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January 31 – Howdy, folks! We've still got a few Gym Leader/Eden Elite positions open, so if you think you might be interested in filling one of these key roles on the site, please check out this thread for more information!


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 Harold Hobbs, Mentor of (upcoming) Trainers
Harold Hobbs
 Posted: 1/31/18, 01:37 pm
6 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Harold Hobbs
Seventy-eight Male Mentor of (upcoming) Trainers

Harold appears to be the image of every sweet grandfather imagined by small children. He is 1.72 meters (5.64 feet) tall and he has a puffy physique, showing in his sizeable waist and round cheeks. The old man is rather broadly build though, and his arms are rather thick as while, betraying that the old man must have been rather muscled in his younger days. His face is characterized by his chubby cheeks and broad mouth which seems to be almost constantly fixed in a heartwarming smile. His blue eyes shine with a warmth behind them when he looks at things he enjoys and his hair is as white as snow and kept properly combed to the back. His ears are large and often used as a point of harmless mockery and ridicule for by-passers yet those who know the kindly old man do not often find such comments fitting for his sweet demeanor.

His sense of style seems to remain in the previous century however, as he can be seen almost exclusively in well-worn suits and comfortable waistcoats of different colours. If he was younger, his clothing could be called ‘hipster’ to some degree, yet they seem to fit him well. The man also wears an old silver watch on his left arm which he often looks at even when one does not ask him for the time.

Harold is a jovial and good-humoured individual who seems to have a great regard for both the well-being of Pokémon and humans. He seems to be genuinely concerned with aiding the younger generation as best as he is able with his experience, though he seems to also understand that some flourish best when left to their own devices. Still, this has let him to overexert himself often without noticing his limits. When he takes time for himself he enjoys the simple comforts of life; spending time with his Pokémon, hiking in the wild, enjoying a good cup of tea or visiting one of the towns on the island. While his patience seems to be a rather deep well, when it is reached the old man becomes most reclusive and seeming to bear a grudge that is not easily mended by time or by actions.

Not too uncommon for an old-timer, Harold seems to regard most modern gadgetry with a decent amount of mistrust about their usefulness. While he makes use of common electrical appliances like dishwashers and television he seems not receptive of computers, technical machines (TM’s) or even the use of a pokégear. Trainers should rely on their Pokémon’s own abilities and the bond with their trainers, and not push them to a limit by making them ‘pumped-up prizefighters’. While this backward kind of thinking has proven disadvantageous at times it also has made Harold in a practical person and trainer who holds a lot of knowledge about Pokémon in his head while relying heavily on tactics to win his battles in the past and present.

Harold Hobbs was born in Dendemille Town in the Kalos region. Seemingly coming from a well-off family, the young man started his trainer journey when he was 14 years old with his first Pokémon, an Happiny. Harold proved to be an above average trainer who was filled with determination to become a Pokémon master in his own region and after a year he had collected all the badges to challenge the Elite Four with his then current team. While he proved to be no pushover early on, he failed to defeat the third member of the Elite Four all those years ago with his claim at becoming a champion in shambles.

Still, while some might give up on the dream entirely and others giving it another shot when they have become stronger, Harold chose a middle ground of sorts. Instead of attempting to become a champion, Harold devoted the better part of his life in traveling the different parts of the globe and become a better trainer and person for its own sake and not for any kind of title. He still participated in gym battles and smaller tournaments with still winning quite some of them over his long years, yet he had lost the drive he had in his youth to collect enough badges in any region to make a genuine challenge to the Elite Four. He focused more on strengthening the bond with his Pokémon and the people on his journey than fame and glory, and he had done so happily looking back on his life.

When he reached his fifties, the traveling became too cumbersome for Harold to keep up, so he decided to settle down in the Eden Region finding it one of the most beautiful places during his travels with a comfortable climate as well. The old man settled down at the very edge of Wisteria Town where he restored a sizeable neglected cottage next to a small body of water. The old man has become a decently known figure over the last twenty years because of his many stories from his past as well as offering guidance to both experienced and inexperienced trainers. More often than not he offers trainers from other regions or towns a place to stay in a shared sleeping quarter and basic meals when they require them, and if they don’t abuse his hospitality.

When Harold retired there was a drastic change in his lifestyle so he decided that remaining his Pokemon had the choice to stay with him, be free in the wild or changed trainers who still actively battled at a high level. He parted on good terms with all of them save his Blissey (named Izzy) and her offspring named Lizzie, who was a Chansey at the time. Most of the others found a home with friends of Harold who were younger and active trainers, some of them even proudly becoming Gym Pokemon in far of regions. Unfortunately, Izzy passed away a few years after Harold settled on the island from old age, leaving Harold alone with Lizzie. To provide both more companionship for Lizzie and himself, Harold set out to capture Pokemon in the region and offer a home to them while also feeling a sense of nostalgia for his earlier years. The old man even started battling again on top of teaching others the basics. The experience and tactics of an old trainer seem to make him a decent opponent despite the shorter training of his Pokemon and a battle with him is at times regarded by local youths as a right of passage to prove one's mettle.

Harold does not like keeping his Pokémon in their balls and they roam in and around the house at their own leisure. Lizzie often approaches newcomers by offering them eggs to eat and take care of them if they are wounded. Dalbert is often aggressive or at least distrustful of strangers and can be calmed by either battle, giving him bread or by Lizzie/Harold's presence. Princess Chino might strut around near strangers to establish herself as the most pretty and worthy Pokemon you will ever see, yet if you attempt to interact with her she turns her head and scurries off.

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Harold Hobbs
 Posted: 1/31/18, 01:53 pm
6 posts
Pokémon Trainer

pokémon team

Chansey Female Serene Grace BRONZE TIER
Lizzie is the offspring of Harold's first Pokemon and named in her honour, a Blissey named Izzy who unfortunately passed away nearly ten years ago. Because the parting was a shock for Harold, he has been protective of Lizzie early in her life, only starting to train her properly for a year now. Lizzie shares the caring nature of her namesake and seems to care a lot about the well-being of the old man, as well as for others in almost just as high a regard. She seems to be reluctant to bring serious harm to her opponents in battle, making sure that they are properly healed after battle. Still, when in the heat of battle she proves to be Harold's most capable Pokemon and rather intelligent, often thinking on her feet without needing commands. Of all his Pokemon, Lizzie seems to be the most compassionate for both Pokemon and people.

Moves: Defense Curl, Pound, Refresh, Double Slap, Soft Boiled, Sing, Heal Pulse, healing Wish

Ducklett Male Keen Eye BRONZE TIER
Dalbert used to be a troublesome Shiny Ducklett who terrorized tourists in an area of Sycamore Springs, who did not stop attacking people until he was given bread to eat. Every attempt to capture this illusive duck by trainers or the authority failed because it was smart enough to speed away whenever it spotted an actual threat to its reign of small time terror. One day it attempted to harass a visiting Harold and Lizzie (the Chansey) yet after Lizzie gave it one of her eggs of happiness to eat, he decided to follow Harold around and over time become his Pokémon. Now Dalbert lives in the pond outside of Harold’s house and while he has become more manageable, he still picks fight with anyone who upsets him enough, whether they are much larger Pokémon or humans. Of all his Pokémon, Dalbert is the most competitive in nature.

Moves: Water Gun, Wing Attack, Tailwind, Roost, Feather Dance.

Princess Chino
Minccino Female Technician BRONZE TIER
It is a wonder how much vanity can be contained in such a small form. Minccino thinks the world of herself and seems to carry herself with an air of excellence. Still, she seems to avoid most physical contact with other humans and Pokémon that want to touch her irresistibly soft fur, only allowing a select few (especially Harold) to touch the goodness that is her pelt. Like the rest of her kind, she seems to be constantly running after those who enter the house in an attempt to clean up their mess or to ensure that any newly made mess can be prevented. While she does not seem to have a disdain for battle, she also seems rather happy when the fighting is concluded. Of all his Pokémon, Princess Chino is the most self-assured and comfortable with herself.

Moves: Pound, Baby-Doll Eyes, Tickle, Double Slap, Encore, Sing, Tail Slap, Charm.

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