badges as they travel one from place to the next. After obtaining all five badges, trainers may then move on to the Pokémon League in Garland City, where they may battle the Eden Elite.

gym challenge rules

Initiating Challenge Post an OOC request in the information thread for the gym you intend to challenge and alert the appropriate leader using the @[Firstname Lastname] tagging format. You can find these pinned threads by navigating through the forum or by simply clicking the links in the gym descriptions below. Once you've made a request, the gym leader's player will either give you the go-ahead to post your IC challenge or, if they happen to be swamped, they will add you to a waiting list.

Gym Pokémon Each gym leader has a total of nine pokémon at their disposal: three at bronze tier, three at silver, and three at gold. The pokémon the challenger uses will directly affect the gym leader's selection of pokémon for the battle.

Pokémon Number Each gym leader will use three pokémon during a challenge. Likewise, challengers may use up to three pokémon. One-on-one and two-on-two battles are not permitted. If a character has less than three pokémon in their possession, they are free to make do with what they have. Neither party is required to state their team prior to the battle.

Winning/Losing Worthy opponents are expected to defeat the gym leaders, but not every match will end with the challenger winning. Just like in the games and the animated series, sometimes the challenger will have to regroup and train a little more - or devise a new tactic.

Trying Again If your character is defeated by a gym leader, they are free to try again. However, the waiting period is one calendar week after the final post on the challenge thread.

Challenger Rewards If the challenger wins, each of their participating pokémon will receive three-times the normal experience towards their next battle-based tier-boost. That is, when claiming the boost for a pokémon, the gym thread can be cited three times instead of once. If the challenger loses the match, the player can still use the battle toward a tier boost, but it must be counted once, as a normal battle would be.

Gym Leader Rewards Members playing gym leaders are also rewarded for their efforts. Win or lose, they may turn in gym battle threads for two-times the normal experience. However, since gym pokémon cannot increase in tier, this experience may be applied to the character's non-gym pokémon or to pokémon belonging to one of their other characters.

Gym Trainers If you would like to battle a gym trainer prior to challenging the leader, you must contact their player personally. These battles are entirely optional.

Anchor Badge • Hibiscus Gym

The sandy-colored stucco exterior of Hibiscus Gym blends well with the upscale condominiums and hotels surrounding it. However, what's inside might be surprising; the gym doubles as the Aquatic Pokémon Rehabilitation Center. Colossal tanks act as temporary housing for rescued pokémon and provide viewing areas for guests eager to learn more about pokémon and the oceans. Gym challenges take place out back at a large, shallow pool. Cement paths criss-crossing the water provide footing for non-swimming pokémon to battle the gym leader Jaisen Aurelius and his team of water, ice, and flying types.

Bronze-Tier Pokémon: Silver-Tier Pokémon: Gold-Tier Pokémon:

Compass Badge • Plumeria Gym

Deep in jungle, a small section of the ruins has been partitioned off and turned into the curious Plumeria Gym. Tropical trees provide shade from the sun beaming in through the open ceiling, and vines drape over crumbling pillars that remain from the ancient structure. The ruins have been modified only minimally, with white lines drawn on the stone floor and any potentially-valuable archaeological finds cleared out to make room for the battlefield. The gym leader, Lysbeth Dwyer, can usually be found nearby in a large canvas tent. Her favored pokémon types are grass, bug, and rock.

Bronze-Tier Pokémon: Silver-Tier Pokémon: Gold-Tier Pokémon:

Lantern Badge • Hinoki Gym

Located right next door to the local shrine, Hinoki Gym looks like everything else in the little town: old-fashioned but timelessly elegant. The steps leading up to its entrance are lined with burning torches, and the building’s facade is decorated with intricate designs featuring stylized pokémon. Inside, visitors are free to roam a small museum with exhibits featuring mythological creatures and pokémon – curated by the gym leader, Inari Ishido. Challenges for the Lantern Badge take place outside in the garden, where flowering plants and carefully-placed stones surround a pebbly battleground. The gym's signature types include fire, dark, and psychic pokémon. Before stepping up to the leader, challengers may also battle one of the gym trainers, Nariko Akiya.

Bronze-Tier Pokémon: Silver-Tier Pokémon: Gold-Tier Pokémon:

Vinyl Badge • Ironwood Gym

With a sleek, modern exterior of metal and dark brick, Ironwood Gym has the appearance of a high-end night club – probably because it is one. The gym opens at nightfall, which is also when the club opens its doors. The interior is pitch-black from ceiling to floor and typically packed to the brim with club-goers dancing to the pulsing music. When a gym challenge is initiated, a portion of the floor becomes elevated, and brightly-colored LEDs come to life to form the boundaries of a battleground. Hopeful trainers will find themselves up against Youngjae Hyun. Adam Samak may also be challenged as two of the resident gym trainers. The gym's favored pokémon types are electric, normal, and steel.

Bronze-Tier Pokémon: Silver-Tier Pokémon: Gold-Tier Pokémon:

Grimoire Badge • Wisteria Gym

Wisteria Gym looks like something out of a fairytale: a single, towering spire of stone plopped down right in the middle of town. An enormous wooden door welcomes visitors into the building's first room: a cozy, dimly-lit library filled with shelves upon shelves of books, where the scent of old parchment permeates the air. Beyond another impressive doorway lies the reason many guests visit: the battleground. Torches illuminate the stone interior in a haunting glow, while colorful banners and tapestries decorate the walls. The resident gym leader (And librarian), Daniel Gaitley, is known for his fondness of whimsical pokémon. Challengers will find themselves facing dragon, fairy, and ghost-types here.

Bronze-Tier Pokémon: Silver-Tier Pokémon: Gold-Tier Pokémon:

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