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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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March 18 – Hey, everybody! We've still got one more Eden Elite position to fill at the moment. If you think you'd be interested in playing our poison-type specialist, check out this thread for more information!


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 Marris Duvall, Actress and Pokemon Trainer
Marris Duvall
 Posted: 3/9/18, 10:15 am
18 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Twenty Four Female Retired Actress and Pokemon Trainer

Average in height and muscular in build, Marris is nothing particularly striking at first glance. Growing up in a pokemon breeder family did assist in the maintenance and development of her muscular frame. In particular her legs are well shaped; arms a bit on the thin side but not unnecessarily so. Physically there really isn’t much striking about her shape that is out of the ordinary.

Her chin is a bit square, with shapely cheeks and a nose that is broad but suitable to the shape of her face and fits well with her wide mouth and it’s thin lips. Her smile is her most striking feature and is quite large even for her face, wide and brightening to her dark brown eyes that crinkled at the corners when in such an expression. Large, dark brown eyes are haloed by thick lashes and dark brows.

Marris inherited her hair coloring from her mother; a deep burnished blonde, dark at the roots and listening as it goes down to a soft hue of blonde at the tips. She keeps it mostly down in loose curls.

As far as clothing goes, Marris is fashionable and yet practical; form-fitting pants and a comfortable shirt with sneakers are her usual outfit, with a belt around her waist that holds the small back in which she maintains her pokeballs and another spot that keeps her cellphone. A backpack holds most of her other belongings, though the majority of what she has are clothes and she otherwise prefers to keep it minimal. She often wears bright colors or patterns, hats on occasion and has a dress or two she keeps for special occasions.
Bright, but fickle and selfish, Marris is two different sides of the same coin. While she is extroverted and amiable on the outset, inwardly her favor and interests change as easily as the minutes pass on a clock. Today she might like tea, tomorrow she might prefer coffee- her mind is always seeking a new story and she spends any free moment she is able daydreaming. It’s difficult to tell which direction the winds of her mind may have blown her that day, and she has no regard for how she and her actions affect those around her. Her mood is much the same, quickly changing and she is easily described as ‘extra’- no reaction is ever too excessive or extreme. But even with how flighty she is, Marris has an easy manner of self and is deceptively charming, with a natural inclination to be liked by most everyone she come across.

She does not make for a very dependable or reliable friend though he certainly means well, and due to her capricious nature she is certainly not one to hold a grudge and can be very forgiving. Though it is clear she means well, she is the characteristic ‘flake’ and lacks the empathy to realize when she’s been irritating or rude- especially when she’s lost interest in a person or conversation and simply walks away. Or she may just ask you to ‘please stop, you’re boring me’. Filters have no place in her life and honesty she is sure is the best policy.

Marris can also be incredibly stubborn and her sudden decision at times border moronic even for as clever as she can be. She’ll never turn down a dare or a challenge, and delves into everything with aggressive determination. Though... usually that only lasts for so long before she changes her mind or grows bored. She prefers a revolving door of new and exciting people and experiences over settling in a group of friends and a particular kind of life; hence her earlier time in life as an actress and then giving it up to pursue the life of a trainer. The constant newness, changing, and learning fit her personality well enough.

Born to Pokemon Breeder parents in Azalea Town, Marris was the second oldest of four girls. She grew up comfortably regular, learning about pokemon from her parents and enjoying the serene quiet and comforts of the small town she called home. Marris took to being a ‘middle’ child with zeal, though her family didn’t necessarily treat their children any differently; each of the children were a year behind their predecessor- So when Marris was 10, her sister Veronica was 11, Beth 9, and Kitty 8. She got along well with most of her sisters, in particular Veronica who was always the charge of the foursome and their unwavering leader. Her childhood shaped

Her parents, Mirna and Patton, each specialized in a different type- her mother particularly bred Psychic type pokemon while her father had an affinity for Fighting. And of course there were bug types between them; being from Azalea Town such things were expected. Veronica and eventually Beth followed in their parents footsteps to become Breeders; but Marris was determined to find herself something greater for herself and seek adventure and excitement. She’d always been the dreamer of her siblings; the other three much preferring the quiet life they were accustomed to. At sixteen she was gifted Lumi for her birthday, and though she never bothered to train for battle the Larvitar quickly became her closest and most beloved of companions.

She moved to Goldenrod City at 18 to pursue a career at first in radio, taking up acting classes on her free time and eventually moved on to the silver screen. Though never a blockbuster A-list actress, Marris played supporting roles in a fair share of movies and had a few appearances on a TV show or two by the time she was 23. Growing bored with the lifestyle, she decided it was time for a change and promptly fired her manager and withdrew herself from her career, returning home to the quiet of Azalea Town to decide what was next. With some discussion and encouragement from her eldest sister and mother, acquired Pip and Boris from her parents and set off for the Eden region. And so now here she is, to harass and delight the poor folks that inhabit this new place.
Important Notes:

Birthday: November 21st
Current Residence:: A loft apartment in Primrose Town

Favorite Belongings
  • A floral/pokemon backpack
  • Cellphone
  • Assortment of Apricorn Pokeballs, from home
  • A keychain with assorted mementos from places she's visited
  • A red, wide-brimmed fashionable hat
  • A Map of Eden
  • Her Bike

Favorite Pokemon Types:
Ground, Fighting, Psychic

Likes: Purple and Blue, Books, Good Stories, Fashion, Attention, The Beach, Pokemon Battles, Cherry-flavored Candy, Finger Foods, Jokes, Her Pokemon, Friendly People, Sunshine, Expensive Food, Red Wine, Puzzles, Intelligent Conversation, Meeting New People, Exploring, New Places, A Good Challenge

Dislikes: Red and Orange, Ghost-Type Pokemon, Rude People, Practical Jokes, Chocolate and most desserts, Abusive Trainers, Cocky Men, Rain, Thunder, Monkey-like Pokemon, Pain, Whiskey and Tequila, Being Embarrassed, Being Ignored, Dumb People, Being Bored, Monotone voices, Children

Worst Fears:
Ghosts, Death, Thunder, Heights, Being Ugly and Growing Old, Ariados'

  • To Receive All Five Eden Badges
  • Defeat the Elite Four
  • Become a Gym Trainer
  • Possibly Become a Gym Leader

Social Notes




Love Interests:

made by gimmick on gs

**Please note: I am generally not active on Saturday/Sunday**
Marris Duvall
 Posted: 3/9/18, 10:32 am
18 posts
Pokémon Trainer

pokémon team

larvitar female guts
Pronounced: Loo-me
Nature: Adamant
Pokeball: Heavy Ball
Speech: 97D393

An obstinate and grumpy thing, Lumi is very impatient and stoic. The little Larvitar is fiercely loyal and the undisputed 'mother' of the team, though easily exasperated by her trainer and teammates. Her love for them however is unwavering, and it is very clear that she aims to protect them and be sure they are safe above all else.

Moves: Bite | Leer | Sandstorm | Screech | Scary Face | Payback

MTM: Iron Defense TM: Attract

spoink male own tempo
Nature: Relaxed
Pokeball: Regular Pokeball, with a purple swirl painted on the top
Speech: C27FC6

The calm of the storm, Pip is very zen and relaxed. Easily made happy and not the most robust fighter, Pip is definitely the quiet and ponder-some of the group. He is also incredibly relaxed and generally pleasant to be around.

Moves: Splash | Psywave | Odor Sleuth | Psych Up | Confuse Ray | Magic Coat | Rest | Snore | Payback

MTM: Sleep Talk TM: Heal Bell

machop male no guard
Nature: Hasty
Pokeball: Love Ball
Speech: 7AA3B0

Spastic and hard-headed, Boris is a wiley and energetic pokemon. Boris is also the youngest and most spirited, and lacks a sense of direction or self control. He can be at times difficult to control and is excitable to the point of excess. He is a strong pokemon, but often far too hasty- but well meaning and quick to be embarassed when he is corrected.

Moves: Leer | Low Kick | Focus Energy | Karate Chop | Seismic Toss | Revenge | Dual Chop | Bulk Up | Foresight

MTM: N/A TM: Work Up

**Please note: I am generally not active on Saturday/Sunday**
Marris Duvall
 Posted: 3/13/18, 03:08 pm
18 posts
Pokémon Trainer


**Please note: I am generally not active on Saturday/Sunday**
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