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 Videns Akemi
Videns Akemi
 Posted: 1/26/16, 03:28 pm
Videns Akemi
80 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Videns Akemi
seventeen Male Trainer

Looking at Videns you would think he is older then he look's, but in actuality he is much younger. Hi rather long navy hair helps keep up this illusion. His rather muscular body also turns a few heads and in general could be considered rather handsome. He keeps well freshened up and try to take care of any I perfection's he has. He keeps himself up with fashion too. His eyes are a deep azure, almost like the sea. And in the right light they can be seen sparkling like sapphires. That really gets people! His skin is rather fair and find a it hard to tan, but when it does it never lasts as long as he wants. He is rather tall, Standing at 6ft, 1 inchand with a muscular body coming in at 15 stone.

Looking at Videns you would think he was calm confident man. But if you were to approach him you would find the polar opposite. To strangers he is quite shy and awkward, even if he is asked for a pokémon battle. Although if you manage to cracking the awkward shell and get to know him, he could surprise you. Videns can become very hot headed if provoked. He is mostly annoyed by the exploitation and harm of pokemon. He also doesn't do well with insults, more so directed towards his pokemin then himself. But that being said he I ly gets so angry because he is very caring. He often cares too much and too fast for those he just meets and if a bond is formed then he would go to the ends of the earth for those people. He is very trustworthy and all around a nice guy.

Videns grew up with a loving family. His mother and father were both skilled trainers who prefer ed special attacking pokemon. His mother came up with the name Videns as she caught her first pokemon when she was a child. It was a abra, who later learnt a very strong psychic move, Future Sight. Videns Father also liked the special attacking pokemon, but mainly bulky special attackers. Videns grew up learning lots about pokemon so he would have a good understanding of how to treat them right. The at the very young age of five, on his both day he went with his Father to the local forest and there is where Videns got his first pokemon. While going through the forest, they noticed a Riolu, a pokemon that didn't usually appear there often. To make it more rare it was also shiny! As Videns and Riolu locked eyes, it seemed as if time stopped. But as soon as they met a pokeball was thrown at it and it was captured. Videns wanted to send out Riolu as soon as it was captured but his father told him not to and wait until he got home. Videns reluctantly agreed and waited until he was home. As he went inside he was met by his mother sitting in an arm chair, nursing a pokemon egg. Videns eyes grew wide and looked at his mother in delight. "I was going to cook this but I think it'll be best if you take care of it~"his mother said in a blissful tone. Videns held the egg gingerly and then let his Riolu out of its pokeball. Riolu and Videns got on as if the knew each other all their lives. Days went on and Videns and Riolu kept a watchful eye on the egg until the day it hatched. When the egg hatched the two were very confused. It seemed as if the pokemon was still stuck within the gg. It wasn't until later that his parents told him that it was a Togepi. Videns, Riolu and Togepi all worked together and we're unsperable. Riolu was slightly stronger then Togepi but it soon caught up. Videns loved training with his pokemon, and was often seen in the pokemon center with them. One day while going to the center he met another man at the desk healing his pokemon. Back then Videns was too loud for his own good so he said, "Hey mister. Hurry up! My pokemon are hurt and need healing!". The man turned around to Videns and smiled at him. "I see you care about pokemon. Would you mind looking after this one. It only just hatched from an egg and I need to give it a good home. I can trust you Right?" The man said handing Videns a pokeball. Videns nodded his head and sent out the pokemon. It was an eevee. Videns petted the eevee, and was a out to thank the man before he left. Nurse joy then smiled and shook her head. "Oh that B-" she was then cut off by the eevee being tickled by Videns. Videns stayed in his sleepy Village for many years keeping close with his pokemon and going to school. He is now travelling with his pokemon to become stronger.

General knowledge: Videns has an all around general knowledge of pokemon and their traits.
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Videns Akemi
 Posted: 1/26/16, 11:27 pm
Videns Akemi
80 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Shiny Lucario Male Inner focus Tier Gold
Yusei is a Naive natured pokemon who was Videns first pokemon. Even from the beginning they shared a strange bond neither one could figure out. They both cared for each other and enjoy each others company. Riolu is almost never bad mannered or jealous and often acts like Videns, shy, but hot headed. Riolu is incredibly loyal and very protective. Videns gave him the name Yusei as it would be the name of his Brother, if he ever got it.

Moves: Metal Claw Extreme Speed Foresight Detect Quick Attack Close Combat Counter Feint Power-Up Punch Swords Dance Metal Sound Bone Rush Quick Guard Me First Aura Sphere Calm Mind Heal Pulse Dragon Pulse Extreme Speed Reversal Nasty Plot Tms Psychic Iron Tail Earthquake Tutor moves Ice punch Drain Punch Water pulse

Togetic Female Serene Grace Tier Silver
Aisha the togepi, Videns' second pokemon hatched from an egg, a few days after his fifth Birthday. A pokemon with a quiet nature, in all sense's of the word. Even when it hatched, togepi was quiet which was why Videns loved it so much. He was exhausted by Riolu most of the time. Aisha is also very loyal to Videns and like Videns when it wants to it can unleash serious power. Videns gave her the name Aisha because is he had a sister that's the name he would have wanted.

Moves:Charm, Growl, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, magical leaf, Fairy Wind, Encore, Follow me, Bestow, Wish, ancient power, safeguard, baton pass, after you TM Moves Dazzling gleam, Light Screen Move tutor: Water Pulse, Signal Beam.

Eevee Male Adaptability Tier Silver
Videns' third pokemon with a very gentle nature, in all sense's of the word. Eon loves playing and often gets I to trouble, but means we'll and never goes out of her way to hurt people. Videns is still unsure of the man who gave him the pokemon but gave her the name eon as he knew some of her evolutions' name. Videns loves to play with Eon and they get along great. He is sometimes annoyed with her though as she does get into trouble, but it's hard to stay mad at Eon as she is so darn cute!

Moves: tackle, Swift, Baby-Doll Eyes, Tailwhip, Sand-Attack, Helping Hand, Growl, Quick Attack, Bite, refresh, covet, Takedown , charm, baton pass, trump card TM Moves : Hyper Voice, Dig

Nidoran (Male) Male Poison Point Tier Bronze

Moves: leer, peck, Focus energy, Double kick, Poison sting, fury attack, helping hand, toxic spikes, flatter, captivate.

Fletchling Male Gale Wings Tier Bronze

Moves: Tackle, Growl, quick attack, peck, agility, Flail, roost, Natural gift, Flame charge, Acrobatics, me first, Tailwind wing attack.

Absol Female Super Luck Bronze TIER

Moves: Perish Song, me first, Detect, taunt, scratch, feint, leer, pursuit, Bite, Double team, Swords Dance, Faint Attack. Tutor: Shock wave

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