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 BLOOM, FAUSTE (trainer)
Fauste Bloom
 Posted: 11/8/15, 05:43 pm
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FAUSTE BLOOMTWENTY THREE ■ FEMALE ■ TRAINERappearanceFauste isn't very tall, she stands only about 5'1 but her lean shape makes her appear taller from a distance. She has very long bleach blonde hair which she dyes a soft lavender colour to match her eyes. She doesn't have a particular style of dress that she sticks too. (But if she wears black it's probably accented by shed Eevee hairs.) Her features are rather sharp and she seems to suffer from "resting bitch face." However this face only really tends to happen when she's distracted or not paying attention. When talking to others she can generally put on a smile or at least a less offensive neutral expression.personalityFauste was not a friendly person when she was younger. Nowadays she is much easier to get along with. (You can thank Felix and her coordinating school room mate, Emiko, for that.) But get too far on her bad side and you're shit out of luck. She might be small, and skinny but she's a scrappy fighter. She'll tear your hair right out of your head.In the long run, Fauste hates herself. It's all the self loathing she had as a child coming back to bite her in her skinny little ass. She can't understand why anyone would want to be friends with a formerly drug addicted alcoholic. However, around pokemon Fauste is giving. As long as they are in pain and need her. Healthy Pikachu? "Get the fuck out of here." Limping Doduo with a headache? "Oh poor baby, lemme bandage that leg of yours." It's not that she doesn't care. It's that she doesn't want anyone to know she secretly does care. Fauste loves being by the water. The ocean, a lake, even a freakin' puddle makes her happy. She's someone who can float around in the water all day and feel like she accomplished her life's goal. Because of her love for water, Fauste formerly raised water types almost exclusively. She prefers battling to coordinating in the long run because it reminds her of a bar fight, however her parents would only pay for coordinating school so she was stuck. Fauste used to put on an innocent angel facade around teachers so word doesn't get back to her parents that she is still sticking to her old ways.Now that Fauste is older and more mature she's slightly more nurturing to Pokemon, at least her own. Sort of. However lots of Pokemon still freak her out. She tends to make friends much easier than before and is generally approachable, but does tend to suffer from "resting bitch face." Despite her new found maturity when annoyed or angered she will turn right back into that spoiled little brat she was at sixteen years old. And she does it unexpectedly.backgroundFauste was born in the boring old town of Celadon. Well, boring to her. The city was bustling with it's houses, large Pokemart, and game corner. She was born to Darlene and Maximus Bloom. A wealthy family, though not ones to boast about their riches living in a small home near the town's gym. They figured with living so close to the gym leader their daughter would gain interest in Pokemon at a young age. However that didn't happen. While the family themselves had a few Pokemon left over from when her parents were trainers, Fauste never had her own Pokemon. She didn't want one. They were odd and smelled funny. And everyone had one. (She never wanted to be like anyone else.)When Fauste was about eleven her father went to the game corner, and stayed there for ten hours. and went back the next day as well. After squandering away thousands of dollars he came home. He presented his beautiful daughter with a Clefairy. Something any young girl wanted! Fauste said no thank you and proceeded to skip away to see her friends. Eventually the family found the small pink and rather confused Pokemon a home with a poor family who couldn't afford to squander money or risk a trip to Mount Moon. When Fauste turned fifteen she began to be introduced into drugs and drinking.She became infatuated with smoking pot. Her friends would come over and they'd rush to her room. Stuffing a towel under the door and passing around a badly rolled joint and smoking themselves into a stupor. They'd just lay there for hours, doing nothing until they retreated to the kitchen for snacks. At almost sixteen, Fauste was introduced to the underground scene. At night when there weren't police around the underground path teens would go there. They drank, popped pills, and shoved everything they could find up their noses.And Fauste loved it. She never wanted it to end. But when she finally reached eighteen her parents had enough. They told her to pack her things and get out. And much to their disappointment, she left. They expected her to beg and plead, say "oh I'll get clean." And stay their little girl. Looking for something to do, Fauste decided to attend a prestigious coordinating academy. She did't really want to be a coordinator. But there is free room and board, once mommy and daddy sent the check of course.Fauste's first Pokemon at school was a Piplup. A Piplup that loathed his trainer. His name was Cairo. Over the first several months of her life at the academy Fauste ended up with a lot of eggs. Eggs she had no idea how to take care of. And so Cairo tended to the eggs every day to make sure Fauste didn't accidentally break them. (Which she surprisingly managed to avoid.) The day she met Felix everything seemed to change. On a chance encounter on a trip to the city she had found a small silver Eevee rooting around in some garbage cans. Immediately feeling a sense of motherly intentions she scooped it up and took it back to her dorm. Despite his constant shedding and need for almost 24/7 attention Fauste adored the tiny fox like creature.Of course an Eevee does not suddenly fix all your problems. Even a second shiny Eevee named Albus. Or a third regular Eevee named Fara. After two years at the academy Fauste was kicked to the curb. She was twenty years old with nothing to do. She thought about returning home, instead for a year she travelled around with her Eevee trio and myriad of water types. (Which included Milotic, two Ducklets, Golduck, Lapras, and a Gyarados; among others.) She battled when she could but the amount of losses she endured, humbled her.At twenty one years old she returned to her family. After not hearing from her for a year her parents were overjoyed. To make room for Fauste's large amount of Pokemon they bought a little more land and built a small paradise with plenty of water. Now that she was an adult she had grown past her desire to constantly party. After all she had Pokemon to care for now.One lucky visit to the Safari Zone in the nearby town she came home with a young Tauros and a Chansey. Her parents were starting to get a bit older and so she entrusted the Chansey to help care for them. The Tauros however she kept for herself. Fauste eventually found a fourth Eevee, or so she thought. She eagerly caught him ready to full devote herself to being a crazy Eevee lady. After several months of living with her it transformed into a small pink blob. He'd turned out to be a Ditto in disguise. This didn't change her feelings for the Pokemon and kept him around.Eventually she decided to leave home again, this time for the Eden Region. They had less gyms than most regions so she figured it would be far easier to take down them all. With a tearful goodbye to her parents, and most of her faithful Pokemon, Fauste left Celadon for the second time.miscellaneous» Fauste sings in her sleep when she's over tired.» Fauste used to hate electric Pokemon due to her fear of thunderstorms.» Fauste never evolved her Piplup, he now lives happily with her parents.» Won't each a sandwich if it has a crust on it.profile & pokémon templates by deltra of gangnam style
Fauste Bloom
 Posted: 11/8/15, 07:23 pm
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FELIXEEVEE ■ MALE ■ ADAPTABILITY ■ LEVEL 8Felix was Fauste's first love when it came to Pokemon. The Eevee's clingy and affectionate nature let her see past everything she thought about Pokemon. She found him scrounging for food in a garbage can and the pair has been inseparable ever since.Moves: Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack.

FLAVIEVULPX ■ FEMALE ■ DROUGHT ■ LEVEL 7Fauste caught Flavie in the grass near he home in Celadon. The timid fire Pokemon prefers cuddling and being brushed to actually battling. Fauste tends to spoil her.Moves: Ember, Tail Whip, Roar, Fire Blast™.

FARAEEVEE ■ FEMALE ■ ANTICIPATION ■ LEVEL 7Fara is a nasty girl. She tends to bite everyone she meets and is the most battle ready of all Fauste's Pokemon. She rarely shows affection and prefers to be left alone most of the time. Fauste hatched Fara from an egg but it didn't help their relationship any. Fauste plans on eventually evolving her into an Espeon.Moves: Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Iron Tail™.

GREIZTAUROS ■ MALE ■ SHEER FORCE ■ LEVEL 8Greiz, being a bull, has a bit of a temper problem. He is very loving and affectionate with Fauste but tends to have a short fuse with the other Pokemon. She acquired him in the Safari Zone after feeding him berries out of her hand. He acts as Fauste's transportation in most cases and is more than happy to carry her on his back when her legs start to tire.Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Rage, Earthquake™, Iron Tail™.

GHEEDDITTO ■ GENDERLESS ■ IMPOSTOR ■ LEVEL 1Gheed masqueraded as an Eevee for awhile before Fauste finally figured out he was a Ditto. Luckily for the little blob, she had already taken a liking to it. Prior to coming to Eden, Gheed had absolutely no battling experience. Gheed is a bit of a thief and seems to enjoy stealing bits and baubles whenever he can. Though he mostly takes thing that have been tossed away.Moves: Transform.
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