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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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June 23 – Howdy, folks! Just wanted to pop in here and let everyone know that we will have a super fun IC event coming up in July. :D If anyone remembers the Summer Sun Celebration from last year, we'll be doing that again — only with some incentive in the form of rewards~!


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 (!) Beautiful Day for a Hike, Seeking: Fletchling
Dakota Gilbert
 Posted: 6/9/17, 11:03 am
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Pokémon Trainer

The sun had just barely risen, the breeze was cool, and the air smelled like dirt, mud, and pine. This was her ideal hiking place, and she was beyond pumped to have found it here in Eden. The mountains were gorgeous, stretching up high into the sky, their bold brown peaks cutting into the deep blue and contrasting beautifully. She had just finished putting her hair up in a tight ponytail and slipping her headband over her forehead. Her backpack that normally carried all of her belongings had been shrunk down to just her first aid kit, extra water bottles, and a packed lunch. She adjusted the straps on her shoulders before taking that first step onto the trails.

What a day! she thought to herself, glad to be out in nature. It had been some time since her mind felt this refreshed, and it felt great. It was early enough in the day that most people would still be asleep in bed, which she had hoped for. No interruptions. Today was about her, getting exercise, and refreshing her mind and body. So up she went, deep into the forest at the foot of the mountain and up the winding trails. The incline wasn't too bad, and the trails seemed to weave in and out, giving her the best of both the forest and the mountainside.

After a good hour or so, she came upon a rather level grassy spot near the trail. It looked like the perfect place to stop and take a break, so she stepped over and took a seat in the grass. She took the backpack off her shoulders and set it to her right, and dug out one of her water bottles. As she opened the cap and began to drink, something rustled in the bushes nearby. "Hm?" she hummed, looking around curiously. It was probably just a bug or something, but she was still interested. She took another sip of water before standing up to take a look.

Random Event
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Random Event
 Posted: 6/9/17, 06:40 pm
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a wild fletchling appeared!

bronze tier
big pecks

acrobatics flame charge peck quick attack

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