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Paradise > Ironwood City > (!) A Frosty Afternoon

Posted by: Lex Montgomery 1/3/18, 11:36 am
Today was actually a good day. The sun was shining, the city air didn't smell quite as polluted, and a very light layer of snow lined the streets and walkways. It was chilly, but not too cold that his leather jacket couldn't keep him comfortable. In fact, Lex might go as far to say this was his ideal temperature. It was cold enough that most of the population stayed inside if they could. It was cold enough that snow could fall and stick, but would be melting by midday. It was not too cold for ice cream, though.

The man standing in front of him in line finished paying, and Lex was up. The tiny ice cream cart on the corner of the square downtown was the best place for ice cream, in Lex's opinion. The owner, an elderly man, was still using an old fashioned hand-crank ice cream maker. Adding the flavors and ingredients to freshly made ice cream was much more authentic and tasty than buying a tub of frozen ice cream from the store. Not to mention, you could get a scoop in a real waffle cone, that he would fill to the very tip. No other ice cream parlors compared.

Lex ordered two scoops of cookies and cream ice cream in a waffle cone, paid in cash, and then continued on his way. It was his weekend off, and he was on a personal errand today. He was on the lookout for a certain Pokémon that was rumored to run wild here in Ironwood. A small, black, dog-like Pokémon that breathed fire. As pups, they weren't very threatening, but with a little bit of training they could grow into strong, fierce canines. Their element and their coat color attracted Lex the most. Perhaps he could find one of these cute little puppies somewhere downtown, in the alleyways where there were lots of dark corners to hide.

He took a few licks of his ice cream cone and turned a corner. This alley in particular was one of the longest that ran directly behind rows of shops and apartment buildings downtown. Several other smaller alleys branched off of this one. Even though it was daytime, there were plenty of dark places to hide up and down these alleys. As he walked, he noticed several stacks of empty crates, an old mattress, an old couch, a few garbage cans, a rusty broken-down truck... the list went on. As he walked, he kept an eye (and an ear) out for anything that moved or made noise. These little fire-type pups would most likely be curled up somewhere warm, perhaps inside the truck on the seats, or behind that mattress...

Random Event

Posted by: Random Event 1/3/18, 05:45 pm
a wild houndour appeared!

bronze tier
flash fire

bite howl ember smog feint attack

Posted by: Wild Pokémon 1/5/18, 09:42 am
Normally in weather like this, he would be curled up with his pack, sharing warmth in a giant puppy pile. But not anymore. Not since his pack had chased him off...or rather...not since Alpha had chased him off. Alpha had never liked him and he had never liked Alpha. They had competed against each other since they were pups. Anything he had, Alpha wanted. And anything Alpha had...well...let's just say he never kept it long. Except for the title of Alpha. Alpha was bigger and stronger than he was and when they'd fought for the vacant leadership position left by the disappearance of their former Alpha he had been soundly defeated. But Alpha was a bully and none of the pack liked him much. That they'd let him remain Alpha was a testament to how afraid of him they were. They liked him better but he couldn't do anything about it. He tried on more than one occasion to challenge Alpha and had failed every time. But with each failed attempt he knew he was getting stronger. One day, he would challenge Alpha and win.

Except Alpha was smart and he knew what was going on. So when he'd stolen Alpha's desired mate Alpha had the reason he needed to and chase him off and exile him from the pack. The female had remained, needing the safety and security of the pack to raise their pup. He'd caught glimpses of them as he roamed the city. The pup was healthy and strong, growing larger with ever passing day. One day, the pup would even be big and strong enough to challenge Alpha and win. If that day ever came, he knew he could ask to return to the pack and would be welcomed back by his Son-Alpha. That is if he survived out here on his own.

And surviving meant avoiding all contact with humans, other packs and other pokemon as much as possible. So when he heard the footsteps of a human approaching his den, he retreated as far back into the shadows as he could. It wasn't much of a den, but it was warm. He knew it had been made by humans but he'd watched the den for several days and no one had done anything to it. Apparently it had been placed there for wild pokemon to use as they desired. So he'd dragged a few other human objects up around it to conceal it better and keep in more heat and he'd moved in. Hopefully this human would just walk on past and leave him alone. If not...he didn't mind using his teeth to get his point across. He bared his fangs and growled as the footsteps drew closer. The sound echoed strangely in his makeshift den and sounded like it came from something larger than he was. Maybe the human would back off if he thought whatever was inside was big and mean. He could only hope. He didn't want to have to fight but he would if he had to.

Lex Montgomery

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Posted by: Lex Montgomery 1/7/18, 02:43 pm
Lex was just about to turn a corner when a low grumbling sound caught his attention. He froze in place, focusing hard on his hearing. The wind created a whistling sound as it whipped around the corners of the alley, so it was a little hard to pin point where the sound was coming from. He looked around, scanning his immediate surroundings for potential hiding places. Just to his right, an old wooden dog house stood up against the back wall of the nearby building. There were crates and boxes of who knows what stacked up around it, but the entrance was clearly visible.

No way, he thought, leaning forward in an attempt to see inside. He found it extremely unlikely that the dog-like pokémon he was looking for was inside a literal dog house, but how funny would that be? If there really was a Houndour inside the old dog house, would he need to be sure that it didn't belong to someone? Part of him argued that if it did belong to someone, they didn't deserve it anyway. Nobody should leave their fire-type dog out in the snow, dog house or not.

It was hard for him to see inside, so he moved closer. The grumbling sound was growling, and it was growing louder the closer he became. Lex very carefully reached out to scoot one of the boxes that half blocked the doorway. He leaned in, hoping to be able to see whatever was inside. "Hey there little fella. I mean you no harm." he said, not even sure what he was talking to just yet.

Nox Korrik
(This is an opportune time for a little karma for Nox if you want to have the Houndour leap out and bite Lex's nose! XD Thanks for picking this up!~)

Posted by: Wild Pokémon 1/9/18, 04:56 pm
When the human stopped, it occurred to him that if he'd just kept quiet then the human would have just kept on going and never would have known he was there. But now he'd drawn attention to himself and the human was looking for him. His growling resumed when the human tried to peer inside his den even though he was at a distance. That, of course, drew the human closer and panic began to set in. If the human got too close, he wouldn't be able to run, his escape would be cut off. He could just set the den and everything around it on fire and use the distraction to flee...but burning down part of the city was generally frowned upon by the humans and other wild pokemon. These were their homes as much as his, he had to respect the shared territory. But in a life or death situation...maybe he'd just do what he had to in order to survive.

The human reached the entrance to the den and he only had a few seconds to decide what to do. He pushed his panic away and resolved to fight. This was his den, he would defend it and himself from this intruder. As a box was shifted, his growl turned into a full snarl, interspersed with warning barks and snaps of his fangs. The human probably wouldn't see him thanks to his dark coat but it would definitely hear him. And he most certainly didn't sound happy. But despite his attempts to warn the human away with his threats, it didn't leave. Instead, he could only watch as the human leaned forward and blocked the entrance with it's body. He gave one last warning bark and when that didn't seem to have any effect, he lunged forward with his fangs bared and ready to sink into any part of the human he could reach.

Lex Montgomery

Posted by: Lex Montgomery 1/9/18, 08:27 pm
The growls turned into snarls, which turned into barks and snaps. The closer Lex leaned in, the louder the sounds became. He paused several times, unsure if he should approach any further. This was a wild pokémon after all, it was probably dangerous even on a good day, let alone when it is threatened. Despite his better judgement though, Lex stepped closer. Now that he had heard snarls and barks, he knew the pokémon was of the canine type. He had found exactly what he was looking for, and wasn't about to get scared and change his mind.

Suddenly, he wished he had changed his mind. He had gotten too close, and in an instant the creature had leaped forward with teeth bared. The sudden motion in front of him startled him, causing him to fall backwards onto his rear end. Instinctively, he threw his arms up in front of his face, which successfully saved his face from the attack. However, a sharp pain shot up his right arm as teeth clamped down on his wrist. Even through the thickness of the leather jacket sleeve, the teeth were able to puncture his skin.

"AHH!!" Lex screamed, falling backwards and unintentionally pulling the dog-like pokémon onto his lap. He could clearly see the pokémon now, and sure enough, it was a Houndour pup. A vicious one at that! Lex shook his arm in an attempt to break the connection between them. The motion caused more harm to his arm, but he was able to break free and scoot backwards, away from the Houndour. "You little- Ugh!" he groaned, noticing the drops of blood that appeared in the thin layer of snow beneath them.

Lex scurried to his feet. Naturally, he reached up to his belt and unclipped a pokéball from his belt. "I wasn't going to hurt you, but if that's how you're going to be, so be it." he snarled, feeling just a little dramatic but he didn't care. His wrist was throbbing. He forcefully threw the pokéball to the ground, with enough force that if it weren't made of thick metal it probably would have shattered. Instead, it popped open and released its contents, a light tan canine pokémon with a bushy white tail.

"Nerri, help me out here, wouldya?" Lex asked, as the innocent little Rockruff began to wag his tail. Lex wasn't sure how the Houndour would react. His Rockruff was a pup, too. Maybe the two could talk? Get to know each other? Lex didn't want to have to battle the Houndour, but he would if he needed to. He was very interested in this little spitfire. Nerri, despite being new to him, had already learned a lot from Lex with some training. If he needed to fight, Lex was confident he could.

Nerri stepped forward to face the wild pokémon. His nose was high in the air, sniffing at the various scents he was picking up. Despite the tension he could clearly sense from the Houndour's body language, Nerri's tail continued to wag. Woah there, you okay? Did my human startle you? he asked, his light blue eyes sparkling with concern. He turned to see Lex holding a bloody handkerchief to his arm, and whimpered. I don't think he meant to cause you any harm... Nerri stated, turning back to his opponent. If the Houndour chose to continue on the offensive, Nerri would ready an attack. Otherwise, there was no need for violence if he could help it.

Nox Korrik
(How cute!~)

Posted by: Wild Pokémon 1/12/18, 12:20 pm
A thrill of satisfaction went through him as he felt his fangs sink into the fabric of the man's clothing and then into skin. He tasted blood on his tongue and bit down just a bit harder to drive home his anger and annoyance at being disturbed. With a movement that dragged him from his den, the human moved back. shaking his arm until Houndour had to either let go or seriously harm the human. Since he was just defending himself and didn't want to do too much damage, he let go and backed off. His kept his head down and his fangs bared with a near constant growl rumbling in his chest. And even after all of that, the human didn't leave. Instead he spoke and reached for a ball on his belt. Houndour recognized those. They held the human's pokemon captive and trapped wild ones inside them.

Sure enough, the human released one of his captive pokemon. It was another canine with earthy tones in it's scent. That meant rock or ground type and not good news for him. But he was strong and he considered himself quite capable of winning a fight with whatever the human threw at him. Only no attack came. The other canine stood there, tail wagging, and started rambling on. It was clear almost immediately this pup was younger than he was. It tried to sound friendly, apologetic on behalf of the human, and assured him the human hadn't meant any harm. Houndour gave a little snort and smoke curled from between his fangs. No? Then why did he invade my territory and get close to my den? Humans come and steal away pokemon from their homes. I don't trust them. I just want to be left alone. He growled, not having any clue he was talking to a pokemon that had literally been stolen from his home. Houndour could feel the fire building in his belly. He just wanted this human and his puppy to leave and he would do everything he could to chase them away if they didn't leave soon.

Lex Montgomery

Posted by: Lex Montgomery 1/15/18, 12:19 pm
The wild Houndour continued to grumble and bare its teeth. The strength and confidence it was portraying only attracted Lex even more. Since becoming a Nightshade Operative, Lex has been focused on building up the most threatening team he could, both visually and physically. The feistier the pokémon, the better. Sure, it made training quite the challenge, but Lex enjoyed challenges. The harder the challenge, the more rewarding the victory. A determined grin spread across his face.

Nerri stood tall. He was a pup, sure, but he also had Lex as his trainer. Lex had taught him to not be fearful, to not back down without a fight. Life was full of wins and loses, but as long as you kept getting back up, that's what mattered. From the looks of this Houndour, a fight might be on the horizon. Nerri began to prepare, mentally and physically. He dug his nails into the snowy dirt underneath him, moreso just to ready his stance but also to be prepared to dodge if needed. His tail continued to wag, regardless.

Nerri turned to look at Lex, before turning back to the Houndour. My human, despite his tough appearance, does have a soft side. He is out here in the snow specifically to find pokémon in need, particularly little fire-type pokémon that might need some warmth. Nerri explained, little yips and yaps escaping his teeth. Not wanting to jump right into why he and his trainer were really out here, Nerri decided to switch gears. Are you all alone out here? Aren't you cold? Hungry? My human carries treats on him, but if you're hungry I'm sure we could bring you a real meal.

Nox Korrik

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