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 summer sun celebration!, now through july 31
 Posted: 7/5/17, 11:50 am
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summer sun celebration
a paradise special event
The folks down at Hibiscus Beach know a thing or two about summer. Many of the locals make their living in the vacation industry, and there’s one magical time of year that sees tourists coming in droves from all corners of the region and beyond. So, how does a coastal resort town capitalize on that golden window of opportunity? Cue the Summer Sun Celebration.

Held annually in July, this seaside festival is an ode to all things summer. Saturday finds the beaches full of picnickers, swimmers, and sunbathers, while the boardwalk carnival remains buzzing all day long. For the kids, there are whimsical pokémon “characters” suited up and travelling around the area to hand out pinwheels and balloons. And for the grown-ups, there’s music from live bands – and plenty of fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas to go around. And to cap it all off, the night ends with a big-budget fireworks display over the water.

Although the festivities all take place on a single day from an IC perspective, the Summer Sun Celebration will be open for player participation from now through July 31. If you happen to make an event-related thread in Hibiscus Beach, make sure to label it somehow so other players will know. Oh, and have fun~!
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