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Posted by: Paradise 6/20/15, 08:19 am

adoption center

how it works

The Adoption Center is a place where players can – you guessed it – adopt pokémon for their characters. Note that this is a strictly OOC affair; you don't necessarily have to handle things as if your character adopted the pokémon IC. If you want, you can assume that they always had the pokémon in their possession, caught it somewhere, received it as a gift, et cetera.

To “unlock” this feature of the site for your character, all you have to do is reach 25 posts. Your post count can be viewed by hovering on the mini-profile. Each player (not character) is allowed one adoption per calendar month. When the month rolls over, any pokémon that have not been adopted will be replaced with new selections.

All of the pokémon in the Adoption Center are bronze tier. By hovering over the sprites, you can reveal species and genders. Players are free to choose abilities and moves at their discretion, following the guidelines on the page.

To adopt a pokémon, simply post and make your pick! The process is first come, first serve, so be on your toes~

current selection




Posted by: Paradise 1/1/18, 11:41 am
Happy New Year, Paradise!!! :D I hope everyone had a good/safe time ringing in 2018. Here's our selection of adoption center pokes for January~

I feel like the theme's pretty obvious this time around. Lol.

Posted by: Aria Wolfe 1/1/18, 11:52 am
Aria would love to adopt the cute little Pidove! <3 Thank you so much!! She'll make a great addition to the Sanctuary!~

Posted by: Jaisen Aurelius 1/1/18, 08:09 pm
Jace is gonna adopt that Swablu~ ^^

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