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 Jason Montgomery, Nightshade Operative
Lex Montgomery
 Posted: 7/16/17, 11:40 am
53 posts

Jason Alexander "Lex" Montgomery
thirty-two Male Nightshade Operative

Jason looks like a cop, period. You know, that buff body shape with muscular arms and shoulders, that short standard men’s haircut, that piercing gaze that immediately makes you want to hold your arms up in the air. He’s rugged, he’s intimidating, and he’s always standing straight at 6'1" with his toned arms folded across his chest and a serious expression. He has a very strict gym work-out routine. He rarely ever smiles.

Let’s start from the top. His hair is a dark, rustic brown, trimmed and buzzed neatly with just a hint of hair gel mixed in to keep the edges spiked. Under his thick, typically furrowed eyebrows are strikingly bright emerald colored eyes. His nose and mouth keep that rugged look, with a slight dimple on his chin tucked under his bottom lip, and his jaw (you guessed it) is sharp with chiseled edges.

His typical attire now that he’s a Nightshade Operative includes a black leather jacket over a tight black T-shirt. However, most of the time his leather jacket is slung over his left shoulder or his desk chair. An expensive silver watch with tiny diamond inlays at each hour mark is worn on his right wrist. No other jewelry is worn, however a faint strip of lighter skin wraps around his ring finger on his left hand, suggesting there was once a ring that made its home there.

Moving right along, his baggy black cargo pants are lined with pockets, pouches, zippers, and secret compartments, and are held up at his waist by a leather black belt with a chrome buckle. He wears only white socks folded just above his ankles. Military-grade combat boots are strapped and tied tightly around his ankles, and are also made of (you guessed it) black leather.

Underneath all of that, his skin is an even medium tan. His body hair is thin and light brown, but thicker on his chest and arms. His right arm is home to many scars of various shapes and sizes, condensed on his bicep but scattered as far down as his wrist and hand. The same style of scars are scattered down the right side of his chest and hip. None of his scars are bigger than a few inches, but there are many. Aside from those, his body is very well groomed, nails are always trimmed short. The most facial hair he ever has is 1-2 days old before he shaves again.
Jason takes life very seriously. He is always on alert, scanning his surroundings and analyzing everything. When he walks into a room, his first instinct is to make note of all possible exits, all items possibly used as weapons, any and all forms of security (video cameras, monitors, locks, etc.), and any and all living things that can see, hear, or harm him. He can easily pick up on the untold messages being told from a person’s body language. He can most often tell if someone is lying. He can always tell when someone is nervous or hiding something.

Life wasn’t always serious for Jason. Before and during his police academy years, he had a bright outlook and was always smiling. He had a fiancé, who was graduating medical school, and several buddies from the academy that were strong and honorable. He was kind, gentle, and caring in his home life, and strong-willed and determined in his work and school. He had a promising future and never let anything get him down. His favorite way to waste time was to sit around with some friends and his fiancé and drink a beer.

He is much more hardened now, due to the incident in his past. He has anger issues, and occasionally a blinding rage. It only ever comes out at work, but it is always lurking in the darkness inside him. He has no friends so far here in Eden yet, and his only family is his mother who he still visits every weekend. He has no interest in romance unless it involves zero commitment. To the people he works with, he is no joke. Do your work and do it right or there will be consequences.
Jason was born in Aspertia City, Unova, a small city nestled at the foot of the mountains. His father, Thomas, was a Captain at the Castelia Police Department, and his mother Joan was an elementary school teacher at the trainer school. He spent very little time with his father growing up, due to his job and commuting, but he is very close with his mother. He grew up an only child, but had plenty of friends at the trainer school in town.

As he got older, he wanted less and less to be an average Pokémon trainer and more and more like his father. He wanted to help people and keep them safe. As a young teenager, an incident involving Team Plasma confirmed his fate, and he vowed to bring them down someday. When he was old enough, he moved to Castelia and joined the police academy. He trained in martial arts during his off time. It was here he met Claudia, the love of his life. After two very good years he proposed, and the two planned to get married right after graduation and celebrate with their honeymoon. During his time at the academy he made some really good friends, including his best friend Ben. His buddies took to calling him "Jay" as a nickname and it stuck.

Things took a turn for the worst. The week before his graduation ceremony, an attack was made on the Castelia Police Department. Jason was shadowing his dad, and Claudia had brought him a packed lunch, so the three of them were taking a break. Some men walked in the lobby and opened fire on the employees and anyone that was nearby. Jason helped Claudia safely under one of the metal desks before joining his dad on the offensive. However, he was too late. One of the men charged into the back room and set off a bomb.

The blast destroyed the room and the offices, killed several people and wounded many more. Jason was just out of reach of the blast, but not of the flying debris, glass, and metal. He suffered numerous lacerations and punctures on his right side, arm, and hip. Jason’s father and his best friend Ben died instantly, and Claudia shortly after from internal bleeding. It wasn’t until after the autopsy that Jason found out Claudia was pregnant.

Losing his father, his fiancé, and unborn child in one go destroyed him. Even though he had completed the academia, he never went back to pick up his diploma. He gave up police work entirely. After a week in the hospital, he went back at home to be with his mother, grieve, and deal with funeral arrangements. The months following their deaths were filled with anger, rage, and regret. His mother broke down constantly. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to move and bring his mother with him. The change was necessary for them both.

Eden was a land of new beginnings. It was well-known for its scenic and almost therapeutic landscapes. His mother would be happy here. He had his sights on Ironwood City, being a big city boy himself, but he also wanted to keep his mother safe. They found their new home in Garland City, and settled in a lovely apartment along the canals. After they were all settled in, he traveled to Ironwood City to look for work. The fact that he had left home without grabbing his diploma weighed on his mind, but he was determined to find work outside of law enforcement.

It was there in Ironwood he learned about the crime syndicate Nightshade. He was able to identify and track down one of their grunts, and when they didn't giving up the information he wanted, things turned ugly. Whether it was from all the grief or all the anger that had been bottled up since the incident, he let loose on this grunt and nearly beat him to death. He finally got the information he needed, and left the beaten and bruised grunt lying in the street. If Nightshade was this regions "Team Plasma" then he had to find out more about them and how they work. He wasn't sure what his plan was, whether he wanted to join their rankings or bring them down from the inside (he still doesn't know). Either way, this is what he needed in that moment.

Jason found his way into Nightshade and climbed the ranks quickly. With years of police training under his belt his skills were already beyond impressive. Intimidation was Nightshade's specialty, and Jason was a natural. He quickly became his boss' right-hand man (who gave him the nickname "Lex"), easily retrieving any and all pokémon his boss wished for, no matter who they belonged to. At one point, Jason had even managed to steal a pokémon from one of their very own grunts (he must have been new). It wasn't long before the big boss herself began to recognize his talents and praise him.

One day, his Admin fell seriously ill. He was out of commission for several days, and ended up being hospitalized. While he was gone, Jason took the initiative and kept his operations running. He handled everything like it was his job, giving out orders and missions and dealing with any consequences that arose. Then, his admin passed away. His cause of death is still unknown to this day, and some suspect he was being poisoned. However, Jason was never accused (verbally) even though he knows the other grunts suspected him. They were too afraid of him to act on their suspicions though, especially after he was promoted to Operative shortly after. He took on his late Admin's responsibilities, and now runs his own division.
  • Nicknames: Jay (from his old life), Lex (his Nightshade life), and Monty
  • Birthday: October 11
  • Hobbies: Stealing pokémon or ordering others to steal them for you, selling pokémon on the black market, interrogating/torturing individuals for information, drinking beer
  • Dos: Respect and fear him
  • Don'ts: Bring up that he still lives with his mother
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Goals in Life: Unknown
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Lex Montgomery
 Posted: 7/16/17, 12:36 pm
53 posts

pokémon team

Torracat Male Blaze
D'Argo came as a gift from his mother when he was graduating from the police academy. The Litten was his first pokémon, as he had never had an interest in training them before. After the incident, Jason's mom felt he needed more protection, especially now that he has some big secret job in the big city. The Litten took to Jason right away, sensing some trouble in his spirit. The two are partners now, and he is rarely ever in his pokéball. He is quiet, loyal, and affectionate, but can also really put up a fight. He'd do anything to protect his trainer.

Moves: Scratch, Ember, Growl, Lick, Leer, Fire Fang, Roar, Bite, Swagger, Fury Swipes, Flamethrower, Scary Face
TM Moves: Flame Charge, Shadow Claw
MT Moves: Fire Pledge, Dual Chop

Battle Credits
[x] [x]

Pancham Male Iron Fist
This little troublemaker belonged to Jason's father, and was his "station pet" at the police station in Castelia City before he passed away. He was well-behaved at the office, helping Jason's dad file paperwork or organize his desk. When Jason's dad died, the little Pancham became restless, throwing fits and throwing things. Jason took him under his care and has since been training him. His behavior has improved drastically but he still throws tantrums occasionally.

Moves: Tackle, Leer, Arm Thrust, Work Up, Karate Chop, Comet Punch, Circle Throw
TM Moves: Payback
MT Moves: Dual Chop

Zangoose Female Immunity
Winona used to belong to Jason's boss. She dislikes just about everyone but for some reason really bonded with Jason when he climbed the ranks and became her trainer's right-hand man. When her trainer passed away from sudden illness, she latched onto Jason and didn't let go. She refuses to believe the rumors that Jason played a part in her trainer's death. Instead, she fights along with him, helping run the business just like she did before. She stays quiet most of the time, but has a playful side as well.

Moves: Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Fury Cutter, Pursuit, Hone Claws, Revenge, False Swipe, Embargo, Detect, Taunt, Swords Dance
TM Moves: Thief

Shiny Hakamo-o Female Bulletproof
Rovhu came to Lex from another well-accomplished mission in which pokémon were stolen, blood was spilled, and tears were cried. His boss was presented with several baby Jangmo-o, and as a show of appreciation his boss gave him the "odd-looking runt" that wasn't of any use to him anyway. The unusual pink tone of this particular Jangmo-o's scales made Lex think she was actually kind of cute. Despite being of smaller-than-average size, this little girl could really pack a punch. She can be just as gentle and affectionate as she is feisty and spunky, and it shows in her battling as well. Lex took her under his wing and gave her a chance, starting training and teaching her how to battle. Since then, she's evolved and grown to average size. She never turns down a chance to battle. Lex has grown quite fond of her.

Moves: Tackle, Leer, Bide, Protect, Dragon Tail, Scary Face, Headbutt, Work Up, Screech, Iron Defense, Dragon Claw, Noble Roar, Dragon Dance, Sky Uppercut

TM Moves: Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw
MT Moves: Iron Head, Aqua Tail

Lucario Female Inner Focus
This shy, quiet fighter was the first pokémon Jason stole for himself. She came in a large group of pokémon his team had stolen from a trainer group traveling through Eden. This small group of trainers caught Jason's attention because of the wide variety of breeds they were carrying with them, many of which were not native to Eden. He sent his team in to steal any pokémon that weren't native and bring them back. All but one went to Jason's boss, that one being Zhaan. She never fought, she never retaliated, and she never said a word. She was torn from her trainer and instead of throwing a fit like the others, she shut up and did everything she was told to do. Jason instantly admired her for that, seeing a strength in her he hadn't seen in quite some time. She carries out his orders quickly, efficiently, and without hesitation. She is the perfect weapon for him. She doesn't ask for sympathy or attention, even though he eventually began to treat her as one of his own. She probably hates him with every ounce of her being, but he finds that amusing and pushes her to her limits constantly. They have quite the interesting relationship.

Moves: Aura Sphere, Laser Focus, Foresight, Quick Attack, Detect, Metal Claw, Counter, Feint, Power-Up Punch, Swords Dance, Metal Sound, Bone Rush, Quick Guard, Calm Mind, Heal Pulse
TM Moves: Payback
MT Moves: Water Pulse
Egg Moves: Iron Defense, Bullet Punch, Vacuum Wave, Hi Jump Kick, Mind Reader, Detect, Circle Throw, Agility, Low Kick, Crunch

Battle Credits
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Shiny Charmander Male Blaze
Talyn found his way accidentally into Lex's arms... literally. He was finishing up a job at a local Pokémon Center (that shall remain unnamed), and this little guy was being being carried out against his will by his trainer. The trainer was angry and handling the Charmander a little too rough for Lex's liking, so Lex confronted him. The trainer tripped, and the Charmander flew into the air and right into Lex's arms. He buried his face in Lex's chest and cried for help, and after a few strong words from Lex the trainer agreed to give him up. Talyn is gentle and sweet, which isn't really Lex's type but he promised to protect him from there on out. With a little bit of training, he could learn to fight for himself.

Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen, Dragon Rage, Scary Face, Fire Spin

TM Moves: Rock Tomb

Battle Credits

Lex Montgomery
 Posted: 8/12/17, 10:12 am
53 posts

wish list



Lex Montgomery
 Posted: 9/17/17, 10:37 am
53 posts

other pokémon

Aron Male Sturdy
Lex accidentally tripped over this Aron while hiking out at Victory Road. The little guy put up a fight though! D'Argo was able to weaken him enough for Lex to catch him. Lex was quite impressed with his courage despite his size, and hopes to help him grow bigger and stronger. He's still getting to know him, but he's a feisty little guy and Lex likes that a lot.

Moves: Tackle, Harden, Mud-Slap, Metal Claw, Rock Tomb, Protect, Roar, Metal Sound, Iron Defense, Autotomize, Heavy Slam, Metal Burst
TM Moves: Bulldoze, Frustration

Druddigon Female Sheer Force
She is new to Jason's team. She was stolen from some rich snob visiting Ironwood on business and Jason felt like getting his hands a little dirty. So far, she seems apprehensive and shy, but open to the idea of working by his side.

Moves: Leer, Scratch, Hone Claws, Bite, Scary Face, Dragon Rage, Revenge, Dragon Tail
TM Moves: Aerial Ace
MTM Moves: Shock Wave

Beldum Genderless Clear Body
Lex was given this Beldum as a gift from his Admin for a job well done. He isn't really sure what he wants to do with Stark just yet, but he's figuring it out. For now, he trains him at the nearby Gym in Garland City whenever he has the time.

Moves: None.
TM Moves: None.

Litleo Female Rivalry
Lex received this little Litleo in a gambling bet. She is young, but offers quite the potential for what Lex is planning. In his spare time, he takes Sikozu and his other younger Pokémon to the nearby gym in Garland City to train.

Moves: Tackle, Leer, Ember, Work Up, Noble Roar, Endeavor, Echoed Voice, Incinerate

TM Moves: Flame Charge
Egg Moves: Yawn, Snatch, Flare Blitz

Zorua Male Illusion
Tauvo is an interesting little creature. Lex received him as a gift from his boss after a largely successful heist. Several Zorua were set loose from a breeding facility and a few of them were kept by Nightshade. So far, Tauvo is quiet and shy in public and quite the handful behind closed doors. Lex has witnessed him physically fighting his other pokémon until he is caught, and then pretends he wasn't just doing that. He is fierce in battle, and doesn't play nice. Lex likes that a lot and is very much looking forward to battling with him and pushing him to his limits.

Moves: Scratch, Leer, Pursuit, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, Feint Attack, Scary Face, Taunt, Torment, Agility, Punishment, Nasty Plot, Imprison

TM Moves: Toxic

Rockruff Male Vital Spirit
This little Rockruff was the happy ending to a very rough, violent night. Lex stole him from a ranger working on the Gingko Mountains. He meant for it to be quick and painless, but the encounter ended in a gunshot wound and the ranger bleeding and unconscious. Had it not been for Zhaan's sacrifice, they might not have gotten away with it. Luckily for Lex, the Rockruff puppy was young enough to not hold a grudge for long. He began to warm up to Lex and is now one of Lex's favorite pokémon. He plans to train him to be his right-hand canine. It takes some patience, Rockruff is a puppy after all, but he learns quickly.

Moves: Tackle, Leer, Sand Attack, Bite, Howl, Rock Throw, Odor Sleuth, Rock Tomb, Roar, Stealth Rock, Scary Face

TM Moves: Snarl
Egg Moves: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Crush Claw, Thrash, Sucker Punch

Battle Credits

Alolan Geodude Female Magnet Pull
Alolan Pokémon used to be hard to come by, and highly sought after by Nightshade groups. Due to their growing popularity, more and more Alolan versions of Pokémon have made their way to Eden. Lex was a little late to receive this news, and was still stealing any Alolan Pokémon he could get his hands on. When he presented this Geodude to his Admin, he was laughed at and humiliated in front of his grunts. Nobody wants an Alolan Geodude, especially not a female one. What was Lex thinking? The Admin wanted nothing to do with her, so Lex kept her. Part of him wanted to train her to be strong and show his Admin what he was missing out on... and the other part of him simply felt bad the little girl had nowhere to go and no one to care for her. She's rather shy and quiet, but Lex gives her a little treat and affection every now and then. She doesn't quite get the personal attention she needs, so the two often struggle to get along. However, Lex does care about her.

Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl, Charge, Rock Polish, Rollout, Rock Throw, Smack Down, Stealth Rock, Rock Blast

TM Moves: Brutal Swing

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