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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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December 25 – Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all those celebrating! There's been an update regarding the open gym and elite positions, so please check out this thread if you think you might be interested in applying for a spot! Here's wishing you all a happy new year~!


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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Wallace Wanbie Pokémon Trainer 5/6/16 21
Wally Rios Applicant 6/6/16 0
Walter McCabe Applicant 4/9/16 0
Wild Pokémon NPC 7/21/14 3415
Winifred Drake Applicant 8/15/17 0
Wu Yan-zu Eden Elite 10/4/17 1
Yoichi Oshiro Pokémon Trainer 9/25/16 15
Yoshiko Applicant 5/25/16 0
Youngjae Hyun Gym Leader 9/30/16 213
Zachary Russel Pokémon Trainer 6/5/16 63
Zane Riley Pokémon Trainer 5/20/16 6
Zeanenica Applicant 3/19/16 0
Zee Umbre Pokémon Trainer 12/21/15 1
Zodiac Applicant 8/6/17 0
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