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 A Night in the Darkness, Lex Montgomery's Plotter
Lex Montgomery
 Posted: 7/25/17, 02:37 pm
53 posts

Jason Alexander "Lex" Montgomery
Plots & Ideas


Jason was born in Aspertia City, Unova, a small city nestled at the foot of the mountains. His father, Thomas, was a Captain at the Castelia Police Department, and his mother Joan was an elementary school teacher at the trainer school. He grew up an only child, but had plenty of friends at the trainer school in town. Wanting to follow in his father's footsteps, he moved to Castelia and joined the police academy. It was here he met Claudia, the love of his life. He had a wonderful life that included a loving family, a beautiful fiancé, and many friends.

A very unfortunate incident changed his life forever. While his fiancé visited Jason and his father at work, a terrorist attack was made on the police department in the form of a bomb. His father died instantly, and his fiancé sometime later due to severe internal injuries. It wasn't until later that Jason found out she was pregnant. His world collapsed, he quit the academy without picking up his diploma, and moved he and his mother to Garland City, Eden. Jason bottled up a lot of his anger and grief. He got mixed in with the wrong people. He ended up joining Nightshade's ranks and climbed them quickly. He now serves as a Nightshade Operative in Ironwood City.


Jason used to be that funny, quirky, handsome guy that everyone loved. He was polite and pleasant at family get togethers, he was clean-cut and professional at school and work, and was the highlight of the night at parties. He made friends easily and fast. He was popular. He was good-hearted and loyal. He'd come pick you up from the bar after you drank to much just to get you home safely. He'd offer to buy you lunch if you forgot your wallet. He was just an all around good guy.

Losing his father and his fiancé in one blow hit him hard. He is cold now. He is quiet. He rarely ever smiles and he most certainly doesn't laugh. Not unless it's an evil laugh after he just accomplished something evil. He trusts no one, and is not trustworthy himself. Deep down, the good guy he used to be is still in there, but he is far too afraid to come out and end up hurt again. He covers up his emotions with anger. He yells when he doesn't get what he wants exactly when he wants it. So, clearly making friends is not on his radar.

Currently, he had no friends. He barely even trusts the Nightshade grunts on his team.


When Jason was still in high school, he dated a lot. He was young, handsome, into sports and parties... it was hard not to admire him. He had big hopes and dreams, and an unbreakable confidence. Women were always very attracted to him, and he'd be lying if he said he hadn't taken advantage of one or a few of them. His fiancé Claudia was the love of his life, and after meeting her he never thought about another woman again. Her death, and the unborn child he didn't know about, left a hole in his heart that could never be filled again. He will never find a love like hers ever again.

He has not been with a woman since his fiancé. He has no interest in dating, but a man does have needs. If the situation presented itself, he might not say no to something without strings attached. However, he couldn't promise he wouldn't vanish the next morning and never speak to them again. It would take someone extremely special to even break through his shield, let alone capture his heart. He is so afraid of loving and losing again that he intentionally pushes women away. He'll often say hurtful things even if he doesn't mean them, in an attempt to protect them from himself.

Currently, Jason has no lovers.


Lots. In the short time it took Jason to climb the rankings of Nightshade and make it into the Operative's seat, he has pissed off a lot of people. He carried out his previous Admin's orders without hesitation, without question, and often over-killed. He went above and beyond. If his boss asked his team to steal pokémon from a table of businessmen at a meeting somewhere, he stole the entire room's pokémon. When his boss died from an unknown sickness, and Jason somehow ended up in his place, he lost the trust of his fellow team members and quickly replaced it with fear. Jason is not to be messed with.

Currently, Jason has no enemies that he knows of.

Possible Plots

  • A Nightshade Mission- Jason needs help completing a large-scale mission
  • A Nightshade Encounter- Jason steals someone's pokémon
  • Internal Matters- Another nightshade member accuses him of murder, or makes fun of him for still living with his mother
  • Nightshade Recruiting- As an Operative Jason can recruit new members
  • A Night Out- Jason takes a night off, runs into some trouble, a woman, etc.
  • A Blast from the Past- Jason runs into an old friend, classmate, etc.

If you have any ideas or would like to meet Jason, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Threads in the Works...

  • Seeking shelter after run in with Nox at Lisbeth's lab in Gingko Mts

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