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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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July 5 – Paradise's anniversary falls on the 20th, but we're kicking off the festivities early and celebrating all month long with some cool rewards and a special event, the Summer Sun Celebration! Cheers to three years! <3


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 Stella Marnath, Pokemon Trainer
Stella Marnath
 Posted: 8/12/17, 11:20 am
5 posts
Pokémon Trainer


Stella has long straight dark brown hair loosen up and fall all the way to her waist, which she usually ties into a high ponytail. She has hazel eyes which could change color depending on the surrounding lighting. Standing at around 162 cm in height and 100 lbs in weight, she looks fairly healthy and athletic. Stella could usually be seen wearing a flower pattern jacket, dark gray dress, black leggings and dark gray dressing show. She also wears a silver necklace around her neck and carrying a black pouch around her belt. Like the other girls around her age, she owns multiple sets of clothing, an alternative that she sometimes wears is a short black jacket, white top, black shorts and leggings and brown lace up shoes.
Stella is a friendly and somewhat verbose individual. She is willing to help those in need and is very observative of her surroundings, always keeping notes with what was happening around her. She is often more to the point in her manners of speech, and she lacks the fine tune socialite abilities. Her bold speech pattern could sometimes bother other people. Often, she carries herself in a relaxed, carefree and calm manner, which could occasionally be mistaken by others as aloof. Stella has a childish side as well, and with a curious nature, she enjoys exploring the unknown which could lead her into a potentially dangerous situation. But when the circumstances become grim, she has the capability of remaining calm in the face of adversity and operates under severe pressure, in fact, because she could make a level headed judgment call even in the grimmest circumstances, she is sometimes referred by others as cold hearted.
Stella was born and raised in Garland City, her parents were not pokemon trainers nor did they supported their children to become pokemon trainers. The notion of young kids traveling the world alone was worrisome for them, however, they allowed Stella and her brother to play with pokemon. When Stella was little, many of her classmates and friends outrightly declared that they wanted to become pokemon trainers, Stella herself wanted to do the same just because she didn't want to be left out. This caused some tension among her family, she was sometimes grounded for this. When she was around 14 years old, her eevee was given to a family friend's kid as a gift, partially out of friendship because the friend's kid really loved that eevee, and partially to discourage Stella to become a trainer.

However, this action only further fueled Stella's intention to become a pokemon trainer, she read guide books and watched tutorials, often staying in the library in her free time to read about encyclopedias on the subjects. She was referred to as a hard worker, a good researcher and a major pokemon fan among her friends. During this time, she became genuinely intrigued by the pokemon world, she became fascinated by the large world that she lived in and the many unknown and wonders, and the different creatures that inhabited this world. That was when she truly decided to become a trainer. When she turned eighteen, she had a long conversation with her parents regarding setting out on her own as a pokemon trainer. Her parents were still feeling uneased by her decision, but after multiple conversations over the years and her volunteer activities with the pokemon centers and with other related facilities, her determination finally convinced them that she was serious about her decisions and they decided to respect her wishes. With the grumpy blessing of her parents, Stella set out into the world of the unknown, bringing a single pokemon with her, a gift from her older brother who left on a journey of his own just a year before.
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Stella Marnath
 Posted: 8/12/17, 11:34 am
5 posts
Pokémon Trainer

pokémon team

Riolu Male Inner Focus Silver
Iron is a gift from Stella's older brother and is also Stella's starter pokemon. He is pretty level headed and having the courage to challenge those higher level then he is.

Moves: 1. Poison Jab 2. Rock Slide 3. Foresight 4. Force Palm

fletchling Male big pecks Bronzel
Adopted from the sycamore sanctuary

Moves: 1. Steel Wing 2. Flame Charge 3. Razor Wing 4. Fly

fletchling Female illusion Bronzel
Adopted from Youngjae Hyun

Moves: Egg Moves: 1. Captivate 2. Copycat 3. Counter 4. Detect 5. Snatch 6. Dark Pulse

eevee female Adaptability Bronzel
Gift from Adam Samak

Moves: Wish, Endure, Flail, Detect, Curse, Yawn, Tickle, Captivate, Covet, Fake Tears, Synchronoise, Stored Power, Bite, Substitute

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