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 When is it even Tea Time? (Open), Harold's residence, Tea time (16:00)
Harold Hobbs
 Posted: 2/2/18, 06:16 am
6 posts
Pokémon Trainer

It was a pleasant afternoon in Wisteria Town. Despite it being February it was not too cold or windy, and only the rare cloud or two filled the sunny sky today. It was the perfect weather to sit out on the porch for tea time. Harold's cottage had a rather large covered porch at that, on which a small table and a set of chairs was set. On the table was his favourite Dendemille tea set with the pot being shaped like a little windmill that could even spin around for show. On one of the seats was the old man in question, sitting quietly as he was sipping from his cup. His Pokemon were nearby at the pond which was still in view of the porch, so his eyes were fixed on his Pokemon at the waterside. Dalbert the Ducklett was swimming laps while Lizzie the Chansey had her feet lightly splashing in the water. Princess Chino was lazily laying in the sun, strategically placed far enough from he water as not to get splashed on by one of her companions. The trio had eaten just moments before and seemed to enjoy the last bit of sun before it would cool off again when it would become evening.

Would the old man receive a visitor today? Perhaps a trainer that he had already met once before or perhaps one who graced his humble abode for the first time? The old man was known well enough to happily receive trainers and show them hospitality. And share some tea and stories of course!

((Open to all who want to meet the old softy, either to those who might have visited him in the past or not at all. Leave that up to you.))
Lex Montgomery
 Posted: 2/9/18, 10:26 pm
58 posts

"What a long day," he grumbled to himself. Traveling to the city for work always seemed to take a lot out of him, even though the drive really wasn't all that long. Today, particularly, was a longer than normal day. He spent the day running errands for his boss, and rather than heading straight home he decided to run some errands for himself. They didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped, and he had the bite wounds on his arm to prove it. However, those were neatly bandaged up and hidden under the sleeve of his leather jacket for now.

As his motorcycle rounded a corner, he noticed a quaint little cottage in the distance with smoke drifting up from the chimney. He couldn't recall seeing it there before, and he rides this route to work every single day. Perhaps the active chimney caught his eye? Maybe it was never used before, or the cottage was uninhabited. Either way, his eyes were off the road long enough that he didn't see the huge hole in the pavement up ahead. The front tire of his motorcycle hit the pothole with a loud crack. "Damn it!" he cursed, and within seconds his front tire began to slow as the air slipped out.

Carefully, he pulled over to the side of the road and came to a stop. Sure enough, his front tire was flat. He drove on this road every single day and always swerved around the pothole. The cottage had distracted him, and he shook his head before climbing off the seat and pulling off his helmet. After making sure his bike was stable on its kickstand, he turned towards the cottage and sighed. Well, guess I'll see what's going on over here after all, he thought.

As he approached the front porch, he could see an elderly man seated at a small table and several pokémon out in the grass. Once he was close enough, he called out to announce his approach. "Good afternoon!" he called out. "Pardon the interruption. My motorcycle got a flat tire, do you happen to have an air pump or a tire patch? I'll pay you for it." he offered, clear and to the point. The older man was enjoying some tea, which Lex found a little unusual but only because he didn't see it often anymore. His father used to drink tea sometimes.

Harold Hobbs
(Hope you don't mind me hopping in! Lex isn't the friendliest but he has some stories and could use a little pokémon training guidance. He'll open up after some time. I was curious to see how these two would get along!~)
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