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 (!) cast in iron pt 2
Verity Sloane
 Posted: 6/17/17, 07:28 pm
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Verity blinked once as the houndour breathed up some murky smoke, squinting as the purple smog went right into Amethyst's gaping jaws. After all, with the monster's mouth open wide and gaping, saliva hanging from teeth, it was hard to miss. The aerodactyl screeched and stepped backwards, tail lashing and nearly striking Verity herself. The woman frowned; she needed to teach him better self-control. Power was nothing if she didn't hold the reins.

"You will feel better when your job is done." She commanded coldly, only able to guess at the creature's condition. He was big enough that she assumed he could outlast the creature. "Use ancient power." The aerodactyl glared down at the dog, claws scratching against the pavement. He wanted to grab her in his claws or his teeth, dash her against the ground with his tail, but he knew better than to disobey. A rippling, gravely cry broke from his throat and didn't quite make it to his tongue, large stones appearing around the monster, levitated by a purple energy before they were tossed one after the other towards the houndour.

Verity watched, quiet. That should be enough to weaken it, but she wasn't certain. Even with her quiet attempts at practice, she had to admit that she was still new to this.

[Nox Korrik]
Wild Pokémon
 Posted: Today at 04:51 pm
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Houndour did not like the way this beast was looking at her. It looked like it wanted to eat her and she was very much not used to being looked at like prey. She took a fearful pawstep backward but refused to allow her resolve to waver now. If she ran she would look like a coward and she was not a coward. Instead she decided to go for it and rushed forward, jaws gaping as she intended to bite the creature. She didn't even stop to look at the rock that began to float in the air around her opponent.

She didn't have time to dodge and the rocks smashed into her her, sending pain throughout her entire body. She collapsed to the ground, panting and in pain. She tried to stand, to continue to fight back, but her energy was spent. If the trainer wanted to defeat her it would be easy. One more hit and she'd likely be out of the fight for good. But maybe the human would keep her promise and help her find a trainer so she could get stronger. All she could do for now was wait and see...

Verity Sloane

(Much apologies for the delay. <3)
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