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 and every city was a gift, [plotter for casey leander]
Casey Leander
 Posted: 8/22/15, 07:53 pm
82 posts
Pokémon Trainer


An ex-rich kid who grew up too fast, Casey's become acquainted with all sorts of colourful people in his lifetime. He's a big fan of the local music scene in Ironwood, hangs around a bunch of thrift shops and loves the beach, so if your character is into any of these things maybe they know each other... though he doesn't make friends easily. In addition, Casey is the man behind the mask of Stirling, the Ironwood gym leader - but this isn't a widely known fact, and he'd like to keep it that way.

it can be very tricky indeed to get to know Casey, who spends most of his public life behind some kind of mask, literal or figurative. this is largely because the man behind the curtain does not want to be known. guarded and set in his ways, he has little interest in befriending new people, and while he's rarely unpleasant he's not generally willing to meet people halfway when it comes to friendship. it doesn't help that he lives a double life and prefers to keep his secret identity... well, secret - so talking about work is a big no.

that's not to say, of course, that there aren't ways to bond with him! getting him talking about one of his interests - for example music - is usually pretty easy. he likes to encounter interesting new breeds of pokémon; for being a gym leader, he still feels like there's a lot he doesn't know. plus, he has a small, unfortunate case of good old-fashioned wanderlust, and is always looking for new places to go and things to see - some kind of impromptu tour guide might be nice! the quickest and easiest way to get in Casey's good books is a bit of a no-brainer, though: just go for a drink with him! he's generally a lot more fun when he's hammered. besides, he completely delights in getting pissed, and will happily mix your character whatever kind of drink they desire.

a side note: he's basically duty-bound to disapprove of Nightshades and poachers, as a representative of the league... but that doesn't mean he's incapable of enjoying them as people! definitely not off the table.
Casey is fairly easily rankled. literally what doesn't piss this guy off? if you're too pushy, too polite, too loud, too nice; if you're presumptuous or rude; if you invade his personal space; mention his weird eyes; mention his dad; mention his job; challenge him to a battle without pre-amble; if your opinions are wrong... look forward to getting the cold shoulder! to be honest, his automatic feeling towards everyone he meets tends towards negative, so you might not even notice the difference. it'll just be trickier getting him to warm to you later on - but these aren't unfixable errors, and he does try not to hold a grudge for them.

there's a few bigger issues that will get you more than mild distaste, though, and push you firmly into 'strong dislike' territory: firstly, do not diss his mom. Felicita is Casey's life, basically, and even a joke is guaranteed to go over very poorly. secondly, don't misgender him! anyone who does this is automatically on the shitlist, he won't care if they apologise. the last big pitfall is his alcoholism. yes, he is aware he has a problem - painfully aware, actually. he doesn't need nor want you to inform him; he doesn't need nor want an intervention. you're not his mother, so best just leave well enough alone unless you are a very close friend.

Casey's not a huge fan of confrontation and would honestly rather avoid people he dislikes than take them to task, but if someone were to keep pressing the issue... well, who knows how many kinds of sour that could turn? let's find out!
there's not a ton to write here. Casey's largely interested in girls and femme people. he's had a number of girlfriends/datemates in his life, none of them serious, but feels he's getting a little too old now to keep up that kind of behaviour. for the minute, he's off the market - at least until he meets the right person.
and this is where i'd put my ideas... if i had any.

eowyn colt is some kind of weird horse girl, probably? a minefield of social faux-pas... but a good-hearted person, he thinks.

takako nagamiya got so angry at an old guy she punched a railing, and didn't hold his lack of social graces against him. alright in casey's books. they exchanged numbers and sometimes text.

mira argentum is handsome; well-spoken; a sad drunk. i'm sorry to interrupt it's just i'm constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you.

etsuko kobayashi works in his gym... as the coat-check girl. he admires her vim and hopes she'll make good on her promises to get stronger.
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Charlotte Stone
 Posted: 12/3/15, 08:55 pm
12 posts
Pokémon Trainer

i literally have zero ideas but i have been creepin' on casey these last few days and i would really like to post with him whether it's with char or someone else. c:
Casey Leander
 Posted: 12/4/15, 09:40 am
82 posts
Pokémon Trainer

creeping? on moi? i'm flattered, cas :') honestly i'd love to thread with any one of your characters but i'm kind of overwhelmed by the choice! if you want to pm me or get me on skype we can maybe figure something out? my skype name's in case you don't have it.
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Youngjae Hyun
 Posted: 10/2/16, 03:25 am
213 posts
Gym Leader

Jae will tread very, very carefully around Casey. After all, he doesn't want to be in his boss's bad books, and Jae has to make sure that he doesn't slip up at work. How Casey treats him would depend on his work performance, and hopefully Jae has managed to meet Casey's standards.

Outside of work, Jae would have drank with Casey quite a bit. He would find it a bit difficult to stop his boss from drinking too much, so he might not be the best drinking buddy for Casey. He will, however, try to stay sober so he can send Casey home safely. Plus, it's not nice to be dead drunk in front of your boss, right?

Casey and Jae would have a shared interest in music. Being a radio DJ comes with its perks, and he might be able to secure concert tickets (or even backstage passes) for Casey. There are many ways in which this can play out.
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