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 Top 10 Pokémon!
Tristan Hawx
 Posted: 2/6/18, 01:16 pm
17 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Hey everyone!

I figured this would be a fun thread idea but basically reply to this thread with your top 10 Pokémon of all time. This can be legendaries/megas and from any generation! It'll be interesting to see everyone's favourites! It doesn't have to be in any order but if you do want it in order, number 1 for favourite and 10 for least. :)

My top 10 (only first 3 are in order):

1) Milotic.
2) Yveltal.
3) Lycanroc-dusk.
4) Rapidash.
5) Lucario.
6) Umbreon.
7) Houndoom (favourite mega too).
8) Rayquaza.
9) Arcanine.
10) Tyranitar.

Special mention: Glaceon.

There's my top 10, or the ones I can think of at least... XD
Nox Korrik
 Posted: 2/6/18, 01:34 pm
262 posts
Pokémon Ranger

My top ten is....I dunno. Weird I guess? xD

1. Absol
2. Charizard
3. Rockruff/Lycanroc (all)
4. Eevee and Eeveelutions
5. Vulpix/Ninetails (Both Variants)
6. Togedemaru
7. Mew
8. Shiny Dragonair
9. Dedenne
10. Litleo (first shiny I ever caught in-game)
Aria Wolfe
 Posted: 2/7/18, 11:05 am
217 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Haha this is a cool idea! Are we talking top 10 for use in battles? or top 10 cutest?? Because mine might be different, lol. :D Let's see...

1. Pikachu (Duh, obvious reasons. Plus Pokémon Yellow was the first game I ever played.)
2. Cubone (He's adorable, and his sad story makes me want to give him all the love.)
3. Mew (Also for nostalgic reasons, the Pokémon First Movie. And it's adorable.)
4. Bulbasaur (Preferred starter in the first generation games.)
5. Dartrix (Because of his emo hair/feathers and his giggles when you pet him in game.)
6. Rockruff (Because pupper! And cool evolutions.)
7. Zangoose (No idea why, just always thought he was super cool looking.)
8. Talonflame (Because cool fire bird.)
9. Golduck (Was always in my team of 6 for his variety of move types, just kinda like him.)
10. Camerupt (Because of his adorable derpy face!!)

How's that? lol...
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Harold Hobbs
 Posted: 2/7/18, 04:24 pm
6 posts
Pokémon Trainer

And I will give my two cents into this little top 10. Most of them are either cute as heck or murderous in one way or another. I wonder why...

1.Diancie (Never owned one, just adorable and destructive.)
2. Blissey (Pink Health pool of doom and heals)
3. Genesect (Kabutops with a canon...just yes.)
4. Kabutops (Blades for hands, just blades for hands)
5. Bewear (Cute fighting machine, kills with hugs.)
6. Hitmonlee (Just looks rad with his design and eyes)
7. Deoxys (Love his design and ability to transform.)
8. Furret (Just a cute little Pokemon, wanted one as a scarf when little.)
9. Beedrill. (Cannot go wrong with the original Bee.)
10. Vespiqueen (And you can never go wrong with the queen bee as well.)
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