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 A Lovely Picnic (Open!), Aria enjoys some time in the shade...
Aria Wolfe
 Posted: 5/29/17, 02:18 pm
87 posts
Pokémon Trainer

"This spot is perfect!" Aria exclaimed, excitedly. She had been searching for just the right spot for a picnic, something close to the channel but outside of town, and not too wooded. A wide open grassy area nearby had caught her eye, and oh boy was it perfect picnic material. The grass was thick and soft, easily walked on by bare feet that won't get dirty. The gentle flow of the spring channel was calm and soothing, and the crystal-clear waters barely made any noise as they flowed downstream. The hillside wasn't too steep, the treeline provided shade but still allowed plenty of sunshine to peek through the branches, and the wind was just barely a breeze. If Aria believed in heaven, this would be hers.

Her forearm ached, which reminded her she'd been carrying this stupid wicker basket for the past 45 minutes. Tucked under her other arm was a thick, woven blanket, and she still had her supply bag draped over her shoulder. It was about time she found a spot and set everything down. She hustled to the middle of the grassy hillside and practically threw her blanket and bag down, making sure to gently set the basket down since it housed the goodies. "Whew!!" she let out a loud, obnoxious sigh of relief. "Pika pika!" she heard behind her, and she turned to see Arashi a few feet away, laboriously pulling another bag of goodies up the hill. A grin spread across her face and she stepped over to help him. "Thanks little buddy for the help!" she appraised him.

After a good look around, the coast seemed to be clear so she pulled three pokéballs off her belt and tossed them into the grass. A quick flash of light and Kaepora, Auron, and Sakura stood in front of her, their eyes squinting at the bright light. Auron yawned and stretched his legs, Sakura slithered over to Aria, and Kaepora began to preen. "I know I know, I'm sorry you've been cooped up so long! We get the whole day today to relax and stretch our legs!" she said, and heard a chirp from Kaepora. "And our wings." she added, with an eye roll.

She crossed her legs and sat down, in a smooth motion ending in an indian-style position. Sakura brushed along her leg as she slithered by, coming to rest near her feet. Aria reached for the basket and began to lay out the food and ingredients. She had packed everything one needed for sandwiches, potato salad, bread and butter, and cookies for dessert. In the bag housed a few bowls and cups and a container of fresh lemonade. If there were a handbook titled "The Perfect Picnic," Aria must have written it.

Auron trotted over once the aroma of fresh ham and turkey hit the air. She had to block him with her elbow because her hands had a bottle of mayonnaise and a knife in them. "Ah ah!! Back off, you'll get some turkey in a minute." she scolded him, and with the most pathetic puppy whine he could muster, he sat down. Aria placed the knife between her teeth to free up her hand, and she tossed a tiny piece of turkey in the air towards Auron. He caught it in his teeth, swallowed it, and licked his lips. She grinned, wanting to positively reinforce his obedience.

After all was said and done, she had a delicious plate put together for herself, and several other small plates of various pokémon treats, fruit, nuts, and poffins. Now that the food was almost ready, she took a glance around her and realized she was surrounded by pokémon. This made her laugh, but also warmed her heart. She felt like she was part of one big happy family. Kaepora had finished preening himself, and sat perched on the edge of the picnic blanket to her left. Sakura was curled up by her left knee, and Auron was laying down just by her right knee. Arashi, more timid like Kaepora, sat at the other edge of the blanket.

Aria carefully handed out the plates, reminding them all they had to wait until all the plates were handed out before they could dig in. It was tough, but all four of them waited patiently until she gave the okay. Together, her and her pokémon enjoyed their food, their drinks, the breeze, the sunshine, and the lovely sound of the spring channel flowing by. What a day!
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