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 Abel's Plotter, fun topic title pending
Abel Hyde
 Posted: 2/27/16, 11:43 am
73 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Quick summary about Abel-
Very scared and very paranoid. Lies a lot
Doesn't like talking too much about himself
Easily startled and intimidated. Prone to 'freak outs'.
Needs to constantly be around others (especially his Pokemon) to feel safe
Often gets angry and blames others for things that aren't their fault. Even if he grows to like you, he won't forget what happened.
Pretty good at hiding everything above
Oh and he's polite and reliable and enjoys talking with people and is curious about his interests so he isn't all messed up issues. Just mostly messed up issues.

Plot: At this moment in time, Abel has left Wisteria Town and is traveling up the continent towards Potpourri Harbor, so he can challenge the Eden league. Before that, though, he makes a detour into Aspholdel Medows so he can catch the Pokemon I want avoid his brother, and back into Wisteria town to grab some food.
If you want to rp with him somewhere along his way, please let me know.

Note: Abel has gained a new goal alongside challenging the league. He is now interested in studying ghost and dark types, through means of observing them in the wild, capturing them or maybe even talking to other trainers who own them.

Looking for- acquaintances, friends, rivals. It’d be nice if he met some fellow teens, though that it isn’t a requirement.

Things I'd like to do in the future- have someone try to steal his pokemon. I put the paragraph about fighting in his personality section for a reason, I think it would be fun to rp. That said, I’d like it to happen after he gets stronger/has a pokemon on the team that I’d be willing to give up.

I'll probably make this post fancier sometime in the future.
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Abel Hyde
 Posted: 2/27/16, 11:44 am
73 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Way too long messy post answering the question, 'Now what does Abel think about you?'


People Abel has come in contact with at least once.


- People that he sees a lot and can tolerate. He is more likely to talk to you, more likely to want to spend time with you, and hey, maybe even his smile is more genuine. Don’t mistake this for him trusting you, however.
Saige Durmonte
Tentatively in this spot for now. She was kind, and didn't ask a bunch of questions when he broke down. It's just the fact that he did break down that makes her placing so uncertain. She isn't at fault, but he still blames her for it.

Close Friends

how??? did you get on this list??? you got him to trust you what??? Yeah, this section is probably going to empty for a while.

Dr. Henry Goodfellow
Abel met Goodfellow at a campsite in Asphodel Meadows. Instantly won Abel over by treating him more like an equal than a child. Goodfellow's given him some much wanted/needed encouragement, and Abel has quickly grown to respect him in a short amount of time. The boy's got a crush on the older gent, but he realizes it isn't going anywhere.
Goodfellow has offered a golden opportunity for Abel- mentorship under the scientist, to help Abel in his 'research' of ghost and dark types. Though Abel doesn't know if he really wants this, and believes his isn't smart enough for it, he has accepted his offer.


This section is full of people he doesn’t like whether it’s because they did something that annoyed him or because you freaked him out. Because he’s so polite to everyone all the time, the other might not even realize they’re in this section.


People that Abel perceives to be threats to his survival. He’s either going to try his hardest to avoid them, or he’s going to try his hardest to make sure they never try to bother him again.
Damion Hyde
His brother, who he hates and fears. Currently, Abel is trying to avoid any and all contact with him.

[HEADER]Interests[/b]?-[HEADER]It’s a possibility, though not a probable one. He can get crushes, He'd probably get really flustered if a cute guy started flirting with him.[/i]
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