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 A Friend in Need
Jaisen Aurelius
 Posted: 1/3/18, 04:27 pm
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Pokémon Trainer

Jace knew a bad situation when he saw one and he normally avoided getting involved when he could because he wasn't about to put himself in danger to tell someone not to do something. As far as he was concerned, if it wasn't directly hurting him, his pokemon or another person or pokemon he could keep walking; the criminals would be caught eventually. But there were a few things he just couldn't ignore when he saw them. And someone directly harming a pokemon was one of those things. Which was how he'd come to be running through the snow with a bundle of blue feathers and white fluff cradled in his arms. Luckily, the path he was on was well worn and the snow was packed down so that he could follow it easily and not get caught up in deep drifts. He wasn't being followed anymore, as far as he could tell, but he wasn't about to stop and find out.

He slipped on more than one occasion and very nearly ended up face first in a snowbank but he kept going and never let go of the bundle he held. He was hoping to make it to the city and the pokemon center before he felt safe. He slipped again and this time he couldn't catch his balance. He went down hard, hitting his knee on a patch of ice and snow even as he tried to break his fall with one arm. Cursing out loud at the shock of pain and cold, Jace lie there for a second as just let himself rest. There was no one around, no pursuing footsteps and no other random passersby. Everyone was probably snug inside where it was warm. The bundle in his arms made a weak sound of protest and he soothed it gently as he picked himself up off the ground. His knee throbbed where it had hit the ice and he was pretty sure he'd sprained his wrist falling on it but he was able to walk and that meant he could still get to town.

Now that he wasn't running, he took stock of his surroundings. There was a building up ahead to his right and he wondered if maybe he could rest there. Limping slightly, he made his way toward the main drive heading up to the building, pausing the read a sign posted next to it. "Sycamore Sanctuary. Why does that sound familiar? No matter, if it's a Sanctuary it probably has food and medicine for you." He mused, continuing on toward the building. About the time he reached the front door, he remembered why he knew the name. It was one of the numbers Aria had given him if he ever needed to reach her. She ran the place and he knew she'd be willing to help him. Without knocking, he used his injured hand to open the door and stepped into the warmth of the building. He pushed the door closed behind him and glanced around him. He didn't immediately see Aria but there was a concerned looking someone behind the desk. "I need to speak with Aria please. Just tell her it's Jace. She'll know who I am." The secretary (at least he assumed that's who it was) nodded and vanished through a set of doors leading back into what he could only guess was the medical area. Unsure of what to do, Jace remained standing near the door, staying on the rug placed there so that he didn't track snow and mud all over the place.

Aria Wolfe
Aria Wolfe
 Posted: 1/7/18, 02:07 pm
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Pokémon Trainer

"Would it be okay if I ran home for lunch today?" her head technician asked, apprehensively. Aria offered her a gentle smile. "Of course, silly! There's not much going on today at all. If you want the afternoon off, I can always call you if something crazy comes in." she answered. The expression on the young woman's face changed to excitement. "Really?" she asked. After a laugh, Aria nodded. "Really."

With the colder weather, business at the Sanctuary and hospital had drastically slowed down. Less people were out and about, and less pokémon were out getting into trouble. In fact, most of the emergencies they had seen so far were frost or ice related. The two pokémon that were hospitalized were a sweet little Steenee being treated for frostbite and a Sawsbuck with a fractured leg from slipping on some ice. Both were trainer-owned, luckily. Aria made her rounds checking on the two patients as Maggie clocked out.

Just as Maggie had stepped out the back door and left, Nicole their receptionist burst through the front double doors. "E-excuse me! There's a guy up front asking for you, Aria!" she stuttered. "Does he have an injured pokémon, Nikki?" Aria asked, not meaning to sound snippy but she did sort of sound that way. Nikki frowned. When Aria received no answer from the self-conscious girl, panic began to rise in her. Aria immediately tossed the clipboard she was holding onto the nearest ICU table and rushed towards the lobby.

As she hurried down the front corridor, frustration built up inside her. First of all, if this guy was holding an injured pokémon, why didn't Nicole bring it straight to the back? It was common sense! Even if the pokémon wasn't in critical condition, Aria could be assessing it already. Better safe than sorry. Second of all, it never failed that all day the office has been slow but as soon as she sends her technician home, something walks in the door. Aria could hear Nikki's speedy footsteps behind her. "Umm, Aria? He said to tell you-" she attempted to say, but Aria was already through the front doors.

As she stepped into the lobby, her eyes scanned the room and quickly found the guy in question. He was the only one in the lobby, after all. About her height and age, the guy had short, pure white hair and purple eyes. Aria recognized him almost immediately, and rushed over to greet him. "Jace! Goodness, are you okay?" she asked, approaching him. He looked a little roughed up, but no more than anyone else in this gross winter weather. As she grew closer, sure enough, there was a pokémon cradled in his arms. "Oh! Is it okay?" she asked.

Before he could even answer, she placed a hand on his arm and pulled. Nikki held the door open as Aria led Jace down the corridor and back into the ICU. Once there, she led him over to a table with a small digital scale. "Here, set it down here please." she said. Once Jace set down the pokémon, a small, blue bird-like pokémon with white wings, Aria would begin to gather it's vitals. She needed to weigh it, and measure it's heart rate and respiratory rate. "What happened?" she asked. As she took the pokémon's vitals, she hoped Jace could give her a better idea of what she was up against. Knowing what happened would allow to her adjust her treatment accordingly.

Jaisen Aurelius
(Hope it's okay!~)
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