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 Abel Hyde, Pokemon Trainer
Abel Hyde
 Posted: 2/23/16, 07:29 pm
73 posts
Pokémon Trainer


Abel doesn’t really stand out a whole lot. He has brown eyes that he inherited from his father, and dark blue hair inherited from his mom. He’s quite short, standing at 5’ 3”; because of this, people tend to think he’s a few years younger than he actually is.

As for clothes, he prefers it simple. Plain single color shirts (generally blue), and monochrome pants. The most obvious article of clothing is a large, so-dark-it’s-almost-black blue coat. It is long enough that it reaches his knees, and has a habit of flaring out behind him when he’s moving. It’s his most important article of clothing, and one of the few things about his appearance that he is vain about. He will work hard to keep it clean.

Abel is, at his core, a scared child. He is easily startled and he fears the dark. He is a people pleaser, as he tends to get anxious when those around him are upset. He keeps everyone at arm’s length, and doesn’t like when people ask too much about him.

In public he can generally be seen with a smile on his face, and acts polite and considerate even to those he dislikes. He likes to keep an air of cheerfulness around him and can pull it off rather well, though someone with experience reading other people might see through it. Occasionally, it’s also used as a defense mechanism, as he will often continue smiling and acting polite when afraid, appearing calm even in crisis situations.

When alone, he drops the smile and lets his true emotions show- mainly tiredness, anger and unhappiness. Mostly he just feels tired.

As guarded as he is, he is an extrovert- if he can find people he can tolerate, he will probably stick around them. He prefers large groups than just him and one other person, as groups are less likely to pry into his personal life.

But! He’s also very angry as well. Abel is the type to bottle his anger and not let go of it. He holds grudges for a long time, whether the slight against him be something major or an annoyance. His is rather vengeful, but as staying inconspicuous is more important than petty revenge (especially in minor cases) he doesn’t usually act on his instincts. Usually. If he is almost certain he can get away with it, he may do something to retaliate.

…And then there are the times when Abel faces someone more dangerous than a chatterbox. When Abel himself gets into a fight, he is an absolute devil. Given with how small he is, he is used to being at a large disadvantage, so he makes up for it by fighting as dirty as he can. Biting, scratching, going for the face and other weak points. He has no qualms ordering his Pokemon to attack people if need be, and he doesn’t always stop when the person is down. He won’t kill, but he will try to make sure that whoever he’s fighting doesn’t dare come after him again.

Thankfully, his ruthlessness doesn’t extend to friendlier pokemon battles. He enjoys them, because it’s a chance for his Pokemon to grow stronger, and because he enjoys the competition.

One thing that does stand out about him is that he normally keeps at least one Pokemon out of their pokeball with him- having them beside him is a boost to his confidence and helps him keep calm. He is at least mildly aware of this, though he views it in a negative light, considering his need to rely on his Pokemon dependency. Despite this, however, he treats his Pokemon well (though not lovingly), and is quite possessive of them.

Abel was born in Wisteria town, with a kind mother, strong father, and six year old brother. His name then was Keiji, given by his mother. Despite being unplanned, he was accepted into the family, the early years of his life being full of laughter and joy. This started to change around six years of age, when his father started to expect his mother of cheating.

His parents fought out of sight, so Abel had no idea there was anything wrong with his family. But the fighting grew worse, and the negative emotions surrounding the household attracted a large number of ghost Pokemon, many of which couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mess with the young boy in the house.

Cries of fear became a regular occurrence in the household. He would run to his parents, but most nights they were exhausted with their own fights and didn’t have the patience to deal with their scared child. It wasn’t much later that their mom would leave the house for days on end, and her husband became more unstable- yelling at her over the phone, harassing her when she was present. He was angry most of the time, and sadly, the screaming child who woke him at night was a good scapegoat for his rage.

When Abel was eight, his mother left the house for good. He had become far more withdrawn, and much better at walking over eggshells- though for every pet peeve he avoided, their was always another button he accidentally pushed. Worse yet, his brother had taken the hint that it was okay to be cruel to his younger brother.

When he was ten, his mother started sending gifts to him and his brother. If there was one thing he was grateful for in that house, it was that his father never touched the gifts he received. Most of the gifts were money, a lot of which he put into savings since anything he bought was at risk of brotherly destruction. He received his first Pokemon when he was thirteen, a shiny mareep, from his mom in the mail. Sadly, the gift was seen as too little too late; not only did he resent his mom (and by extension, her ‘apology presents’), he was absolutely insulted that she had sent him what he saw as a glorified nightlight, viewing it as being mocked for his fear of ghost Pokemon.

Things continued on, but after receiving his first Pokemon Abel started a plan to runaway. He started saving all the money he received, and even worked odd jobs to gain more. He started going out with other kids on camping trips, and started teaching himself how to cook over a campfire. He choose a new name for himself. And, he started to plan how to capture other Pokemon, so he would have protection on his journey.

Shortly after he captured his second Pokemon (at sixteen), a massive fight broke out between his brother (now twenty two) and his father. It was the angriest he had ever seen his father- he never learned exactly what happened, but his brother had apparently done something illegal as his father was screaming about the police coming down their throats. The fight got so intense that his brother punched his father, who in turn ordered him to leave and never come back. It was at this point that Abel, afraid of what his father would do to him if he stayed, decided to run away.

Now he’s out of the abusive household, and, quite frankly, he isn’t sure what to do with himself. His plan never went farther than getting out. He has the money to live well for quite a while, but he wants to be able to gain more before he goes broke. At the moment, Abel is considering living life as a trainer. Though he doesn’t plan on making a career out of it, it’ll let him travel the country, and give him the time to figure out what exactly it is that he wants now that he’s free.

Post backstory- Significant Occurrences that happen during his travels
In Asphodel Meadows, on the day that Abel left for his journey, he met Dr. Goodfellow. Goodfellow was impressed by Abel's knowledge of ghost pokemon and his (kinda made-up) desire to learn more about them, so he offers a mentorship to Abel. Abel, swayed by Goodfellow's charm and encouragement, accepts, though he doesn't think he can live up to Goodfellow's expectations for him.

- It's mentioned briefly in the background section, but Abel's original name was Keiji. He himself decided to change it, and he told only a few people his new name before leaving. If your character knew him in the past, they're going to know him by the name Keiji.

- He is Homosexual.

- He never completely outgrew his fear ghost and dark types, but a lot of that fear was replaced with fascination. It’s a morbid curiosity, and he himself has described it as being masochistic- but that doesn’t stop him from studying and getting close to them. It’s a love-hate relationship, with them being both his most favorite and most despised types of Pokemon.
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Abel Hyde
 Posted: 2/23/16, 07:38 pm
73 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Pokemon Team

The gift his mother gave him- just because he resented that she could be used as a nightlight doesn’t mean he didn’t use her as one. Overtime, and without realizing it she has become a sort of security blanket for him, and he uses her to calm himself down when scared. He lets her out of her ball most of the time; if you see Abel, chances are she’s walking beside him.

Daisy is extremely caring and compassionate towards Abel, despite the feelings not always being returned. Her care, however, comes across as more motherly than loyal. Before she was captured, she had a baby that was lost to sickness. It had devastated her, and as a result Daisy decided to adopt the young boy she was given to as her own. She is trying her hardest to help him heal and become a better person. She wouldn’t leave him if she could, and she will protect him with all her might.

Moves: Tackle, Growl, Thunderwave, Thundershock, Cotton Spore, Charge, Electro Ball, Confuse Ray, Light Screen

Dante views his trainer very differently from Daisy. He doesn’t want him to change for the better- he likes Abel as damaged as he is.

Dante was one of the ‘regulars’ who visited Abel’s house, for a taste of all the negative emotions inside. Abel would observe the ghosts, looking for one that was strong enough to be useful but weak enough that he could capture. Dante ended up sticking out, partly because of his cursed body ability and partly because he was one of the few who didn’t go out of their way to frighten the boy.

Dante loves Abel’s hate. He has always been attracted to vengeful feelings and he especially loves his trainer’s, so views the chance to travel with him a blessing. Because of this, he lets himself be used by Abel. It’s a fair trade, he thinks. Beyond that, however, Dante has a laid back sort of personality. Occasionally curious, sometimes mischievous and easily amused; he generally just hangs around Abel’s shoulder, watching events unfold and finding great joy in whatever drama he can find.

It has been revealed that the shuppet has a nasty temper, and a tendency towards howling and shrieking when mad. He's a show-off during battles as well.

Moves: Screech, Night Shade, Spite, Shadow Sneak, Will-O-Wisp, Feint Attack, Curse, Embargo, Snatch, Grudge, Trick, Hex, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Phantom Force

Battle Credits:

The most self-entitled, obstinate, unpleasant, aggressive, assholiest sneasel you ever did meet.

Reluctantly captured in Asphodel Meadows at bronze tier.

Moves: Hone Claws, Quick Attack, Ice Shard, Metal Claw, Faint Attack


Gotten from March Madness Ad Promo. I have a plan for Abel to gain him in post, so for now this guy's hanging in limbo.

Moves: List of moves goes here

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