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January 31 – Howdy, folks! We've still got a few Gym Leader/Eden Elite positions open, so if you think you might be interested in filling one of these key roles on the site, please check out this thread for more information!


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 (!) The Great Ginkgo Mountain Climb!, Seeking: Geodude Family
Lysbeth Dwyer
 Posted: 1/7/18, 02:28 pm
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Gym Leader

It took Lysbeth and Verity an hour and a half to reach a supposedly midway point of the Ginkgo Mountain. A great flat plane carved into the side of the mountain. Only a few ancient looking trees with thick, exposed roots greeted the pair of them as well as a few benches that seemed to be carved from solid rock.

Lysbeth walked forward with Verity at her side, who was breathing heavily with her back bent, hands pressed against her knees. “Can...we...take...a...break…?” she said, heftily. Lysbeth nodded but only to halt the complaints that came every few minutes. "It's not even that far from the lab...y'know."
Even with Lysbeth's words, Verity still sighed thankfully, throwing herself down onto one of the carved benches. After a second, she pulled out a bottle of water from her backpack and downed half of the contents. “That’s a bit better,” she said, sighing happily.

“These mountains were formed long before humans colonized Eden. Back when Ancient and now Extinct Pokémon like Omanyte lived,” Lysbeth said, more to herself than to Verity. She stood at the edge of the cliff and looked down over Eden below, the thick vibrant forests below, the endless desert in the distance and the stretch of clear water which was the sea. “It’s rather amazing, really. Isn’t it?”

Random Event
Random Event
 Posted: 1/8/18, 10:07 am
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a wild graveler appeared!

silver tier

rollout rock throw bulldoze defense curl magnitude

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Wild Pokémon
 Posted: 1/15/18, 01:36 pm
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This was Graveler's most favorite part of the day: the descent. Pokémon of his type were slow movers. Not ideal, but that's just how it was. They spend every single morning ascending the mountain side in search for food. Sometimes, it took them so long to reach the top that the sun would set before they'd make it back down. Not today. Graveler had managed to find enough boulders to chomp on, his stomach was already full. He could begin his descent at any moment now, and might even make it home before nightfall.

The descent was the best part. Downhill was always easier, and with their extremely heavy weight, gravity did all of the work for them. Pokémon of his type curl up and roll themselves down the mountain side. This takes very little time in comparison to climbing, sometimes mere minutes as long as they don't run into any obstacles. Not to mention, it was the most fun! Graveler loved to curl up and just let the mountain take him wherever it needed to. Aside from the occasional tree or boulder, he could usually make it to the bottom in one try.

BAM! His body slammed head on into a large boulder next to the mountain trail. The weight of his body and the speed he had gained caused the boulder to explode into tiny rocks. The impact forced him to stop though, and Graveler uncurled his body once he rolled to a stop on the trail. He took in his surroundings and tried to figure out where on the mountain he was. Shattered pieces of boulder surrounded him, and just up ahead on the trail, two humans stood near the edge. Ignoring them, he reached down and picked up a piece of the boulder. The best tasting parts were on the inside, he wasn't about to let these tasty bits go to waste.

He chomped down on the piece in his grip, an unusually sweet taste filling his mouth. Looking around, he figured out that he was on the east side of the mountain, about halfway to the bottom. No problem. He'd have a quick snack here and then continue on his way. As he ate, he kept the two humans down the trail in his peripheral vision, just to be safe. For the most part, he didn't mind humans. Most of the time they were afraid of him and left him be. He was fine either way. Sometimes he didn't mind a little attention.

Lysbeth Dwyer
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