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 Dr. Henry Goodfellow, An eccentric researcher
Dr. Henry Goodfellow
 Posted: 1/8/16, 11:44 pm
201 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Dr. Henry Goodfellow
Twenty-Eight Male Pokemon Pharmaceutical Researcher

Henry is very tall and slim of build, almost delicate, but he conceals this fact beneath tailored jackets and top hats. Yes, he wears top hats. His eccentric nature reflects in his gentleman style inspired by a different era. It isn't uncommon to see him in full suits, including little add ons like vests, gloves and cufflinks. Despite being both young and able bodied, he walks around with a decorative cane, which he will use to draw pictures in the dirt when bored or brandish like a sword when threatened. Never without a pocket watch or his stylish touch screen phone, Henry is very visibly an odd character.

Liking to keep tidy, his blond hair is always neatly combed and styled, and he is always clean shaven.

One might even think him handsome if they looked beyond the odd attire he assumed, given his crystalline blue eyes, fair complexion and well proportioned face.

If nothing else, his nobel air and PHD allow him to get away with more than he likely should in the manner he dresses.

In one word: Prodigy. From a young age, Henry displayed an incredible capacity for learning and innovating. His favorite hobbies include medical engineering, in which he dabbles in creating gadgets and gizmos to assist in recovery. Of course his first love is pharmaceuticals, since that means he can study and create new formulas for medicines provided to trainers around the globe. With these particular loves comes a strong curiosity and a burning desire to know. Trying to keep things out of his mouth is similar to that of a toddler. Unless inherently toxic, Henry will often taste various plants and minerals to gain a better understanding how they might react in a medication. That being said, yes, he has sampled Potions before. The topical solution should not be ingested if not for any other reason that it tastes beyond foul.

A cordial and polite man, Henry enjoys socializing, even if he doesn't quite understand that his old fashioned attire is...odd. He finds dressing in the way he does as dapper and gentlemanly and believes more men should return to wearing suits as casual dress. However, he is easily consumed by work and can forget that people exist and need to be informed that he is, indeed, alive. But how can he not be obsessed with his work? To him, it is utterly fascinating, even if others do not share his view.

Henry was born to a wealthy couple in Goldenrod City, Kanto. Well, an estate just outside of the main city. Early on, his genius made itself obvious, and he surpassed every childhood checkpoint astonishingly early. At fourteen, he was pursing a major in the medical industry, having already done a manuscript on how potions could be made more effective and more cheaply by changing a certain pair of ingredients in the base formula. This led to him gaining ground in the industry very quickly and had him established with a Doctorate in his early twenties.

Content to indulge his eccentricities, Henry is a traveling researching on the hunt for the next new breakthrough in Pokemon Pharmaceuticals. He came to Eden to pursue this wish. At his side are two pokemon gifted to him when he earned his doctorate. A chansey and a togetic.

+ He's an aromantic asexual, but that doesn't stop him from shamelessly flirting when he feels like it.

+ He was educated by private tutors until he began his degree.

+ Healing is his forte, and he will do anything to assist a person or pokemon in need.

+ Art is a hidden skill of his that doesn't often surface in public.

+ He often has no concept of personal space.

profile & pokémon templates by deltra of gangnam style
Dr. Henry Goodfellow
 Posted: 1/9/16, 12:07 am
201 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Chansey Female Serene Grace Silver
Very nurturing and gentle. Likes taking care of others. Was gifted to Henry by his parent as a happiny when he received his PHD.

Moves: pound, charm, growl, tail whip, copy cat, refresh, sweet kiss, double slap, soft boiled, sing, heal pulse, light screen, healing wish, take down, zen headbutt, drain punch,toxic, thunder wave,

Battle Credits: None

Togetic Male Serene Grace Silver
Curious and a bit impish. Like to play tricks. Was gifted to Henry by his parent as a togepi when he received his PHD.

Moves:growl, charm, sweet kiss, metronome, yawn, fairy wind, encore, follow me, bestow, wish, ancient power, wish, safeguard, baton pass, after you, zen headbutt, signal beam, flamethrower, steel wing, fly

Battle Credits: N12

Chinchou Female Volt Absorb Bronze
Caught in Potpourri Harbor. Very nervous and small for her age. Is certain that humans want to eat her.

Moves: bubble, supersonic, thunder wave, electro ball, water gun, confuse ray, aqua ring, ion deluge, charge

Battle Credits: None

Zubat Male Infiltrator Silver
Second caught pokemon. Curious and likes to explore. Doesn't mind a fight.

Moves: leech life, supersonic, astonish, bite, wing attack, confuse ray, swift, air cutter, acrobatics, mean look, poison fang, venoshock, haze, roost, shadow ball, zen heabutt, giga drain, fly

Battle Credits: 123

Aggron Male Rock Head Gold
Third caught pokemon. Cautious and clever, but doesn't mind a fight.

Moves: tackle, harden, headbutt, mud slap, metal claw, rock tomb, rock slide, protect, roar, metal sound, iron defense, automatize, take down, iron head, iron tail, double-edge, heavy slam, metal burst, superpower, dragon pulse, earth power, flamethrower, thunderbolt, icebeam, strength, surf, rock smash

Battle Credits: 1

Roselia Male Poison Point Silver
A little gluttonous and lazy.

Moves: absorb, growth, poison sting, stun spore, mega drain, leech seed, magical leaf, grass whistle, giga drain, toxic spikes, sweet scent, ingrain, toxic, aromatherapy, synthesis, petal blizzard, venoshock

Battle Credits: none

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