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 Pokémon name themes
Youngjae Hyun
 Posted: 9/13/17, 11:52 am
213 posts
Gym Leader

(I was intending to catch up on posts, but look what writer's block made me do.)

When it comes to naming Pokémon, I believe many of us here follow a certain theme or rule. I'm curious: what themes do your characters use (if any), and personally when you're playing Pokémon games (including side games like Pokémon Go), how do you name your Pokémon?

I'll start the ball rolling :)

Personally I rarely named my Pokémon when playing the core games; I kept getting stuck because I couldn't come up with good names. The first theme (if it could even be called a theme) that I used was Japanese names. Offhand I only remembered I not-very-creatively named my Treecko Kusanagi and my Vulpix Shiranui. Come to think of it, both names can be found in The King of Fighters…

More recently I simply use whatever comes to mind immediately; I used this method for Pokémon Go as well. My Dragonite was called Toothless, my Gyarados was Leviathan, my Vaporeon was Tsunami. I didn't name all of them, mainly those that I liked and had both a good moveset and good IVs.

Here in Paradise, Youngjae's Pokémon follow a rather restrictive theme: K-pop group names. The only exception thus far is his starter, Bouncer, because I named the Buneary before I settled on a theme. His gym team Pokémon are all named after Korean rappers, just to distinguish them from his personal team. There is at least one 'overlap' so to speak; Suga (the Emolga from his gym team) is one of the rappers from a boyband formerly known as Bangtan Boys, and Bangtan is the name of his Lucario.

I'm thinking of loosening up the theme a little eventually, but I'm still sticking to the K-pop theme. (After all, Jae works in a nightclub and he's Korean.) For instance, Jae's adopting a Torchic from Aria, and I have on the cards Ppiyak (the name of a pet chick owned by Jae's playby, Wooyoung) and Piyoung (Wooyoung's group opened a character café in japan, and his character Piyoung is inspired by his pet chick).
Aria Wolfe
 Posted: 9/13/17, 02:55 pm
217 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Hmm... the only character I have that has a "theme" is Lex. His face claim is Ben Browder who played John Crichton on the syfy show Farscape. So I've purposely stuck with naming all of his pokemon after characters from the show. There are tons, so no worries about running out of ideas. It's been a lot of fun looking through the names of characters and figuring out which pokemon a character would be. ^.^

Aria and Dakota... I typically just look for names with meanings. A lot of time I'll google "names that mean darkness" or something like that and look through the lists. Or, just clever things like brand names, etc. I named that Shinx "Denzo" after a brand of spark plugs. :D

Aria likes japanese-style names so sometimes I google translate different words in Japanese. Her Pikachu's name Arashi came from the Japanese word for "storm" which is horribly unoriginal, I know XD But I liked it.

Dakota has a few pokemon named from a book series called Vampire Academy. I'm not big into teen vampire romance stories but that was a good book series. I named her Cubone Adrian from the book and then when he befriended the Phantump I named him another male from the books. That continued, so I might have some fun naming her pokemon from those books but won't be strict with it by any means.

Does that answer your question? ^.^
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Nox Korrik
 Posted: 9/13/17, 04:01 pm
262 posts
Pokémon Ranger

I generally don't name pokemon in the core games. There are only a few that I will always name every time and always the same name, lol.

Chamander/Charizard - Hotaru
Absol - Noire/Nacht/Nox
Cyndaquil/Typhlosion - Tai (because I originally found Typhlosion too hard to pronounce)

And...I think that's about it. I mostly name my starters depending on the game/pokemon (most recently I named my Primarina Azura and my Fennekin was named Mozilla, lol).

As for sort of have themes for most of my charas but they aren't super strict themes.

Nox - Names in different languages with a handful of names of video game characters. Basically I name his pokemon by whatever happens to come to mind. Off the top of my head I know his Frogadier, Katak, is named Frog in some other language (don't remember off-hand) and his Larvitar (possibly his Deino, I don't remember which) is named Tiny.

Vexel - Vex and Adam have the themes that are the most strict out of them all. All of his pokemon (except for Leilani) are named in the fictional dragon language found here. I actually have a list of what each name means that I want to post somewhere on his profile as soon as I figure out where/how I want to do it.

Adam - Adam names his pokemon after alcohol and things relating to alcohol in some way. This amuses me and it is a very fun theme to find names from, lol.

Felicity - Felicity didn't start off with a theme but she sort of adopted one as I collected more pokemon for her. For the most part, her pokemon are named after Disney characters because I happened to choose Elsa as the name for her Alolan Vulpix and it went from there. Her's isn't terribly strict, however, and if another name that doesn't fit her theme suits a pokemon I'll definitely use it.

Isilme - Another one who doesn't have a set theme though she somehow has several pokemon named after Greek goddesses and flowers? Dunno if the theme will stick but we'll see how that goes.

Jaisen - Jace doesn't have a theme but apparently has a thing for the letter S as most of his pokemon have names starting with that letter. Weird and unintentional and it probably on't become a theme exactly but it'll be fun to play with anyway. =)
Youngjae Hyun
 Posted: 9/16/17, 09:15 pm
213 posts
Gym Leader

Katak is 'frog' in Malay. Back then we were required to learn basic Malay in secondary school, and anyone who picked up a foreign language would know that one of the first things people do is to learn how to insult others. Using our limited vocabulary we cobbled together things like tak ada gigi (having no teeth) and "your sister is a frog", which came about when a classmate mixed up kakak (elder sister) and katak (frog).

I digress...
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