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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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October 31 – Happy Halloween, Paradise! Don't forget that the annual Harvest Festival is currently underway in Wisteria Town. Players have through November 1 to participate and claim a reward. Hope everyone is having a fun-filled day on this spookiest of occasions~!


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 (!) So Fluffy, Seeking: Buneary line
Wallace Wanbie
 Posted: 8/11/17, 07:06 pm
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Pokémon Trainer

{ For whomever volunteers for the thread, Wally doesn't battle. }

Again Wally had chosen to hitchhike out to the forest. His parents were home for the weekend, which meant none of them were safe (especially not him). His greatest fear was coming home to find the cops waiting for him, so they could deliver the bad news. The way his parents were going they were likely to make the news. He couldn't make them stop-he'd tried. They rarely thought of him, which meant the boy had to take care of himself. He did his own laundry, made his own meals (as few and far between as those were), and worked at odd jobs. He was independent, to say the least.

The young mans wealth of pokemon was growing. He was a sucker for the sick, weak, and abandoned. Unfortunately Ironwood was a breeding ground for psychopaths looking to use and abuse pokemon. Wally had the habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time... Well, the opposite from the vantage point of the pokemon he'd come to rescue. Not long ago it had been just him and Kiwi, his Chikorita. Things had been simpler then, yes, but he had no regrets. There were too many mouths to feed, that was the only thing he regretted. Some of his pokemon stole for him, and the rest of his friends, which made him feel really bad. He didn't want people to think he was a bad person who couldn't control his pokemon's actions. They were his friends and were doing their best to take care of everyone.

Wallace sat down against a trunk of a large tree. There he released a few of his pokemon. The boys Chikorita had settled herself in the hood of his old jacket. The blond-haired teen was always hungry, and tired, and therefore cold. He suffered from poor circulation due to his non-existent diet. The Principle had spoken to his father on several occasions, but Wally knew it was a waste of the mans time.

Opening up a napkin on his lap, Wally revealed a few nuts and a couple of berries. He'd pulled them off of the surrounding bushes and trees. Stomach growling, Wally stared into the faces of his pokemon. The boys Eevee, Cinnamon, cooed at him adoringly. Meanwhile, his little Dratini blew a few bubbles. All of his pokemon were hungry, which meant he would sacrifice his share to them.

Random Event
Random Event
 Posted: 8/11/17, 07:20 pm
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a wild ralts appeared!

bronze tier

confusion disarming voice charm magical leaf draining kiss

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Wild Pokémon
 Posted: 8/14/17, 08:14 am
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The Ralts didn’t have too much of a goal today. She spent most of her time dreaming, happily wandering from place to place and simply… existing. She had never seen a battle, mostly because she ran away rather than staying to fight anyone, and partly because she didn’t like the idea of conflict. Why should people and Pokemon hurt each other when they could get along instead? Ralts was a helpful creature, generally inclined to be kind rather than hostile.

Presently she was playing in some shrubbery she’d found on a little knoll, bouncing from one to the other. They were perfect for that sort of thing, just one above the other so that they made a nice little step effect. Once she grew tired of that, the Ralts carefully plucked a flower from one of the shrubs and wandered along a skinny path she hadn’t played on in a while. Holding the blossom to her face, she made her way along until she found a clearing and skipped through the leaves to enter it.

Ralts paused. There was a human ahead of her, and six Pokemon surrounding him. She paused, fading into the bushes for a moment while she watched. Maybe she always ran from fights, but she preferred not to risk them in the first place. Squeezing the flower tighter, she stayed quiet to see what was going on. Ahead of her, the boy was unfolding something in his lap, and all of the Pokemon stared at him intently. Nothing he was doing seemed to be threatening, and the Ralts had the feeling that they were there because they liked him, not because they had to be.

Perhaps it was worth checking out. Ralts slipped forward through the grass until she was about ten feet away from the gathering, and then she made a soft sound of greeting. If it turned out that they weren’t friendly, she was still far enough off to run away. If they were, maybe she could make a new friend. How nice that would be!
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