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Posted by: Jaisen Aurelius 12/6/17, 08:48 pm
After a rather unfortunate encounter with a Roselia, Jace and his group continued their explorations of Garland City's canals. He made sure Skipper and Taggerung were more careful about their splashing. Mipha was quick to scold them if they got a bit too boisterous. Saia, apparently done sulking now that she'd defeated the Roselia, was now fluttering overhead and enjoying the new sights of the new city.

Overall, things were as calm as could be expected from playful water types with new swimming spots to explore. Of course, all good things must come to an end and Jace couldn't expect the calm to last forever. A splash from around a corner caught the attention of the two otter-like pokemon and they sped off to investigate. "Skip! Tagg! Get back here!" No luck, the pair were too excited to listen and Jace sighed. "Best keep up with them Mipha, who knows what sort of trouble they'll get us in this time." He commented and the Lapras gave an amused sound before putting on a small burst of speed to catch up to her companions. Hopefully whatever had made the splash was friendly and they wouldn't end up in another battle!

Random Event

Posted by: Random Event 12/9/17, 09:35 am
a wild feebas appeared!

bronze tier

splash flail tackle

Posted by: Wild Pokémon 12/29/17, 09:34 pm
Feebas narrowed her eyes at the other Feebas around her. The school of fish were scattered everywhere along the canal, picking at this and that. They were eating everything! She wiggled her thin, tall body back and forth trying to get ahead of them, but their numbers were to great and everywhere she turned, one of her friends or family members was there. She was sick of it! Needing some fresh "air," she scurried off on her own towards the shallow end of the canal.

The water was warmer up here, closer to the sun. She allowed her fins to rest as she drifted along the canal bank, the silence and extra space already improving her mood. Ahh, this is nice... she thought to herself. Not only was it more peaceful up here, there was plenty of grub to go around! Her eyes scanned the dirt floor, watching the critters and dead leaves shift back and forth with the current.

Oh! My favorite! A slimy-looking creature was wiggling free from the dirt. Easy prey. Letting the current carry her weightless body towards it, she kept quiet until it was time to strike. Just as she grew close enough, she leaped upwards and pounced. Not realizing how close to the surface she really was, her fins broke the surface and splashed water into the air. She dove down and gobbled up the worm in one quick, easy slurp. Mmmmm!

Jaisen Aurelius
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Posted by: Jaisen Aurelius 12/31/17, 04:52 pm
Skipper and Taggerung were the first to spot the source of the splash that had caught their attention. It was some sort of fish...not the prettiest of creatures but maybe it would like to play with them! The pair of otter-like pokemon swam forward, with Skipper taking the lead, and circled around the fish. Hi! Wanna play with us? The Buizel asked, indicating himself and the Oshawott. Taggerung gave the Buizel a roll of his eyes and gave him a playful smack with a paw. It looks like she probably doesn't want us bothering her. Come on Skip. We can find some other pokemon to play with. The Oshawott really couldn't tell what the fish was thinking but she just didn't really seem like the playful sort. Skipper ignored him and tapped a paw to his chin. How about a game of tag? No one else likes to play that with us and it's so boring to play with just two. What do you say? Taggerung rolled his eyes again and gave the Feebas an apologetic look.

Mipha, with Jace still riding on her shell and Saia fluttering overhead, had stopped a short distance away when Jace caught sight of what had drawn his other pokemon this direction. He really hadn't expected to see a Feebas today, not when he wasn't actively trying to find one, but he wasn't going to waste this chance to try and catch it. But first he needed to figure out what Tagg and Skip were up to. He didn't want to risk scaring the Feebas off and showing up suddenly was sure to do that. So he had Mipha stay where she was and he settled in to wait and watch.

Aria Wolfe

Posted by: Wild Pokémon 1/2/18, 10:54 am
The bite to eat was quite scrumptious, definitely worth the trip away from the other Feebas. Out here there was plenty of good food to go around. She looked up at the surface, watching the water ripple in all directions from her splash. A slight feeling of panic came over her. What if someone heard her or saw her? You need to be more careful, she heard her mother's voice in her head, scolding her. Hopefully no one was around, and she could continue to munch in peace.

"Hi! Wanna play with us?" a voice behind her echoed. Her stomach dropped and she spun around quickly. Two pokémon swam in front of her, both mammals but different colors. The orange one had four paws, two long tails, and a long slender body. The blue one was a little shorter with small arms and a flat tail. They did not look threatening, but Feebas couldn't help but grow nervous. Two against one were not good odds.

The blue pokémon spoke up, insisting that she probably didn't want to be bothered. The orange one responded with a suggested game of tag, and insisted that they play together. Tag? Feebas wondered. She had played tag in her school before but never with strangers. Did they really just want to play? Her mother never allowed her to play with other pokémon unless they were Feebas and part of their school. A million thoughts rushed through her head just then, but the thought of having some fun and making new friends stuck out the most.

S-sure! I would like to play! she responded, somewhat insecurely. She was nervous, and her mom's voice in her head was screaming at her to turn and hurry back home, but she was tired of doing everything her mother said. She could make her own decisions. This was going to be fun! They clearly meant her no harm. She wiggled her way a little deeper and further from the shore to get some room. Who's first? she asked, and then promptly reached up and placed the tip of her right fin on her nose. The expression was one her school used a lot, in which the very last pokémon to touch their nose was "it."

The Wild Feebas wants to play!

Jaisen Aurelius

Posted by: Jaisen Aurelius 1/3/18, 03:32 pm
Yes! You were worried for nothing Tagg. She does want to play. Skipper shot the Oshawott a triumphant look and Taggerung shrugged. She didn't seem overly enthusiastic about playing a game with them and was probably just agreeing so they wouldn't get mad at her. When the feebas questioned who was 'it' and placed a fin up toward her face, Skipper immediately recognized the gesture. He and his siblings had done that back home long before he'd met up with Jace! He immediately raised a paw and placed it firmly against his nose with a grin. Not me!

Taggerung, who was still frowning at the two of them, had no idea what they were doing. Skipper flashed him a grin. Stop scowling and play Tagg. You're it since you didn't touch your nose. Does everyone know the rules? No using moves to tag or to avoid being tagged and if you're touched that makes you the new 'it'. Game starts in! Taggerung rolled his eyes and watched the Buizel speed away. Games were silly but this one, at least, was sort of like training. It was a good way to work on his focus, speed and he'd play along for now. Ready or I come. He announced before taking aim at the Feebas. He'd try and tag her first because he knew Skipper was faster than he was. If he lulled the Buizel into thinking he wasn't going to try and tag him he could, if he was lucky, take the faster pokemon by surprise and tag him when he least expected it.

Aria Wolfe

Posted by: Wild Pokémon 1/4/18, 10:09 am
The plan she didn't know she had, worked perfectly. The orange otter-like pokémon, who she recalled being named Skip, quickly followed suit by placing his paw on his nose as well. It made Feebas happy that an outsider knew the gesture just as well. The world was a vast and interesting place, and this confirmed that she wanted to see more of it. A smile spread across her face and she looked over at the blue otter-like pokémon. He seemed clueless, which was to their advantage.

Skip announced that the blue otter, Tagg, was "it," and then quickly spun away. Excitement welled up inside her. They really did just want to play! How exciting! Realizing quickly that she was going to be Tagg's next target because she was closer, she quickly wiggled her body to start moving and gain speed. The thrill of the chase was something she rarely got to experience. Unless of course, her school was being chased by a predator in which case, it was anything but thrilling. This was innocent, safe fun.

Feebas hurried in Skip's direction. Being that they were Tagg's only targets, she'd need to stay somewhat close to Skip in order to lead him towards her opponent. The orange otter was quite fast though, and it was hard for her to keep up. Her eyes were focused on Skip, but it was only a matter of time before she felt a small pat on her tail fin as she was tagged. Ahh! You're lucky I'm out of shape! I don't get to play much with my friends... she exclaimed, a little out of breath. Tagg had already spun around and began to swim in the opposite direction.

Trying her best to keep up, she focused hard on her body's movements in an attempt to get the best possible aerodynamics and gain speed. Her target was Skip. She had to at least try to catch him. The two swam around, with her just barely able to keep up. Suddenly, she caught Tagg out of the corner of her eye, and quickly changed direction to try to catch him off guard. She was within inches of him, and reached out with her fin to tag him, a wide grin on her face.

Feebas is it!
Feebas attempts to tag Tagg!

Jaisen Aurelius
(P.S. This is adorable! It would be hilarious if she missed Tagg and you put, "Dodges 1/3" in your next post! XD Let me know if I need to change anything, if you had other plans!~)

Posted by: Jaisen Aurelius 1/6/18, 07:41 pm
Taggerung didn't give up easily and even though the Feebas had moved to try and escape him, he still managed to catch up and tap her fin, making her 'It'. You don't play with your friends and family? Skipper questioned as he circled around the Feebas, popping up to the surface for air before returning to the game. That's too bad. We get to play pretty much all we want. He added, making sure to keep just out of reach of the Feebas. He knew he was faster than the other pokemon so he paced himself a bit, trying to make it as fair as possible. But since the point of the game was not to get tagged he wasn't going to make it too easy! As the Feebas came at him, he darted to the side to avoid her.

Tagg huffed a bit, not caring if the fish was out of shape or didn't play very often. Making excuses wasn't part of the game. He noticed that she seemed to be going for Skipper so he relaxed some, saving his energy for when he needed to actually 'run' from whoever was it. Which happened sooner then he expected it to. The Feebas caught sight of him and changed direction, coming toward him rather than continuing after Skipper. He flashed her a sly smirk and darted upward, leaping from the water and onto Mipha's back along side Jace. He didn't remain long, however, and immediately dove back into the water on the other side of the Lapras. Since leaving the water wasn't against the rules as long as he didn't say out for very long he saw no issue with what he'd done.

At least he didn't think much of it until Jace's bag splashed into the water next to him and began to sink. Sure, Jace tended to carry things that were waterproof so there was less chance of anything getting ruined but he still tried to keep his bag dry. He grabbed the strap and began trying to haul the soaked backpack back to the surface. Game Stop! Sorry but we gotta get this back to our trainer. Skipper announced, joining Taggerung as they kept the bag from sinking. Jace, hesitating for a moment because he wasn't sure how the Feebas would react to his presence, eventually slipped into the water to retrieve his bag from the two otter pokemon.

Aria Wolfe

((There, wanted to get Jace involved somehow so we can get this moving toward him catching/befriending her lol. Otherwise we could probably just have had them play tag forever xD))

Posted by: Wild Pokémon 1/8/18, 03:08 pm
Skipper's question brought up some unpleasant feelings. Feebas hadn't been able to play with her friends in quite some time. Her mother was far too overprotective. The world was a dangerous place, and the only way her mother could keep her safe is if she had her in her sights at all times. Feebas frowned. Nope. Tag is too dangerous and wild, according to my mom. We get to play some games, but only if we stay close to the school. Feebas explained, having to pause here and there when she changed directions. This was so much fun, she wished she could take these friends back home with her and show her mom she was safe with them.

Tagg reacted quickly once he saw that she had targeted him instead. He had turned towards the surface and kicked off, his body easily maneuvering the water. Feebas chased him up towards the surface, thinking she had him cornered. He'd have to go left or right, and either way, she was prepared to turn her body on a dime. Then, he did something she didn't expect. He leaped out of the water.

It wasn't until she was almost to the surface herself that she realized a rather large, aquatic-type pokémon was floating above. Where had he gone? She was so driven by her curiosity, and perhaps her inertia, that she chose to surface as well and see what had happened. Poking the top half of her body out of the water, she caught sight of a massive blue pokémon with a long neck and large shell. On its back was a human, and for a moment Feebas panicked. Had Tagg known there was a human up here??

A little frightened, Feebas quickly submerged. Just on the other side of the floating pokémon, Tagg splashed into the water, looking smug. Excited, she shot forward towards him hoping to catch him off guard. Just as she was about to reach out and tag him, Skipper's voice echoed around them. She slowed to a halt, and was finally able to piece together what was happening. Tagg had surfaced and accidentally knocked his trainer's bag off and into the water. Skipper's use of "our" confirmed that they both belonged to the trainer up above.

Feebas paused. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. Bummed, mostly, that their fun game was over too quickly. Concerned, because her mom had drilled into her that humans were dangerous and not to be trusted. Confused, because clearly Skipper and Tagg were happy, healthy, and even allowed to have fun. Curious, because they even seemed to care about their human, wanting to return its belongings to it. And lastly, she felt intrigued, and decided she wanted to learn more about this trainer.

Her wish was granted, as a moment later the human slipped into the water above them. Feebas fought off the panic she was feeling and instead, swam over to Skipper and Tagg. With her little fins, she reached out and took hold of the strap. She wouldn't be much help, but perhaps if the human saw she was trying to help, it wouldn't harm her. In between the two otters, Feebas helped bring the bag upwards to the human. Once he took it, she scurried backwards just a little bit to get out of close proximity.

T-this is your... trainer? she asked Skipper and Tag, hesitantly. She was nervous, there was no doubt able it. The fear in her was practically yelling at her to run as fast as she could. However, a very small and courageous part of her was fighting back. She was having so much fun with these two, and clearly they meant her no harm. She never got to have fun, play games, or explore. This was the most excitement she'd experienced in quite some time, the last thing she wanted to do was run from it.

Jaisen Aurelius
(Hope this is okay! I like it!~)

Posted by: Jaisen Aurelius 1/12/18, 12:50 pm
The answer he got made Skipper paused and frown. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Tag isn't dangerous. And if you're supposed to stay close to your school where are they? I don't see any other Feebas around? Taggerung literally facepalmed at the comment. It was, perhaps, the rudest thing he'd ever heard from his friend's mouth. Still, he had to agree that saying tag was dangerous was pretty dumb. He was just smart enough not to say it out loud and possibly offend their new playmate. But he also wondered where her school was. Had they left her behind for some reason? Maybe because they were afraid of himself and Skipper? He kept his comments to himself and just let the fish answer Skipper's questions rather than adding his own.

That and he was sort of busy trying to haul Jace's bag back to him. He was surpised when the Feebas joined them, figuring a wild pokemon would run at the first indication that a human was around. Instead, she helped keep the bag from sinking and only backed off to a safer distance when Jace grabbed the strap and pushed it back onto Mipha's shell. Yeah, this is our trainer. His name is Jace and the big pokemon he's with is Mipha. Skipper joined Taggerung as the Oshawott spoke and nodded. Yep. He's helped all of us out too. I'd been hurt bysome sort of human trap and he took me in and healed me. Mipha was trapped in some abandoned human net and he saved her. Tagg... He paused and glanced at the Oshawott. I used to belong to a nasty human who only made us fight and if we didn't do well enough he hurt us. I was still new to him and I wasn't good enough so he was hurting me when Jace saw us. Jace battled him and at the end of the battle the guy had to give me to Jace. Skipper nodded and swam closer to their trainer, who was watching from his spot near Mipha. He takes care of us now. We get to play and explore and see all sorts of new things. But he also keeps us safe, too. He'd never let anyone hurt us or do anything bad to us.

Aria Wolfe

Posted by: Wild Pokémon 1/15/18, 12:51 pm
Skipper seemed surprised at her comment about how dangerous playing tag could be. Feebas paused when the weight of the judgement sank in. Sure, she had always thought her mother was overprotective, but it was only because she cared so deeply about her children. The game of tag in itself was not dangerous, but it often led to swimming further than intended and when you weren't looking where you were going, you could get hurt. One time her younger brother swam face first into the back of a Kingler, and ended up getting his fin pinched. It hasn't been the same since.

Feebas shook the thoughts from her mind. They meant no harm by their questions. My school is... she began to answer, and paused to take a look around. Her instincts made her halt before she told these strangers and their human where her school was. How stupid was she? She almost let their location slip. How did she know she could trust these pokémon and their human? She didn't. And now that they had pushed her, she was a little on edge.

Luckily, Tagg interrupted and changed the focus of the conversation back to them. He explained that Jace, their human, was a rescuer of sorts. Several of the pokémon in his care were trapped, hurt, or abused. They were rather happy now, and were able to have fun and explore while also being kept safe. It sounded like a dream come true for Feebas. How fun would her life be if she could explore and see the world, while having safety promised to her. It was almost too good to be true. Feebas took in a deep breath and let out a sigh.

Her focus turned to Jace. He looked rather harmless. His body language was very nonthreatening, in fact quite the opposite. He gave off a very calm, serene aura. Feebas decided right then and there that she needed to test him. If he was as caring as they insisted, she should be able to swim right up to him and not be in any danger. If he was dangerous and hurt her somehow, she would make a beeline for home and not look back. If he was what they said he was, well... maybe she'd stay and play.

Determined, and suddenly full of confidence in herself, she darted forward without saying a word. Her fins propelled her forward, right up to the human. She looked him over, swam around his body once and stopped right in front of him. Would he reach out and try to touch her? Would he push her away? Would he try to catch her? Panic was beginning to sink in, but she forced it from her mind. If this human was too good to be true, she wanted to know for sure. If what these pokémon were saying was true, well... she was quite interested in him, and wanted to learn more. This human might be her chance at getting to see the world, exploring, and being independent. The hope of a real, adventurous life was enough to convince her to stay and investigate.

Jaisen Aurelius
(This just sort of happened, lol... let me know if I need to make changes! As long as Jace is kind and gentle to her, she'll most likely stay. ^.^)

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