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Kiki Fellows
 Posted: 11/4/15, 06:57 pm
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VICTORIA "KIKI" FELLOWSNINETEEN ■ FEMALE ■ TRAINERappearanceKiki stands at about five foot seven, her height is accentuated by how lean she is. She is frail and skinny brought on by her childhood illnesses and her lack of being allowed to leave the safety of her home. This led to her skin to also be pale. Not so pale that she looks ghostly but enough that it seems unnatural. Her hair, once long, is red and sloppily cut short around her shoulders. She wears simple black dresses or a white blouse topped with a black sweater and shorts. In colder months she sticks to large sweaters that are far too big on her.personality» ANTISOCIAL/AWKWARD: Kiki is shy and reserved. She never really interacted with anyone aside from her parents and violin tutor. Because of this she much prefers to keep to herself. When she does socialise and spend time with others she tends to keep her eyes down and doesn't make eye contact. If she is forced to talk to others she prefers the comfort of one of her Pokemon to be with her.» DEDICATED: Years of training and tutelage in violin playing, despite her disdain for it in recent years, has lead her to be very dedicated to things that she tries. She has a fire in her eyes when working with her Pokemon. When she was little she wanted to be a trainer travelling the world and becoming the best. And now she finally has that chance.» NAIVE: The world is still relatively new to her despite being an adult. Fending for herself is an entirely new concept. Her innocence, while charming, is a definite weakness.» INTELLIGENT: Kiki is a very smart girl. In the down time from practicing she did a lot of reading. She learned what she could with the limited resources she had and she is always looking to enhance her knowledge further. background» BIRTH: Kiki was born to a set of very proud parents, Genevieve and Andrew Fellows. She was a tiny little thing, frail and sickly. Born a month early and to a mother that had been in and out of the hospital, she had to be kept under supervision. The first few weeks of her life were very touch and go. Eventually she was released from the hospital and from that moment her parents vowed to never let their little miracle out of their sight.» AGE 5: When Kiki was young she would watch videos of Pokemon trainers. She would spend every possible hour engrossed in the films. She would beg her parents to let her go outside and see real Pokemon but they always insisted it was too dangerous outside. They worried for her health. To make it up to her, or at least try and make it up to her, they bought her all the pokedolls she could ever want. They lined the shelves in her room, overflowed from her toy box, and sat huddled on her bed. Every night she slept with her stuffed Rhydon who protected her from nightmares and thunderstorms.» AGES 7 - 9: Kiki wanted to do something other than sit in the house. And so her parents brought in a private tutor to teach her to play the violin. She played every day for hours on end and began to become somewhat of a child prodigy.» AGE 10: After years of not even being allowed to see a single real Pokemon she lost interest in them. All her stuffed dolls did was remind her of the life she couldn't have. She spent all her time practicing the violin.» AGE 12: Her parents finally allowed her to go out into the world. As long as they were supervising her and it was to a concert to play her violin. Her mom would spend hours braiding Kiki's long red hair and adding flowers for a little flair. She would play to full houses of people that were just floored by her talent. And at first Kiki loved it.» AGE 15: Violin had become her life. It was all she ever did and she was beginning to hate it. Everything had become routine and dull.» AGE 19: Years went by and finally, Kiki was sick of it. One day she decided to leave her home. She took a pair of scissors and chopped off her long hair above the shoulders. She needed a change and she was about to get it. She left for another region. When she arrived she found an old bag on the shore with three pokeballs inside. The bag was found shortly after the news of a large shipwreck off the coast and it can only be assumed the Pokemon's former trainer was lost at sea. Her journey was only beginning.miscellaneous» Ranked in the top 10 piano players in the world.» She was born Victoria Fellows III but prefers to go by Kiki.» She didn't catch any of her starters, they were all found inside their pokeballs.» Prior to letting her new Pokemon from their balls she had never actually seen a Pokemon in person.profile & pokémon templates by deltra of gangnam style
Kiki Fellows
 Posted: 11/4/15, 07:33 pm
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ANTONIONIDORAN ■ MALE ■ POISON POINT ■ LEVEL 10Antonio is just as introverted and shy as his trainer. He'd much rather snuggle up with Kiki than go out and make new friends. His perfect day is one spent napping in the sun or curled up in Kiki's lap while she reads a book. He had the easiest time coming to terms with his new trainer. He is named after Antonio Vivaldi.Moves: LEER           &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp      PECK FOCUS ENERGY      DOUBLE KICK IRON TAIL                     ACQUIRED VIA STARTER

LUDWIGONIX ■ MALE ■ ROCK HEAD ■ LEVEL 10If you thought rock Pokemon were emotionless as real rocks you'd be wrong. Ludwig is the most gentle soul you'll ever meet. His large size just allows room for his enormous heart. He'll go out of his way to make others happy but that doesn't mean he'll go easy on you while battling. He is not yet sure about his new trainer and still misses his old trainer a great deal. (And is convinced he'll be coming back.) He is named after Ludwig van Beethoven.Moves: MUD SPORT              TACKLE HARDEN                   BIND CURSE              ROCK THROW ROCK TOMB                     DIG                           ACQUIRED VIA STARTER

FREDERICRHYHORN ■ MALE ■ RECKLESS ■ LEVEL 10Everything makes Frederic annoyed. The Rhyhorn complains about everything and is constantly rolling his eyes at his companions. He doesn't concern himself with them and most of the time prefers to be far way from them either sleeping or eating. He dislikes his new trainer a great deal currently. He is named after Frederic Chopin.Moves: HORN ATTACK    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp TAIL WHIP FURY ATTACK        SCARY FACE THUNDERBOLT                   ACQUIRED VIA STARTER
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