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Posted by: Paradise 9/9/15, 10:10 pm

open threads listing

You know what to do, folks! There are really no guidelines here, except that you should provide a link to the thread so that other players don’t have to go searching through the forum. Otherwise, just do your thing!

In the interest of keeping this place clean and easy to navigate, please remember to edit your post here once you no longer need a partner for a thread. Even if you don’t, I’ll be cleaning up periodically, but it would certainly help out~

Note: Players may also list their unclaimed wild encounters here so that volunteers will be more likely to see them if the thread gets bumped off the main page. If no one has claimed your thread by 4 hours, feel free to post a notice here. As with normal RP threads, remember to provide a link!

Posted by: Lisbeth Dwyer 11/8/17, 09:06 am
I have a new if anyone is interested in taking it up ^_^

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