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 (!) A Frosty Afternoon, Seeking: Houndour
Lex Montgomery
 Posted: 2/9/18, 06:42 pm
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Nerri blinked a few times before looking up at Lex. When his tail began to wag, Lex knew he was going to be okay. That tail rarely ever stopped wagging. A grin spread over Lex's faces and he leaned in close, snuggling the Rockruff up to his face. "Good job, buddy. Quick thinking, too. Let's catch this stubborn little pup and get him healed up." he said, and gently let the Rockruff back down on the ground. The pup gave a shake from head to tail, clearly feeling better now.

Lex glanced up to see the Houndour collapsed in the light snow. His heart ached. He really hadn't meant for things to get so crazy. His vision of how this particular encounter went involved a cold, starving pup that needed help and Lex was the hero. In this instance, he appeared to be the villain. With a frown, he stepped over towards the black pup and pulled a pokéball off his belt. He tossed it into the air and caught it a few times as he walked over. Once he was close enough, he knelt down to his knees.

"Sorry little man. I hadn't meant for it to go this way." he said, and the stinging of his forearm reminded him that he needed to seek medical attention soon. At the very least, he needed to give his bite wounds a good flush and bandage. With a sigh, he tossed the pokéball forward. It landed with a soft thud directly on the Houndour's back. If the pup stayed in the ball, Lex would hurry to the nearest Pokémon Center and get them both healed back up. He also vowed to show this stubborn little dog that he really does mean well, and that despite his confusing occupation, he really is a good guy.

Lex threw a pokéball!

Nox Korrik
Wild Pokémon
 Posted: 2/11/18, 02:20 pm
3432 posts

Wild Houndour was caught
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