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June 23 – Howdy, folks! Just wanted to pop in here and let everyone know that we will have a super fun IC event coming up in July. :D If anyone remembers the Summer Sun Celebration from last year, we'll be doing that again — only with some incentive in the form of rewards~!


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 Here for the Party, Closed for Solow~
Adam Samak
 Posted: 6/11/17, 08:07 pm
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Pokémon Trainer

Primrose town was boring. Adam hated boring. Adam worked as a bartender at the hottest nightclub in Ironwood City for a reason. He loved attention, he loved the press of a crowd and the chatter of people all around him. Primrose town was quiet, small and the biggest thing people got stirred up over was a flower being out of place. And yes, maybe he was exaggerating some (or a lot) but Primrose was still everything Adam hated. He was only there to see if he could train some of his pokemon or add a couple new ones to his team for the gym.

But he'd spent the majority of the day yesterday out in the woods and today he'd decided to stay in town.

He also decided to stir things up a bit.

It took a bit of legwork but he'd managed to track down everything he'd need. He found a spot in a park near where he was staying that happened to also be close to a store where he could run in and pick up a few things without needing to pack up all his stuff, commandeered a picnic table to serve as a temporary 'bar' and started setting up. He drew several curious looks as he lined up several glass bottles filled with an assortment of fruit juices, lemonade and water He had a bowl of chilled fresh fruit and berries, a cooler full of ice, throw away cups and various things he'd need to make a few mixed drinks.

He started off simple for the first couple of people; a few simple bar tricks with the cups and bottles a toss here a flip there. But as he started to draw more attention, he got more involved in his routine, doing more complex tricks to up the excitement for his audience. He got a few disapproving looks from some people until he flashed them his most charming of smiles and told them to look under the table. They did and most were surprised (and embarrassed) to find that everything he had was non-alcoholic and family friendly.

When he happened to glance up at one point and notice a redhead with a camera taking pictures, he flashed her a smile and went back to what he was doing. He did this often enough in Ironwood that having people take his picture or record him as he worked was nothing new. He was pretty sure he could find videos of himself practicing in the park or working at the club on Youtube if he bothered to look hard enough to find them. He finished with the drink he was mixing to applause and a few tips before politely excusing himself to take a short break. He assured the onlookers who'd been clamoring to have him mix them something cold to drink that he'd get to them once he'd had a bite to eat and something cold to drink for himself.

Noticing that the girl with the camera was still there, he waved her over even as he settled down to eat the lunch he'd brought with him and drink a bottle of water. "Hey there, come on over. Have a bottle of water." He offered, pulling a second bottled water from the cooler and setting it on the table. If she joined him, it was hers. If not he'd put it back and drink it later.

Solow Liah
For an idea of what Adam's up to he's doing stuff like this only in a park and with all non-alcoholic ingredients xD
Lianaly Fox
 Posted: 6/22/17, 06:58 pm
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Pokémon Trainer

Lianaly hummed to herself quietly, taking the large bristle brush off of the white marble sink to run through her bright blue hair. She carefully brushed back her shoulder length waves, moving them to sit in somewhat fashionable curls. Until her hair was correctly brushed back, she set the brush down and took her damp rag to her lips, wiping off her white lipstick. What the 17 year old was doing currently is getting herself ready to face the day, but instead of going out and starting her journey out in her normal get up, she was going to be wearing her favorite men’s outfit. It wasn’t particularly hard to appear male, she picked at her stubborn patch of spikes that still fell into her face, the girl was quite androgynous.

She didn’t have large breasts, didn’t want them either, so she could hide her chest under shirts without the use of bindings. She was very curvy at the hips, which were wide set and will built, but they’re also very muscular. Her legs were long and strong, easily possible as either gender, and her arms were noticeably defined. Years of putting her body through routine workouts and eating a hard diet have made her body strong and her health amazing. The young woman gazed at herself in the full body mirror, silently admiring her own beauty with a smile. She very much liked her body, and loving the body she had made her feel amazing, sickness or not.

Next she threw on a black collared shirt, and a pair of black slacks. A light blue vest over her shirt with silver buttons was one of her favorite pieces of this particular outfit and calf high cyan and white boots that she tucked her pant’s legs into. Looking in the mirror one last time, the pink eyed girl grinned brightly. She wasn’t vain, she swore it, but she knew that she made a very pretty, if not handsome male. Her natural height of 5’10 added to the image, as did her lack of baby fat on her face.

”Could you stop admiring yourself in the mirror and get down here? You food is going to be cold if you keep this up!” A deep male voice rang out from elsewhere in her house. Lianaly giggled quietly and did as her father ordered, immediately meeting two small bodies waiting outside the door. The grumpy water type’s face lit up when he saw her finally come out, a large smile that didn’t show how much of an ass he really was. With a cry, the pokemon launched himself into his lady’s arms,

”Oh my Lady! You’ve been gone from my sight far too long!” he said, then noticed exactly how she was dressed, ”Ah, dressed to impress as always, you truly are beautiful no matter what strange getup you wear!” Lianaly simply grinned at his cries, she may not understand him, but his exaggerated body language and tone of voice said it all. Instead of saying anything, the girl pecked him on the forehead and reached out for the little yellow pokemon that had silently walked up to her leg, hugging it. Nukki quickly joined Fossegrim in his mistress arms, earning a small glare from the possessive popplio.

The alpha male didn’t approve of his Lady taking the little Pikachu in, even if he was a gift from her father. No, he much rather the other pokemon be lost in transition, but knew that Lianaly had already gotten attached to the little bugger. On the other hand, Nukki didn’t really acknowledged Fossegrim’s hostility, he took it calmly and allowed the older pokemon to snipe at him as much as he wants.

Lianaly giggled again, hugging her two partners close and finally making her way into the dining area of her large house. There, already reading a paper at the table, was her father waiting. His red eyes snapped up and took in Lianaly, then he raised a fine blackish blue brow in question. ”I wanted to start my first official day as a trainer in my favorite alternate! I’ll be sure to switch often, so don’t worry about me trying to pass as a guy that much, K?” she answered in a chipper voice, pulling the chair back to sit at the table. She set Grim and Nukki down on the table next to two bowls of pokefood, and grinned widely at her own mini-feast. ”Going all out today aren’t you?

Her father brushed his long bangs aside and regarded her coolly, ”Should I have left you to starve then? I prefer that you have enough energy to make it through the day.” Lianaly just smiled and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

”I appreciate it.”

After eating breakfast, threw on her jacket and grabbed her bags, biding her father goodbye as she finally faced the outside world. Perhaps a little overdramatic, but this is the first time she left with no intention to come back any time soon. Who knows how long she’d be gone, months, years? So she made sure to pack to survive and give her father a extra long hug.

She walked down the sidewalks of Primrose whimsically, holding Grim in her arms as she thought quietly to herself. I can’t believe I’m actually going to leave this town. I’ve been here for soooo long… and after today, I won’t see this place again for who knows how long. I’ll get to see new people, new pokemon, and get to experience all sorts of new things she could only dream about!

This is going to be soooo awesome! I get to actually be a real trainer! I can go and catch all the pokemon I can hug and cuddle to the ends of earth!
she chuckled loudly, huddling the smug popplio closer to her chest. Nukki followed closely behind Lianaly, shyly glancing around the town and its people as they walked by. As they walked into one of the parks, the something caught the pikachu’s eye and he turned to pull on his daydreaming Mistress’s pants leg.

Said girl glanced down at her partner curiously, ”What’s up?” Nukki pointed to where a crowd of people had start gathering in the park, watching something that the pokemon couldn’t clearly see from his short stature. The teenaged turned and let Grim crawl up to her shoulder, tilting her head at the commotion. ”Well I don’t hear battling, so what could be happening over there. Well, might as well go see! With a small grin, she shoved her hands into her pants pockets and strides over to the event confidently. Once she reached the crowd, she slowly maneuvered until she had a clear view of the center of the commotion.

Lianaly raise a brow in the same fashion her father does, looking at a man standing at a table. He was handing all sorts of drinks and containers, flipping them with a flair that seemed entirely unnecessary. But hey, it looks really cool, that's the important thing here. The girl grinned and shifted into a more comfortable stance, cause she might be watching this for a while. Nukki climbed up to her unoccupied shoulder to watch the man’s show, his small black eyes trained intently on the bottles. Grim himself was quite impressed, but noticing his Lady’s own fascination with the act made him scowl. He was sure he could put on a better show with her lovely bubbles and singing abilities, but he knew that his lady didn’t like him showing off his brilliance at random times. So he settled on just grumpily watching from his roost, snorting a small bubble ever once in awhile.

Deciding to step in closer, the disguised woman clapped loudly when the man finished his show. ”Bravo! Excellent display of skills!” she said, speaking in a clear, deep voice. Her voice was naturally deep, so turning it to have a slight rasp to make it more masculine was an easy task. Seeing that he was sticking around to serve drinks and take tips, she decided that she should probably get on the move before she wasted too much time in town, but then she noticed that Nukki was still watching him unblinking, focused entirely on the man. The girl brought her hand up to his head to scratch lightly, deciding that she could use a cold drink anyways.

The girl approached the man when she had the opportunely to do so. Hoping to meet his eyes with a grin, the girl wait patiently for him to notice her before asking her question. “Hey there, just came over to say that I’ve never seen anyone mix drinks as stylishly as you do. It had flair in all the right ways and just held my attention the second I laid eyes on it.” She also took the time to actually look at the man, since she was far to entranced by his act to really notice his features. Nukki openly stared at the man with great interest, but if he would meet his eyes, the shy pokemon would instead bury his face into Lianaly’s curly hair. Grim on the other hand simply smiled at the man, one of his normal “I don’t care about you but I need to be nice” smiles.

If Nukki had hid in her hair, she'd simply chuckled and scratched the side of his head lovingly. “Nukki here was especially entranced by your performance. I’d never seen him so interested in anything before. You must be a special man.”
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