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Posted by: Paradise 11/23/17, 12:27 pm

gym leader & eden elite openings

Howdy, folks! As a result of the most recent activity sweep, we have several important roles open on the site. In an effort to get them filled quickly and get the league dynamics rolling again, we’ll be holding auditions for all four all at once, and each position will have the same deadline — December 16 at 11:59 pm CST January 22, 2018 at 11:59 pm CST. That’ll give everyone a little over three weeks to work on their auditions and get them sent in. Before we proceed to that part, though, I want to cover a few points!

First and foremost, please only audition for a gym leader or Eden Elite position if you are certain you can handle the responsibility. These are positions that benefit from being filled by active players who are committed to the site. It helps challenges move smoothly and generally makes Paradise itself look more active overall. Although you don’t have to be online absolutely every day, we do need players who are able to post more than once a week. In the past I’ve been pretty lax on monitoring gym leader and elite activity, but going forward I want to try to be more serious about this — in the interest of keeping Paradise a bustling, growing community~

Secondly, feel free to audition with an existing character or come up with an entirely new one. If you are auditioning with a new character, simply make a new account and send the audition in from there. If your character isn’t chosen, the account can be discarded — or you can just rework it for use outside the league if you want!

Also, players are 100% allowed to audition for more than one role. However, please note that the same player will not be chosen for more than one position. For example, you could try out for all four if you choose to (to play the odds, so to speak lol), but you can only be selected for one spot.

Below you will find outlines for each position as well as an audition form. Please send all applications to the main admin account. If you have any questions, please direct them there as well. Good luck to everyone trying out for a spot~!

position outlines

Hibiscus Gym Leader
• Favors water, ice, and flying-type pokémon
• Works in pokémon conservation and rehabilitation
• Has worked at the gym/rehabilitation center for some time
• Became gym leader after the previous leader stepped down
• Age, gender, appearance, personality, and background up to the player

Plumeria Gym Leader
• Favors grass, rock, and bug-type pokémon
• Archaeologist specializing in ancient pokémon/their relationship with early humans
• Has been stationed at the Jungle Ruins excavation site for some time
• Chosen after the previous leader transferred to another region for research
• Age, gender, appearance, personality, and background up to the player

Position currently pending

Ground-Type Eden Elite
• Favors ground-type pokémon
• Age, gender, appearance, personality, and background up to the player

Poison-Type Eden Elite
• Favors poison-type pokémon
• Age, gender, appearance, personality, and background up to the player

Note: Since neither of the former Eden Elite characters actually saw play in their respective roles, we will be effectively ret-conning them — i.e., playing it as if they never held these positions. Please feel free to assume that your character has been an Eden Elite for several years.

Audition Form

Face claim:

Posted by: Paradise 12/25/17, 10:32 am
Dropping in here with an update~!

First off, the position of Plumeria Gym Leader has been filled, pending the applicant’s response to the acceptance message. Thus, the new leader should be announced soon!

Secondly, the application deadlines for the Hibiscus Gym Leader, Poison-type Elite, and Ground-type Elite have all been extended to January 22, 2018 at 11:59 PM CST. These positions didn’t receive any applications the first go-around (honestly, it’s likely because a lot of our current, active players already hold a position on-site 8D;;), but I’m hopeful that there are some newer members (or prospective members!) out there willing and able to step up to the plate!

Posted by: Paradise 12/30/17, 10:03 am
Update: Lysbeth Dwyer has been selected for the new Plumeria Gym Leader! Congratulations to her player, Sophie!

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