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 Lending a Hand, Aria rushes to help!
Aria Wolfe
 Posted: 7/12/17, 08:48 pm
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Pokémon Trainer

The sting from Vex's words hung tightly on her heart. He was right, she should be apologizing. This was neither her place nor her business. Who did she think she was? Ugh, it wasn't that she thought she had a right, she just... she was exhausted. Her muscles ached. Her head ached. All she wanted to do was go home, and here they were in a stupid altercation about smoking. She felt herself tearing up, so she quickly blinked back the tears and cleared her throat. Make this right so we can get home, she told herself.

Before she could get the apology out, Minwoo stammered out an apology instead. What? Why is he apologizing? Sure, he's still in uniform but it's not like he's ignoring his duties or anything. You're right, I shouldn't be smoking, he said. In all honesty, Aria felt just the teeniest bit of victory hearing that sentence, and fought back the urge to shoot Vex a glare. She had already caused enough trouble for one day, she didn't need to piss off the only friend she had. Instead, she gave Minwoo a nod. "No, I should apologize too." she offered.

"Look, it's been a very chaotic day, and I have since crashed from the adrenaline rush and am now... tired. Exhausted." she explained, leaning her back against the vehicle and closing her eyes. They felt so heavy she might even be able to pass out standing up right here right now. Instead, she let out a deep sigh and looked back at Minwoo. "Let's just focus on getting things finished here so we can go home, deal?" she asked, forcing a smile even if it was a weak one. At that point she turned her head to look at Vex, hoping he agreed but also offering an apologetic look since he had now seen a not-so-good side of her.

The three of them stood in silence for a moment, and even though Aria hated the cigarette between Minwoo's fingers, she hoped he finished it. Again, it was not her place, no matter how bad she knew it was. A little overwhelmed, she stepped away from the vehicle and turned to walk back to the triage station. Maybe it was rude to leave without saying anything, but they'd be joining up again once everything was ready anyway. She needed a minute to cool off, and her and Minwoo had said their apologies already and that was enough. She gave Minwoo an apologetic look as well before walking off.

Minwoo Yoon | Vexel Mitore
(I know this is short but I wanted to leave it open for you both, either to stop her from leaving or to bitch about her after she's gone xD Any ideas where we should go from here?)
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Vexel Mitore
 Posted: 8/6/17, 07:10 pm
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After speaking initially, Vex remained silent. Too tired and hurt to be invested in a petty argument. At least Aria and Minwoo were both apologizing. When Minwoo looked his way, Vex gave a small shrug. "Not my life, not my business." Did he think smoking while in uniform was a good idea? No. And he didn't particularly care for smoking in general but if someone wanted to do it he wasn't going to jump all over them about it. As he'd said; not his life, not his business. As long as anyone who wanted to smoke around him was respectful about it and not like...deliberately blowing smoke in his face, he wasn't going to have an issue with them.

At Aria's apologetic look, he offered her a tired smile and a nod. He understood. She didn't like smoking and emotions were running high. He was willing to let the situation go and just focus on getting back into town. But when Aria turned to walk away, he frowned. Wasn't she going to join them? He stepped away from the ambulance to follow her but a wave of dizziness and nausea stopped him in his tracks and he had to brace himself against the vehicle to stop himself from falling on his face.

Aria Wolfe Minwoo Yoon
Now it's my turn to apologize for the delay (and the short post). Do we want to just end this here (or with a post from you guys to tidy up and lose ends, lol) and open it up for Minwoo to meet up with Vex and Aria at some later time? =)

Also, Vex has a concussion and delayed dizziness and nausea are symptoms of that so that's what I was going for here, lol.
Minwoo Yoon
 Posted: 10/12/17, 07:21 am
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Pokémon Trainer

((OOC: I sincerely thought I made this post already, but clearly I haven't so here it is. I hope it's good enough because I don't quite remember what I planned for this post.))

That apology seemed to have cooled down Aria a little, enough for her to look past his smoking for the moment and move on to what was more urgent. She even managed a weak smile, but it was clear that the whole incident had severely dampened her mood. She excused herself for a moment, but not before glancing at Minwoo. The paramedic averted his gaze. This whole conflict had occurred because of him, and he still couldn't muster the courage to look her in the eye just yet, much less stop her.

Silently he hoped that Vexel would do something, and he did, stepping forward to go after her. But he lost his balance almost immediately, and instinctively Minwoo dropped his cigarette and moved in to hold him steady. His colleague had returned, and was running towards them now. Minwoo pointed at Lisa with his chin, reminding his colleague that she was supposed to come with them. "Miss!" the other paramedic called without slowing down. "We're heading back to the hospital now."

As Sarang opened the ambulance's back doors, Minwoo helped Vexel into the vehicle, just as his colleague opened the driver's door. "I'll drive," Minwoo declared flatly, his tone clearly indicating that there was no room for discussion. With a perplexed shrug, his colleague tossed the keys over to him, and he moved over to the front of the ambulance from the other side to avoid walking past Aria.

Once everyone was seated, Minwoo turned the ignition key. The engine roared to life, mercifully breaking the awkward silence. Shifting into reverse gear, he glanced up at the rearview mirror and caught sight of Aria, and immediately he felt a lump in his throat. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to focus on driving, looking away and putting his eyes back on the road again. Shifting back into forward gear, he stepped on the gas pedal and turned the steering wheel, bringing them back to the main road.

The hospital at Hinoki Village was pretty close by, but the drive never felt longer to Minwoo.

[Aria Wolfe, Vexel Mitore]
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