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 Pelagia Barr, wip pokemon trainer/coordinator
Pelagia Barr
 Posted: 9/12/17, 11:36 pm
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twenty-three female coordinator

quick list for now, wip:

medium - length fine hair (unk: blonde-brown), slightly wavy, mild curls towards bottom
long face - full, high cheekbones, rounded chin, slightly upturned nose
narrow upper lip, fuller lower lip, white, straight teeth
large eyes (unknown color yet: blue, gray, green, brown), thick eyelashes
quite endowed, larger hips and bust area with slightly plump waist
small cloud shaped birthmark on left shoulder
beauty spot under right eye (outside corner)
light - olive skin tone range

roughly five foot seven inches, shoes provide additional +2 inches
carries herself with a refined posture, very proper
tends to wear light, loose, clothing with heeled boots when casual
contests, showcases, etc typically dresses in cocktail dresses to ball gowns

will be drawing character (hence the lack of images atm)

quick list for now; wip

really good at raising pokemon
really good at pokemon contests
pretty good at music, leaf whistle
pretty good at pokemon massages
kind of bad at pokemon battling

kind of don’t understand pokegears

knows nothing about berry farming
really bad at catching pokemon
a short-term goal to learn all the contest spots in eden
a long-term goal to become a top pokemon coordinator in eden
driven by the core to become the best coordinator
prefers fairy, dragon, water pokemon
dislikes poison, ghost, ice pokemon
enjoys sweet and sour food stuff
dislikes dry and bitter food stuff
prefers moo-moo milk dishes
dislikes fish dishes
plays leaf whistle
practices performances
bakes poke puffs


quick reference, wip:

born in an ocean city called gloire in the kalos region (subject to change, possibly)
parents are married couple jean barr and katherine floros
middle child of three, elias and camille
mother is a masseuse, father works construction
family pokemon was an aromatisse named "amoure"

at age 10, 5y.o sister camille is seriously injured by a rhyhorn during a race
jean and katherine decide to move to sinnoh to be closer to eldest child
mother opens a massage parlour in hearthome
begins helping her mother with the massages and learns the trade
bonds with a young contest prodigy

enters into high school and takes an elective class on contests
is paired with a sassy swinub that attacks her with ice moves frequently
grows fearful of ice type pokemon while trying to avoid attacks
decides to confide in contest prodigy friend of two years for advice

follows friend's advice to request a new partner
is given a water-type finneon
finds a love of swimming during practices
wins the highschool contest as a first year

as a sixteenth birthday present she is sent an egg from elias
during the beginning of her second trimester of her third year the egg hatches
she names the female azurill "azure" and starts readying for the junior contests
azure loses in the final round of the junior contest after evolving into marill

marill evolves after her senior year, prompting her to go to sangdem town
elias greets her and she shows him azure's evolution
elias prompts her to seek her contest fortune as a star
she is nervous to leave her family but relents after azure does a performance for her

after a few years she receives a letter from elias about a job in a new region
mother writes to tell her the family will be moving with elias
she is upset about being alone and azurill and her decide to move as well
finishes her last contest at twenty-one

family arrives in unova where she quickly befriends a lost deino
deino and azure help her compete in several contests over the course of the next two years
camille starts talking about entering contests herself with her pidgey
she receives a letter from her old friend about a new region starting contests

she leaves azure and deino with her sister camille and sets out for eden
her plane makes a stop in hawaii where she saves an abused dragonair
before her flight sets out for eden dragonair's trainer abandons it
she informs the trainer his dragonair wasn't weak and helps dragonair defeat it's trainer

dragonair decides to travel with her to eden
she agrees to take the dragonair as her new partner and calls her "vague"
she lands at the airport in potpourri harbor after a two day flight
celebrates her first birthday without her family in eden

registers for the eden regions contest pass


» pelagia is a true neutral character.
» she tends to avoid lying.
» she dislikes the killing of innocents (including pokemon).
» murder is something she frowns on.
» helping others if the action aids herself is okay.
» she honors and respects those who do the same to her.
» she is not above breaking the law if it advances her without harming others.
» unless her life is endangered she'd never betray someone.
» she doesn't pick extreme sides.
» she is always trying to advance herself, without harming others.


» pelagia will do anything to win against a superior opponent.
» she is not above using dirty tricks to win.
» pelagia can hold her head high if she runs from a fight.
» she has been known to "gloat" after a victory in boisterous tones.
» there has been instances where she's played pranks on others.

⌐ title ¬


⌐ fun facts ¬

» pelagia's character design is based off of model isabella stratigaki.
» pelagia's personality is a mix of two asterisk war characters.

made by gimmick on gs
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