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 A Pokémon's Best Friend, Aria's Plotter / Ideas
Aria Wolfe
 Posted: 6/21/17, 10:22 pm
215 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Aria Wolfe
Plots & Ideas


Aria was born and raised in Kanto, on the outskirts of Fuchsia City. She spent most of her childhood running around the Safari Zone, observing pokémon in their natural habitat, and wanting to surround herself with pokémon every day. As a young teen, Aria dreamed of being a Pokémon nurse when she grew up. Helping those cute little creatures felt like her purpose. Her father raised her as a single dad, and though it was tough at times, he was very supportive and encouraging. She graduated from nursing school and started her internship at a critical care emergency Pokémon Center. She loved it, but decided it still wasn't as fulfilling as she wanted it to be.

She left her hometown and started to travel, finding and helping orphaned and injured Pokémon as she went. It became her passion, her calling, and her life. She felt she was truly making a difference in the world, one injured Pokémon at a time. Now she's traveling around Eden, meeting new friends and saving as many Pokémon as she can. She loves every minute of it, regardless of how intense and trying it can be sometimes.


Currently, Aria doesn't have any friends. Vex was and still is her best friend, but their relationship turned into something more. She has made a few acquaintances though, including a curious red-headed girl in Primrose town and an interesting paramedic on the Gingko Mountains. Only time will tell how those relationships will evolve over time...


Vexel Mitore - Vex and Aria met on the Seaside Route during an unfortunate incident where his hand had been injured, and Aria was jogging by and offered to help. They were nearby the boardwalk at Hibiscus Beach, and he offered to return the favor by buying her lunch. Since then, they have teamed up and traveled together. Aria is teaching Vex her first aid skills and in return, he's teaching her the ways of battling and gyms. Over time, their friendship turned into more, and they expressed their feelings for each other at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Hinoki Village. Recently, during an exciting chapter in her life where she chose to open a rescue and rehabilitation hospital, Vex proposed. The two are currently engaged and planning.


Aria doesn't have enemies, that she knows of, and she rarely ever does. She is a light-hearted, forgiving girl who can't stand being on someone's bad side. If she is ever in a situation where she's made a mistake and hurt someone, she will fix it and make it up to them. However, it's always possible she has an enemy she doesn't know about, or someone wouldn't accept her apology and they haven't moved on...

Possible Plots

  • Aria coming across an injured Pokémon or Trainer
  • Aria is always open to filling in at Pokémon Centers or Emergency Rooms
  • Aria getting into trouble or putting herself in danger trying to save a Pokémon
  • Aria helping treat a Trainer's sick or injured Pokémon while on the road
  • Aria falling victim to a Nightshade member by being too trusting
  • Aria helping or delivering an adopted Pokémon
  • Aria treating or hospitalizing a Pokémon at the Sycamore Sanctuary
  • Aria needing help at the Sycamore Sanctuary

If you have any ideas or would like to meet Aria, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Threads in the Works...

  • Radio show interview with Youngjae Hyun and possibly Vexel Mitore

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