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 Caine Knightley, pokémon researcher
Caine Knightley
 Posted: 3/15/16, 08:02 pm
65 posts

THIRTY-TWO CIS MALE pokémon researcher

Caine has a tendency to slouch, although at six-foot-two it does little to diminish his height. Tall and broad-shouldered, the young scientist might strike an imposing figure if not for his rather slender physique: all lean muscle and sharp angles. His large hands and feet might appear ungainly on anyone else, but Caine carries himself with a kind of relaxed confidence that is anything but clumsy – more lackadaisical than anything else. Whenever a vertical surface presents itself, he is bound to lean casually against it, and whenever he takes a seat, he tends to sprawl out in a way that he finds comfortable. Of course, the latter is often less a personal choice and more of a necessity considering how long his legs are.

While he has the kind of face that could be considered handsome, Caine’s dark, heavy eyebrows often lend him a gruff appearance, which is only reinforced by his piercing, pale blue gaze. His eyes tend to be either half-lidded or honed into a glare, and the result is an expression that generally falls somewhere between cool indifference and mild irritation. Even so, with a sharp jawline and a prominent nose, his features possess a chiseled but altogether charming quality.

Never one to fuss much over his appearance, Caine usually leaves his crop of dark hair to its own devices, and as such it appears to exist in a perpetually-tousled state: just messy enough to look devil-may-care but just neat enough to maintain some semblance of professionalism. His facial hair comes and goes according to his whim, although he usually has at least some amount of stubble. Other than that, he keeps a relatively clean-cut appearance. His work attire is sharp and professional: mostly collared shirts and neutral colors underneath a lab coat. In the field and outside of work, his taste in clothing is considerably more casual, consisting mostly of tees, flannel shirts, and straight-leg jeans.
One’s first impression of Caine tends to be that he is straightforward and a bit surly. While it’s usually not his intention to be rude, he seems to expect others to be as thick-skinned as he is… which can be problematic, considering damn near nothing gets to him. Because of this, he can come across as insensitive. His sense of honesty often verges on brutal, but at the same time he isn’t the sort to readily volunteer his opinion (in many cases, a blessing). Overall, though, Caine has an easygoing, almost lackadaisical personality, and he’s generally pleasant to be around if you can tolerate a sarcastic remark here and there. Though articulate and well-read, he is very down-to-earth – although he does occasionally make scientific references that might go over other people’s heads.

A self-described lifelong scholar, Caine thrives off of learning, analyzing, and problem-solving. Understandably, these qualities translate well to his career in pokémon research. But while he is for the most part diligent in his work, when it comes to paperwork and other such tasks, he is notoriously unreliable. He has a habit of procrastinating, which leads to work piling up until he’s forced to begrudgingly bulldoze his way through it all. When he’s not involved in something relevant to his interests, such as field work, he can often be found goofing off. “Brilliant but lazy” would be a fitting summary.

Although his laid-back demeanor makes him easy to get along with, actually getting to know Caine can pose a challenge. It’s not that he’s inherently distant. He simply operates well on his own: so much so that he’s not likely to get close to someone unless they make an effort to wriggle their way into his life. Otherwise he’s content to spend his time alone, absorbed in his work or partaking in some solitary past-time. At his core, he is a true introvert, and depending on his mood he may readily welcome company or simply tolerate it.

Thanks to his introverted tendencies, people often get the idea that Caine is kind of aloof. He is not, by any means, an emotional person. He tends to convey his feelings in a subtle, reserved manner, and he is neither easily impressed nor easily excited – traits that can make him come across as very blasé or just a big grump. In reality, he’s just not the expressive type, plain and simple. Of course, this means that as far as tempers go, Caine is about as tame as they come. Cool and collected, his composure is rarely shaken, but even when it is, he is usually able to maintain a level head and handle matters with a rational approach. While he’s quick to get annoyed or frustrated, that’s pretty much the extent of it.

Indeed, logic and reasoning are of utmost importance to Caine. He has certain expectations of how others should act and is therefore taken aback when people behave in ways he considers irrational. He also tends to make decisions based more heavily on what he knows rather than what he feels. This is a frequent source of inner conflict, for despite his methodical, almost scientific approach to situations, Caine is nevertheless compassionate and altruistic by nature. He has a great deal of empathy for the plight of other people, and while he may put up a distant front, he is virtually always willing to lend someone a hand.
Desmond Knightley and Lissette Delacroix came together in fairytale fashion. He was the dashing young heir to a chain of luxury hotels throughout Unova and Kalos, while she made her living working at a florist in Santalune City. Desmond’s branch in nearby Lumiose City had a longstanding partnership with said florist: once each week, they would receive a delivery of several enormous flower arrangements to be displayed in the hotel lobby. On a visit to the property, Desmond just happened to cross paths with the lovely Lissette as she made the weekly delivery… And the rest was history. After a whirlwind romance, the two were married. Desmond moved from Castelia City in Unova to her hometown of Santalune, and the couple settled into their happily-ever-after.

Fast forward several years, and the fairytale façade had begun to crack. The couple already had one child: an energetic four-year-old named Connor. They had never intended to make a second addition to their family, but with their marriage crumbling, they came to the conclusion that a baby would fix things. And it worked – for a time. Caine was born, and for a while Desmond and Lissette were able to put their differences aside. But while the tension between them abated during those early years, it never went away. They managed to keep most of their fall-outs behind closed doors, but the reality of their family’s situation was not lost on their children. Even before he was old enough to fully grasp what was going on, Caine became aware, on some level, of the friction in the household.

They spent a lot of time outdoors growing up – both Caine and Connor. It began as a coping mechanism, in a sense. Every day after school, they would hop on their bikes and pedal until the streets of Santalune City were far behind, until they were surrounded by the woods they knew like the back of their hand. It was during this period that Caine first developed an interest in pokémon. While he was too young to join his brother in becoming a trainer, he would nevertheless spend hours watching wild pokémon, observing their habits, and making sketches. In those days, Santalune Forest became his refuge.

But that safe haven would only last for so long. When Caine was eleven years old, the inevitable happened. His parents divorced, and his father moved back to Unova. In a rare instance of agreement, the two of them decided that their children would split the year between households, spending the school year with their mother in Kalos and traveling to Unova to stay with their father during summer vacations and winter breaks. It was a unique arrangement, but it worked. And while the fracture turned both Caine and Connor’s lives upside-down in the beginning, in time it proved to be for the best.

Time passed, and the brothers grew. By the time Caine was thirteen, their father had planted his roots in Undella Town to develop a new beach resort, and Christmas break that year saw the boys venturing north in search of adventure. While exploring the infamous “giant chasm,” the two happened to cross paths with a wild Absol. Connor’s Growlithe proved a formidable opponent for the so-called disaster pokémon, but in the end, he let his little brother be the one to toss the pokéball. Thus Caine obtained his first pokémon – and began to follow in his older sibling’s footsteps by becoming a trainer.

Caine knew from a fairly early age that his brother stood to inherit their father’s business empire. Contrary to what one might think, this didn’t bother him in the least. After all, it meant that while Connor would one day be forced to shoulder the weight of a multi-million-dollar company, he would be free to pursue whatever life he wished. And he also knew from an early age that he wanted make his living studying pokémon. Always an avid learner with a profound interest in science, Caine performed well in school, but even without the scholarship, he would have made it to Unova University regardless; after all, his father was more than willing to pay his way.

For the next several years, Caine dedicated himself to studying pokémon science: their anatomy, their physiology, their ecology. However, his chosen emphasis was pokémon behavior, a subject that hearkened back to his boyhood interests. (Still working on this part whoops~)
» His birthday is March 15, which makes him a Pisces. Not that he believes in any of that astrological mumbo-jumbo.

» Despite being on the lazy side, Caine is pretty serious about keeping his living and work spaces neat. However, he typically does so by hiding his clutter. His apartment is spotless only because the mess is confined to cabinets and closets. At the lab, his desk drawers and filing cabinets are filled to the brim with unorganized files, assorted office supplies, and other odds and ends. He has amassed a particularly large collection of ball-point pens.

» He is not what one would call a “morning person.” Most of his co-workers know to avoid him until his coffee has had a chance to kick in and render him slightly more approachable. Naturally a night-owl, if he was left to his own devices, he would probably go to bed in the wee hours of the morning and sleep 'til noon.

» With the notable exception of Luna, all of Caine’s pokémon are named after famous scientists. In Luna’s case, her namesake comes from her horn’s resemblance to a crescent moon. Thirteen-year-old Caine was not the most creative lad.
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Caine Knightley
 Posted: 3/15/16, 08:02 pm
65 posts

pokémon team

Gentle, serene, and maternal, Luna has been the “team mom” from day one – even when she was the only pokémon on the team. She is very protective of Caine in particular and treats him like her own pup, while the rest of his pokémon are her beloved but oftentimes unmanageable children. Luna is by far the most level-headed and prudent of the bunch, but even her vast patience has its limits. While a pointed look from her is usually enough to stop the others mid-shenanigans, occasionally she has to put her foot down and use her authority to get everyone back in line.

Moves: Razor Wind, Quick Attack, Bite, Double Team, Slash, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Shadow Claw™

Darwin is, first and foremost, a gentleman. Although his appearance might suggest an ill-tempered or perhaps even hostile disposition, all of the fangs and claws and spikes belie a gentle soul. He can be rather dry-humored at times, but on the whole he is polite and respectful and gets along with the rest of the team relatively well. Of course, despite his air of sophistication, he’s certainly not above a good, rollicking battle. The otherwise mild-mannered Garchomp can actually get quite aggressive in the heat of a fight, but in the end he’s in it simply for the thrill. Whether he wins or loses, he does so with grace and composure.

Moves: Dragon Rage, Sandstorm, Slash, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Earthquake™

Tesla is about what one would expect in a male lion: prideful, lazy, and not apt to fight unless pressed to do so. In fact, he’s known to come out of his pokéball in the midst of a battle and yawn at his opponent – at least until they prove they’re worth the effort. Then he will retaliate at full-force, moving lightning fast while unleashing merciless attacks. He is indifferent toward most things, although he does seem to have some fondness of his trainer. Much like an ordinary cat, though, he tends to show this in an oblique manner, usually by getting in his face while he’s trying to work.

Moves: Tackle, Leer, Charge, Spark, Swagger, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Wild Charge, Thunder Wave™

With its ironclad body and general lack of facial features, Faraday might come across as an emotionless robot. But in reality, it is a kindhearted pokémon that feels everything very deeply, and it loves nothing more than to provide assistance to others. However, its attempts often wind up hindering more than helping. Even with the ability to levitate, Faraday is notoriously clumsy, often bumping into things or fumbling with its clawed appendages. It is also surprisingly expressive for a creature without a visible mouth or eyebrows. It emotes by narrowing and widening its eyes and making electronic-sounding chirps and whirs.

Moves: Take Down, Confusion, Metal Claw, Zen Headbutt, Meteor Mash, Iron Defense, Hammer Arm, Magnet Rise, Iron Head

Prior to teaming up with Caine, Ivan was a street-smart Houndour roaming the back alleys of Ironwood City. While he has retained much of his gruff, tough-guy persona over the years, he’s also become something of a lap dog – even after evolving into a much larger, much heavier form. In spite of his intimidating appearance, he’s a lot like a giant puppy at times, whether he’s barreling into his trainer in a playful tackle or head-butting him in the leg to get ear-scratches. Caine is his best bro, and like any truly loyal canine, he would do anything for him.

Moves: Nasty Plot, Smog, Fire Fang, Crunch, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse™

Cousteau was found floundering around the beach at Potpourri Harbor, where an injury to his caudal fin had caused him to be washed ashore. While he initially captured him with the intent of nursing him back to health and releasing him back into the wild, Caine grew fond of his dopey but somehow endearing behavior and decided to make him part of the team. Re-writing this last bit as he has evolved now, oops~

Moves: Thrash, Aqua Tail, Crunch, Ice Fang, Twister, Dragon Dance, Waterfall™


Moves: Take Down, Crunch, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Wing Attack, Sky Drop, Fire Fang, Hone Claws™, Dragon Claw™, Earthquake™


Moves: Tackle, Baby-Doll Eyes, Brutal Swing, Payback, Take Down, Brick Break™, Stomping Tantrum (egg)
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