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 Keline Rin
Keline Rin
 Posted: 1/26/16, 03:01 am
144 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Keline Rin

Keline is a short girl, only standing at 5"3 (161 centimeters). She isn't any model, but she would be considered pretty. She doesn't have a well developed figure like other girls her age, but she pulls off her own look in her own style. Keline finds that she looks best in a shirt, jacket, shorts, and shin-length boots.

Keline doesn't do much with her hair. She just wears it down most of the time. She does cut it though so that her dark blue hair is short, neck length, and so that her bangs only covers one eye. It wouldn't be a look that a lot of people would go for, but it suits Keline, and she wants to keep it that way, at least until she gets older.
Keline will appear just as your normal, female pokémon trainer. She doesn't exhibit any odd behaviors and just seems like your every day kind of person. Getting to know Keline, you will get to see her different traits.

Something you would immediately see about Keline is that she's impulsive. With a fiery attitude, Keline doesn't think too long before she acts, which could sometimes land Keline in difficult situations. She almost always finds her way out of them though, so she doesn't worry too much when something only goes slightly wrong.

Keline is highly respective of pokémon. She doesn't believe that they should just be used for battle, or beauty pageants, or those little poké-theater shows. She believes that pokémon have so much more potential and should be treated as a friend or companion rather then a pet. So when pokémon are mistreated, it sparks her anger and she would try her best to stop that pokémon from being mistreated.

When you hang out with Keline, you would notice that she's rather blunt with you. Honest, but blunt. She doesn't see anything wrong in being blunt. You tell things how they are. There's no "softening the truth." Then it really isn't the full truth. Well, most of the times at least, but if something really major is happening and someone needs a little hope, Keline will beat around the bush a little and try to make it sound as positive as it is.
Keline was born in and grew up at the Hinoki Village. It was a nice area. Keline very much so enjoyed it there. Keline, like most people, lived in the outskirts of it. However, Keline did enjoy it when she visited the central parts of Hinoki Village. It was neat to see such an old part of Eden that remained unchanged for years.

Keline grew up with only her mother, with no siblings. It was just her, and her mother, who previously was a pokémon trainer, but then became a pokémon breeder. Keline would watch with great interest as her mother would raise many different kinds of pokémon. She also loved to see it when her mother's friend(s), because sometimes they would have a pokémon battle with each other. Keline learned a lot about pokémon through just observation. She learned even more once she was taught about pokémon from her mother. This was what really sparked Keline's love and appreciation for pokémon. Keline's mother could obviously see that in Keline, so she started to train Keline to become a pokémon trainer.

As the years past, Keline grew more and more knowledgeable about pokémon and becéame more and more eager to start her journey. However, she wouldn't start her journey until she was 17 years old. When that time did come, Keline's mother had a surprise for her. Her very own pokémon. It was a Dratini. Keline gleamed with excitement. Dratini, the pokémon which would eventually evolve into Dragonite. She would name it Emlygil, or Emly for short. Keline promised to call her mother whenever she was at a pokémon center, to keep in touch, and she promised that she would become a great pokémon trainer. With that, Keline set off on her journey.

While on her journey, Keline heard the sound of a pokémon, but the pokémon sounded like it was in pain. Keline approached the pokémon to find that it was a shiny Ponyta. It had it's leg caught between rocks. From the looks of it, he was caught up in a land slide. She wondered what a Ponyta was doing so far away from her herd. Well, Keline couldn't simply ignore this pokémon. She freed the Ponyta from the rock slide, but the pokémon's leg was still hurt. Keline had it lay down and she took a bandage out of her back pack along with some medical supplies. Keline has watched her mother do this plenty of times, but for different pokémon. Keline cleaned the leg, applied medicine, and bandaged up the leg. She stayed with Ponyta until it was well enough to not just walk, but gallop comfortably. But even then, when Keline left, the Ponyta followed her. Ponyta never stopped following Keline, and it would look odd having a Ponyta just casually following you around different towns, so Keline showed Ponyta a pokéball. She didn't know if the Ponyta has experienced a pokéball yet, but she may soon enough. Keline tossed the ball to Ponyta, and Ponyta wend inside of it, and stood inside of it. Keline grinned. She had a Ponyta. She would name her Ponyta Leberil.

Keline's journey progressed steadily and she even managed to adopt a pawniard (one of the pokémon she's been wishing to have) and a swirlix. Keline also managed to fully evolve Emlygil into a Dragonite. Keline even found out that she liked to care for pokémon more than she liked to battle with them. However, her sudden burst in pokémon quantity and power came to an abrupt stop when Keline became ill. At first it wasn't all that bad, but she later, as much as she hated it, became bedridden until she felt better enough to travel again. This took longer than Keline had originally thought and lagged far behind in the steady flow of progress she once had, but is now determined to train her pokémon to become stronger.
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Keline Rin
 Posted: 1/26/16, 04:07 am
144 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Emlygil was Keline's first ever pokémon, her starter pokémon. Ever since Emlygil was given to her, they have never been separated. Emlygil tends to get a little jealous when new pokémon are around Keline, as Emlygil has a fear that Keline will like the other pokémon more then Emlygil. Emlygil may even be mean to the other pokémon, as if it had offended Emlygil or something.

Moves: Hurricane, Outrage, Dragon Dance, Wing Attack, Safeguard, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Slam, Thunder Wave

Keline rescued Leberil from a rock slide, and since Leberil was injured, Keline nursed it back to health. Ever since then, Leberil has been loyal to Keline, and even allowed her to catch Leberil without having to do a battle. Leberil is very energetic, and friendly towards other pokémon, and people as well. She does tend to get skiddish when there's a sudden threat. It doesn't matter if the threat is more powerful then Leberil or not, she would still get nervous. However, it doesn't take long for Leberil to calm down, that is if people are around Leberil.

Moves: Take Down, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Stomp, Flame Wheel, Ember, Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip

He was caught just like any pokémon would have normally ben caught. He was battled, and he got weak enough to not be able to withstand a standard pokéball. Daechir can act lazy at times, but he can get serious during a battle, and Keline will make sure of that. She is still trying to get Daechir to slip out of his relaxed state, but so far, there isn't much luck.

Moves: Payback, Shadow Punch, Sucker Punch, Confuse Ray, Lick, Hypnosis

Keline adopted her at the pokémon adoption center. Aegith acts pretty normal. She doesn't have any odd quirks, an abundance of energy, and things like that, but she is a battle-ready pokémon who just can't wait to be in a fight.

Moves: Iron Head, Night Slash, Assurance, Slash, Feint Attack, Torment, Fury Cutter, Leer, Scratch

Keline adopted him at the pokémon adoption center. He first appears just as he looks: Sweet and kind. However, he really is a little trickster and loves to pull pranks and mess around with other people and pokémon.

Moves: Draining Kiss, Aromatherapy, Endeavor, Round, Fairy Wind, Tackle

Keline adopted her at the adoption center and the first thing Keline noticed about her was that she loved to sing. With elegance in her wake, Calph was practically meant to be on stage. She loves the spotlight and like a sponge, absorbs as much attention as possible.

Moves: Pound, Water Gun, Disarming Voice, Aqua Jet

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