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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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December 25 – Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all those celebrating! There's been an update regarding the open gym and elite positions, so please check out this thread if you think you might be interested in applying for a spot! Here's wishing you all a happy new year~!


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Trainer Classes

Pokémon Trainers

Any person who owns a pokémon can be considered a pokémon trainer. However, this title encompasses a broad spectrum of human-pokémon relationships. Breeders, collectors, coordinators… All are, at the base level, trainers.

While the general concept of a trainer is someone who raises pokémon for the purpose of battling, many people keep pokémon simply for companionship. Given their intelligence, pokémon are decidedly above the level of a “pet,” and as such most trainers tend to refer to them as their companions or partners. Pokémon in this role thrive by having some purpose to fulfill other than battling: be it helping their human partner with work or just acting as a friend.

Even among those who battle, trainers can vary widely. Some dedicate their lives to pokémon – journeying far and wide, battling other trainers to earn money, and striving to earn badges from gym leaders. However, the majority of pokémon trainers have a normal day-to-day routine just like anyone else, and most have normal jobs as a means of earning a living. For these folks, training and battling are hobbies enjoyed after work or school, or on weekends.

Specifically, trainers who study under a gym leader are referred to as gym trainers. They aid their mentor in day-to-day tasks at the gym and also offer a kind of “warm-up” battle to those hoping to win a badge. However, note that battling these characters is entirely optional. Gym trainers are listed on the Eden League page, and more information can be found on the Gym Trainers page.

Pokémon Rangers

Like all regions, Eden has its own branch of the Pokémon Ranger Union. Its headquarters is located in the Ginkgo Mountains, and smaller stations can be found in every major wilderness area. Rangers are responsible for keeping a check on the native pokémon, protecting their habitats, and offering assistance to traveling trainers who become lost or injured. In addition to carrying first aid kits for use on humans, they also keep a stock of potions and other healing items for use on pokémon.

In their efforts to keep the environment and its pokémon population safeguarded, rangers often come to blows with pokémon poachers. Rangers have authorization to apprehend any individuals participating in poaching activity. Situations such as this typically involve battling the offender until they have no other means to defend themselves and then taking them into custody. Because of this, rangers strive to raise a powerful and well-rounded team of pokémon, just like any other trainers.

In order to be easily recognized, pokémon rangers wear a distinctive red and black uniform with a beret bearing the Pokémon Ranger Union emblem. In addition to the pokémon kept on their belt, they also tend to carry weapons such as batons or stun guns, and all are equipped with sturdy zip-ties used to detain offenders. While rangers stationed in a relatively small area mostly get around on foot, those tasked with a larger territory usually have some sort of all-terrain vehicle at their disposal.

In order to become a ranger, prospective cadets must complete training at the Pokémon Ranger Academy at the HQ in the Ginkgo Mountains. The grueling 12-week course includes both classroom instruction and exams as well as demanding physical tests conducted in the field. Those who manage to pass will be assigned a position under senior rangers at a selected location in the Eden region.

Pokémon Poachers

A pokémon poacher captures pokémon – often through illegal methods – with the intention of selling them for a profit. Because the sale of pokémon for monetary gain is illegal, pokémon trafficking is a thriving business in the black market. Poachers often focus on hunting rare and/or powerful pokémon that will fetch a high price, and some even do contract work, tracking and capturing a specific pokémon for individuals willing to pay top dollar for them.

Many poachers are not above stealing pokémon from their trainers, and for this reason they pose a threat to trainers journeying across the region. Even those who consider themselves above common theft can be dangerous; more often than not, poachers are willing use whatever means necessary to dispose of anyone who gets in their way, even ordering their pokémon to attack other trainers.

Pokémon poachers are commonly viewed as heartless, forcing their own pokémon to do their bidding with no regard for their well-being. While this may be true of many poachers, who view their pokémon simply as tools, just as many actually do care for their pokémon partners. And rather than being forced, their pokémon generally take orders out of a sense of loyalty to their trainers.

Nightshade Members

Nightshade is an up-and-coming crime syndicate, founded sometime in early 2011. Led by a mysterious woman whom its members refer to as the “Belladonna,” the group operates primarily Ironwood City. However, its reach is steadily growing, working to spread the breadth of the Eden region. Presumably its headquarters is located somewhere in Ironwood, although the average citizen would not know its whereabouts.

In its earliest days, Nightshade’s illegal activities consisted mostly of racketeering, participation in the black market, drug trafficking, illegal gambling, loan sharking, and money laundering. That continues to be the trend today, although many of its criminal acts have begun to focus pokémon. Members frequently steal pokémon from trainers, capture wild pokémon using illegal methods (Which is considered pokémon poaching), and sell illegally-obtained pokémon on the black market.

Check out the Nightshade page for more in-depth information on the organization and its members.

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