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 A New Home, Lex settles in...
Lex Montgomery
 Posted: 8/26/17, 09:07 pm
58 posts

His forehead continued to ache, pressed up against the glass of the taxi cab window for the last several hours, but he didn't care. The world outside the cab flew by at various speeds, and he caught glimpses of street signs, trees, and side roads as they whizzed by. He paid absolutely no attention to the direction they were heading or the route they took to get there. His mind wasn't even in this car, it was far far away in a time not too long ago. His eyes fell shut, giving in to the darkness that called for him, and just as he did, images of her flashed through his mind. Off in the distance she stood, hands gently resting on her lower belly, with her floral-print dress flowing in the wind. A deep, aching pain grew in his chest suddenly, but his thoughts were interrupted when a hand touched his arm.

Opening his eyes, he saw his mother leaning towards him from the other side of the back seat, placing a hand on his forearm. She knew how much pain he was in, for she was living through it as well. She didn't say a word when he shot her a glance, only attempted to smile. He ignored her smile and looked down at his lap where his pokégear rested. The clock read just after 6:30 P.M. He took in a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, and let his head come to rest against the window again. He was exhausted, and all he wanted to do was sleep, but every time he closed his eyes there she was, waiting for him.

The cab finally came to a halt just before 7:00 P.M. The driver was the first to exit of course, immediately opening up the doors for both Lex and his mother, before moving to the trunk. No longer having the window to lean on, he reluctantly slid himself from the car and out onto the street. Yep, Garland City was everything the internet said it was. Tall buildings lining beautiful canals, all connected by decorated bridges. It looked pretty, which Lex didn't care about but he knew his mother did. All he wanted for her was a safe, pleasant place to live where they could both start new and avoid any painful memories of the past. This city would do just that, he felt.

Lex pulled his wallet from his back right pocket and took out the appropriate amount of cash. After handing it to the cab driver, he firmly gripped both his and his mother's suitcases and lifted them easily. Their new apartment was on the top floor, which wouldn't even make Lex think twice about it given his build and strength, but his mother, well... strength was something she was short on these days. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, most buildings were built with elevators nowadays and he purposefully chose an apartment building that included one. In they went, and before they knew it, they had reached the 10th floor.

The front door opened into a long hallway, which felt unusual but he had to remember, he had lived in a house his entire life. Apartments were laid out differently depending on the structure. Once down the hallway however, the room opened up into a huge living area. The living room was lined with floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out onto the canal below, and the kitchen and dining room was off to the left. Past the dining room was another short hallway with three doors, two leading to a bedroom with attached bathrooms and the third leading to a closet. One thing that caught his attention about this particular floor plan, was that it was set up for room mates rather than couples, with separate bathrooms. He was already going to be a thirty-two year old bachelor living with his mother, he didn't need to be sharing a bathroom with her.

He carried the suitcases into each room. Thankfully, the two suitcases were all they brought with them. Sadly, that was because his mother couldn't bare to bring much of anything from their home without sad memories attached to them, and they sold the house completely furnished. Lex let out another sigh. At least this apartment came furnished, with standard bedrooms, dining room table and chairs, and couch. He'd have to head into the city and buy some new furniture for them, but that would have to wait until tomorrow. As he walked back into the living area, he found his mom on the couch, curled up with her head resting on the arm. Her eyes were closed, and a tear had just run down her cheek. The pain returned to his chest, he hated seeing her this way.

Grabbing a blanket from the hallway closet, he gently laid it over her and she patted his hand in appreciation. Even though it wasn't that late, they were both exhausted from the flight and the cab ride. Lex kicked off his boots and wandered down the hallway back to the bedroom he chose for himself. He laid down his suitcase and zipped it open. He dug through the unorganized pile of clothing and pulled out a jersey. He didn't change into it, instead he laid down on the bed and bunched it up by his face. He curled up, still in his leather pants and jacket, and buried his face in his jersey. It was his sports jersey that his fiancé loved to wear to bed, and it still held the scent of her perfume.

He inhaled, a deep inhale that pulled the scent of her perfume into all the corners of his airways. Then he folded his arms across his chest, hugging the jersey as close to his heart as he could get it. The perfume wouldn't last forever, he knew that. Eventually this jersey would be just that, a jersey. But for now, that perfume was all he had left of her that he could physically feel. Sure, he had photographs and memorabilia, but those were material things. This was the closest he could get to being near her again, and he couldn't take it for granted. He let his eyes fall closed, giving in to his grief again. This time, she was smiling, as if she knew he was holding that jersey and thought he was silly. If he couldn't sleep, at least he could fade away into the darkness with his love and attempt to forget what happened and where they were.

To be continued...
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