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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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January 31 – Howdy, folks! We've still got a few Gym Leader/Eden Elite positions open, so if you think you might be interested in filling one of these key roles on the site, please check out this thread for more information!


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 Face Claims
 Posted: 6/20/15, 08:25 am
115 posts


Character face claims may be “animated” or “real life.” We support original art as long as it is created by the player or created specifically for them. Do not use artists’ original characters without permission.

To grab a face claim, simply reply to this thread using the form provided below. Claims will be relinquished when a player falls inactive without a formal note of absence. To learn more about our activity policy, check out the Rules & FAQ.


Black Butler: Sebastian Michaelis, Nox Korrik
Fairy Tail: Sting Eucliffe, Luka Fjodorov
Fire Emblem Fates: Azura, Isilme Veresi
Pokémon: Alain, Vexel Mitore
Pokémon: Lyra, Sophie Wilson
Tales of Zestiria: Alisha Diphda, Felicity Veleno
Tales of Zestiria: Mikleo, Jaisen Aurelius
Yu Gi Oh GX: Zane Truesdale, Tristan Hawx

Real Life

Ben Browder, Lex Montgomery
Colton Haynes, Daniel Gaitley
Daniel DiTomasso, Caine Knightley
Daniel Wu, Wu Yan-zu
Dove Cameron, Lyra Blair
Emilie de Ravin, Lainey Orin
Eric Szmanda, Adam Samak
Jack Falahee, Kieran Reed
Jihoon Lee (Woozi), Evan Kim
Sara Fabel, Rogue Merik
Wooyoung Jang, Youngjae Hyun

Animanga Claims:
[b]Name of Series:[/b] Face Claim Name, [i]Character Name[/i]

Real-Life Claims:
Firstname Lastname, [i]Character Name[/i]

Please use CODE tags when posting! If you would like to reserve a claim, you may simply state the series/character (for animanga characters) or the name (for real-life faces) and make it known that you want to reserve them. Once you have posted, you will have two weeks to finish an application with said claim. Once the application is completed and accepted, your claim will be officially added to the list.

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 Posted: 1/20/17, 11:45 pm
115 posts

Hey, guys! Don't forget to use code tags when posting your claims. With my slow connection, it makes things a lot easier if I can just copy/paste rather than having to open the edit thing on everyone's claims to copy the code~ :D Thanks!
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