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Paradise > Potpourri Harbor > Dine and Dash?!

Posted by: Maisie Kingsley 1/12/18, 08:26 am
Click, click, click.

Slender legs adorned with tall heels paused beside the weathered sea wall. The other side, a drop to the deep green depths, leading out onto the expanse of salt water. The city and its towering concrete crept round, curving into vision and slicing into the empty water. The view was stunning and invigorating, postcard-worthy. But the candy-haired teen's eyes were not taking in the crisp palette of blue that the sky was painted in that early afternoon, nor the cute mismatch of coloured boats that bobbed lazily upon the sweeping of the waves. Nope. In her hand was her phone, and right now, it was her sole existence.

The pixels that stared back at her were currently displaying a photo. It was herself, looking happy and carefree, a small pokémon beside her. Above it was a logo-esque banner that read "craisie maisie" in a style that mimicked the neon sign of a bar. The photo looked like a sweet picture, but closer inspection would show that everything was where it had to be, and the girl had made sure of that. Not a hair was out of place unless it was cute enough to pass for a 'tousled look', her smile was perfected, happy but not so happy that it wasn't pretty anymore. Her thumb, nail painted baby blue, scrolled down to the comment section.

'omg this is adorable!' - '2cute4me' - 'seriously, so jealous', and so on. A small smile was tugged onto the red lips of the teen. A sudden alarm chimed and a new window blocked her view.

13 unread messages.

They were all from her parents. It's not like anyone else ever texted her. A hiss-like sigh escaped from her clamped teeth and the phone went away, back into the pocket of a cropped jacket. Still not realising the picturesque view before her, she looked down to the pokémon at her feet. The small vulpine creature was the colour of rust, with darker socks and a matching spot on her nose. Her beauty mark, as Maisie called it. The girl flashed a wide smile to her companion.

"Kiki~" she cooed, enjoying the way the vulpix looked up at her in full attention. Maisie knew pokémon were smart, but she hadn't expected the small creature to learn her name in a matter of days.

"I'm kinda super hungry," the girl continued. "D'you wanna find somewhere to eat?"

The small creature mewled in reply, all four tails flashing and bristling with an excitement she was unable to hide. Maisie liked the way her fluffy tails looked, but she had read on pokémon care forums that Kiki would eventually grow six as she got older. The girl wasn't sure how she felt about that, admittedly. She had never seen a vulpix's tails grow before and the thought made her feel a little squeamish. Nevertheless, she couldn't deny that it was pretty amazing.

The girl made her way towards the seafront shops, companion tailing behind with large ears swiveling cautiously between the crowds of people and the screeches of the seabirds. Nearby, an elegant-looking restaurant decorated with plants and white lights called out to her. The two entered and were gifted a window seat with cheerful tealights flickering away. Maisie promptly ordered an expensive selection platter of food for them to share. The pink-haired girl wasn't sure if pokémon were even allowed in a place as seemingly classy as this, but as long as no one said anything, she couldn't really care.

In fact, she hadn't a care in the world until, upon seeing the bill, she reached for her purse. It may as well have let out a deflating sigh of defeat upon opening. With recently purchasing a pokémon from a reputable breeder, then purchasing a cruise to the Eden region and staying in a hotel for the first night of arrival, it was safe to say that most of the money Maisie had ever saved from both her café job in Castelia City and her blog earnings had floated away into someone else's pockets. Maisie swallowed nervously, running her fingers across the side of her neck as her body heated up in both embarrassment and panic. She had never been in this situation before, and her parents' number one lesson had always been to pay your own way in life.

"You've basically just, like... stolen something?!" Her conscience screamed. "You can't go to jail, girl. You got a blog to run!"

The eyes of the waiter were beginning to narrow. He was on to her. Maisie began to slump into her chair. She toyed with a strand of candyfloss hair, making sure to flash the silver ring on her finger. If he thought she looked wealthy, she could probably make up some kind of excuse. Her mind started to race between a million different reasons to get up and leave. Forgotten purse? No, it was in her hand. Emergency phone call? Maybe... Please mom or dad, ring me now! From across the table, Kiki was staring at her with an inquisitive, innocent face, head tilted.

"And she definitely can't go to jail! Look at that precious face. Look at what you've done. Actually, can pokémon go to jail? I'm not so sure..." Her conscience went on like this for some time.

"Miss? Is everything alright?" The waiter asked as politely as he could, but his eyes betrayed that he was what Maisie would describe as 'done with life'. Maisie's lips, painted a striking red, parted but no words would come out.

((My first post, and I have no idea where this is going! But I'm open to literally anyone to join in and anything to happen!))

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