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Established in July 2014, Paradise is a pokémon role-play community that’s all about getting back to the basics. With a simplified training system, we focus more on writing than grinding for levels. Join us today and begin your adventure in the Eden region!


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December 25 – Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all those celebrating! There's been an update regarding the open gym and elite positions, so please check out this thread if you think you might be interested in applying for a spot! Here's wishing you all a happy new year~!


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 The Story of a Girl, Aria's Tracker
Aria Wolfe
 Posted: 4/23/17, 09:24 am
215 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Aria Wolfe
Aria's Tracker




A Night of New Adventures with Vexel Mitore
Sweet Treats with Vexel Mitore


A New Chapter
Settling In
A New Promise to Keep
An Unexpected Surprise!
A Short Side Story
A Strange Turn of Events with Jinx Crowe
The Aftermath
Long Walks on the Beach with Vexel Mitore
Sakura Dreams with Vexel Mitore
Fun in the Sun with Vexel Mitore
Dreams Do Come True with Vexel Mitore
One Thing After Another with Vexel Mitore
It's Always Darkest before the Dawn
An Eventful Afternoon
And Another to Match with Vexel Mitore
Lending a Hand with Minwoo Yoon & Vexel Mitore
Sweet Sanctuary with Youngjae Hyun
Trouble in Paradise with Jaisen Aurelius
A Blessing in Disguise with Isilme Veresi


Exploring Primrose with Mirabelle Howe
Don't Get Lost in Heaven with Cassandra Saito
Sea-side Chaos with Lianaly Fox
A Lovely Picnic with Amelia Irwin
A Dress and a Mess with Ione Dawson
Pleased to meet your acquaintance! with Adrian Smith
A Walk in the Park with Levi Carter
Two Peas in a Pod with Mirabelle Howe
It's a Small World After All with Sophie Wilson
Murky Mire with Sophie Wilson



Getting back to it! with Tyke, Sentret defeated! - Turned in 5/29/17
Training with a Ninja with Arashi, Krabby defeated!
Soaking up the Sun Squirtle rescued!
Jungle Boogie with Tyke, Aipom defeated! - Turned in 5/29/17
Stumbling into Trouble Natu rescued!
Even More Trouble... with Kaepora, Kadabra caught!
A Mountain out of a Molehill Skiddo rescued!
A Sudden Surprise Lapras rescued!
A Cry for Help Vulpix rescued!
A Thirst Well Quenched Tauros rescued!
Back to the Water Hole Herdier rescued!
But it's a dry heat! with Ninja, Sandshrew captured!

Wild Pokémon Volunteer:

Surfing the Waves with Stella Marnath - Complete!
Not Shore about That Weather with Sophie Wilson - Complete!
Hook, Line, and Sinker with Youngjae Hyun - Complete!
Attract or Repulse? with Youngjae Hyun - Complete!
Diving Once Again with Daniel Gaitley - Complete!
Gone Fishing with Kieran Reed - Complete!
New Day; New Adventure with Jaisen Aurelius - Complete!
The Forever Desert with Lysbeth Dwyer - Complete!
Jelly Jelly Jelly with Daniel Gaitley - Complete!
Into Darkness with Nox Korrik - Complete!
Every Sword Needs a Shield with Issac Pendergast - Complete!
Swamp Fever! with Theo Grimsby - Complete!
The Adventure Continues with Jaisen Aurelius - In Progress...
First Trek with Lainey Orin - Complete!
Welcome to the Black Parade with Sebastene Mikaelic - Complete!
The Great Gingko Mountain Climb! with Lysbeth Dwyer - In Progress...

Turned in 5/29/17

Rose-raid with Derek Giroux
Cast in Iron pt.1 with Verity Sloane
Grave Diggers with Kieran Reed

Turned in 8/23/17

Running through a Cave with Daniel Gaitley
Bone Dry with Hiro Kahale
Giant Bats with Kieran Reed
What Meow? with Isilme Veresi
Bear Necessities with Adam Samak
Field Practice with Maysa Seif
Time for the Real Thing with Levi Carter
Making Headway! with Kaskae Dawson
Training Regime Three with Simón Ade
Cats and Dogs with Mirabelle Howe

Turned in 11/28/17

Summer Breeze with Hudson Ford - Complete!
Seeking Lightning with Stella Marnath - Complete!
Some Paths with Ethelyn Capaldi - Complete!
Battle Preparations with Vexel Mitore - Complete!
A Breath of Fresh Air with Nox Korrik - Complete!

Turned in:


Cherry Blossom Festival post for to boost for Rowlet, evolves into Dartrix!


25 posts for to boost for Pikachu
25 posts for to boost for Squirtle, Squirtle evolves into Wartortle

Total: 50 posts


[x][x] WP Battle threads and [x][x][x] Volunteer WP threads for to boost for Tyke, he evolves into Charmeleon!


3-Year Anniversary Event Tier Boost for to boost for Tyke, he evolves into Charizard!
25 posts for to boost for Sakura, she evolves into Dragonair!
25 posts for to boost for Kiara

Total: 100 posts


25 posts for to boost for Naboris

Total: 125 posts


10 Wild Pokémon Volunteer Posts:
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
for to boost for Naboris, he evolves into Camerupt!


50 posts for to boost for Kiara, she evolves into Espeon!

Total: 175 posts

made by gimmick on gs
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Aria Wolfe
 Posted: 4/25/17, 06:44 pm
215 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Aria's Storyline
Chapters in a Book

Chapter One:
Spring, Year 1

A New Chapter: Potpourri Harbor - Aria arrives in the Eden Region
Settling In: Primrose Town - Aria's first evening in Primrose Town
Exploring Primrose: Primrose Town - Aria gets a tour of Primrose and meets new people...
A New Promise to Keep: Primrose Town - Aria adopts a new family member, a Psyduck that needed a home.
Getting Back to It!: Hawthorne Woods - Aria's pokémon stretch their legs and get some battle experience.
Soaking up the Sun: Hibiscus Beach - A day at the beach turns into a memorable one
Training with a Ninja: Hibiscus Beach - Aria trains with her pokémon at the beach
Long Walks on the Beach: Seaside Route - Aria heads to the Seaside Route and makes a new friend
Jungle Boogie: Plumeria Jungle - Aria gets some more training in for Tyke
An Unexpected Surprise!: Plumeria Jungle - Ninja wins a battle and evolves!
Lending a Hand: Gingko Mountains - Aria gets involved in the Gingko Mountain Mudslide
A Short Side Story: Gingko Mountains - Aria finds a stranded Poochyena
The Aftermath: Hinoki Village - Aria deals with the aftermath of the mudslide
A Strange Turn of Events: Hinoki Village - Aria bumps into a stranger, who pawns off his Meowth on her.
Sakura Dreams: Hinoki Village - Aria enjoys the Cherry Blossom Festival with a special friend, and they discover their shared feelings for each other...

Chapter Two:
Summer, Year 1

Stumbling into Trouble: Jungle Ruins - Aria finds a sweet little Natu, who joins her team!
Even More Trouble...: Jungle Ruins - A wild Kadabra blocks her way back. She defeats it with Kaepora, but the delay causes her to be late getting back.
One Thing After Another: Plumeria Jungle - Aria gets into some serious trouble and is rescued by Vex, and the two spend the night in the jungle together.
A Mountain out of a Molehill: Gingko Mountains - Aria helps an injured Skiddo.
Fun in the Sun: Hibiscus Beach - Vex and Aria join in the Summer Sun Celebration at the beach.
A Sudden Surprise: Hibiscus Beach - Aria comes across a Lapras in need...

Chapter Three:
Fall, Year 1

A Lovely Picnic: Sycamore Springs - Aria visits Sycamore Springs, and makes a new acquaintance.
Dreams Do Come True: Sycamore Springs - Aria checks out a potential location for her pokémon rescue, and Vex pops the question!
And Another to Match: Sycamore Springs - Aria and Vex look at matching rings.
Sweet Sanctuary: Sycamore Sanctuary - The rescue receives its first visitor
It's Always Darkest before the Dawn: Sycamore Sanctuary - The rescue's first critical patient.
An Eventful Afternoon: Sycamore Sanctuary - Aria's Numel wants to help unpack so badly he evolves into Camerupt! Arashi plays tag with Serenity.

Chapter Four:
Sometime in the future...

Don't Get Lost in Heaven: Potpourri Harbor - Aria returns to Eden and meets someone new.
A Dress and a Mess: Primrose Town - An unfortunate altercation leads to a fortunate friendship.
Sea-side Chaos: Seaside Route - Aria helps a fellow trainer out on the road.

made by gimmick on gs
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