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December 25 – Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all those celebrating! There's been an update regarding the open gym and elite positions, so please check out this thread if you think you might be interested in applying for a spot! Here's wishing you all a happy new year~!


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 Wu Yan-zu, Fighting-Type Eden Elite
Wu Yan-zu
 Posted: 10/4/17, 08:23 pm
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Eden Elite

Wu Yan-zu
Thirty-Two Male Fighting-Type Eden Elite

Wu Yan-zu stands tall at literally a hair under 6ft, and weighs about 145lbs. His hair is short, tousled up with hair gel, so dark brown it is often mistaken as black. His skin is softly tanned, rugged, and without imperfections. The only wrinkles you ever see is between his thick eyebrows when he's concentrating. Deep brown eyes that make women (and some men) swoon look out behind thick eyelashes. His nose is long, also flawless as even in all his years of combat he's never had it broken. His lips are thin, a perfect shade of pinkish red, often curled at one end in a smirk.

His professional wear includes a deep red leather jacket over a silk black collared shirt. Long dark pants of either black or brown show off his height and are usually paired with black boots. However, he is usually caught before, during, or after a work-out session, which involves a much more comfortable attire. Typically, a white or black sleeveless top stretches over his abs, and long black shorts stretch down past his knees. Socks and comfortable sneakers are the best for his workouts.

He has several tattoos that are conveniently able to be hidden under his professional clothing. The half-sleeve on his right arm looks like a tribal-tattoo mess to the untrained public, but is rather a delicate weaving of chinese characters, respresenting important chapters of his life so far. He hopes as the time goes on to fill up his entire arm of memories. The chinese symbol for "love" is tattooed on the left side of his chest, over his heart. He does not care for piercings.
Wu is quiet, gentle, and kind. He tends to several bonsai trees and various gardens at his current home in Garland City. He absolutely adores his Pangoro, Taolu, who was the first pokémon he had met here in Eden. Only a runt Pancham at the time, the little guy put up a fight when Wu tried to capture him, and has been a little spitfire ever since.

On the other hand, Wu is strong, stern, and disciplined. He takes his training and physical health very seriously, as well as his pokémon's. He eats a scientifically-balanced hand-made diet, and hand cooks healthy food for his pokémon. Since he grew up following his dreams, he encourages everyone he meets to do the same. He believes in fighting for what you believe in, and never giving up. He also believes in equality and not only standing up for your rights, but the rights of others as well.

One thing he will never admit or talk about is how lonely he is. His lifestyle is complicated, following a very strict routine that is hard for others to jump into. He dreams of meeting a woman who is as passionate about martial arts as he is, although in his dreams he struggles to picture anyone else but Catherine. Also, growing up as an only child, he didn't learn a lot about sharing, being around someone constantly, learning to compromise, and get along with others. Relationships are hard for him because he is rarely willing to change his schedule or routine to accomodate a partner. Still, he dreams he'll meet the woman of his dreams someday and she'll be able to take him down in a fight.
Wu Yan-zu spent his childhood in Saffron City, Kanto as an only child with his mother and father. As a kid, he dreamed of being the best fighter in all of the regions. He grew up absorbed in Kung Fu movies, learning Taekwondo, and learning the history of all things martial arts. His idol was a famous female martial arts trainer, she was not only very attractive but also the most powerful woman in all of Unova, if not the world. When he was of age, he moved to Unova in hopes to meet her and train under her.

When the day finally came and he met the famous Catherine, the image he had of her was shattered. She refused to see him or speak to him, was very angry, and took her anger out on the various objects (or people) around her. She stated she was no longer training newcomers and told him to give up and go home. He hadn't admitted it to himself, but he had a crush on her and was heartbroken to find out she wasn't who everyone thought she was. So, out of pain and frustration, Wu vowed to be the strongest fighter in all of the regions, including her.

Wu began to train. He studied every single type of martial arts. He found he had talent in all of them, but in particular Wushu. He trained, joined competitions, and eventually mastered the art. It's still his favorite type of martial art, but he has also dabbled in Boxing and Kung Fu. His goal was to start by owning his own Fighting-Type Gym. He started as a trainer at a gym in Unova, but the region didn't have a Fighting-type specific gym. So he worked his way up the ranks and eventually, bought a building of his own. His gym was the only gym focused entirely on Fighting-type pokémon in all of Unova. He was of course, the leader.

Over the years, his gym grew more and more popular. Not only did his gym offer pokémon that were uncommonly seen in Unova, his skills in both pokémon fighting and martial arts were very impressive. Word of his accomplishments began to spread, and he developed a pretty solid name for himself. He trained hard every day, the work was beginning to pay off. Soon, he'd be famous enough to rival Catherine and hopefully get an audience with her. If possible, he'd challenge her to a match in hopes to defeat her and be known as the best fighter in the world. Until that happened, he'd continue to train both himself and his pokémon.

One day at the gym, he overheard word from the Eden Region, that the Fighting-Type Eden Elite member had resigned. Being a gym leader was one thing, but being an Elite member was an entirely different story. Something in his gut told him this was the path he needed to follow. So, he organized and designed a Fighting-type Pokémon Only competition, in which he'd invite trainers all over the world to come partake in. They would battle each other competition style, until only one remained. That person would challenge Wu himself, who had still to that day been undefeated. If the trainer won, he or she would receive a monetary prize and a job offering at his gym. If Wu remained undefeated, he would set out towards Eden and apply for the Elite position.

What he didn't know, was that the Eden Elite were already well aware of his skills and accomplishments. As soon as the previous Elite member resigned, they began scouting for talented and well-renown Fighting-type trainers and leaders. The name Wu Yan-zu was already on their radar, and they were already watching him closely. When the trainer that made it to the final round did indeed lose to Wu, his cell phone rang. The Eden Elite were interested in him for the position and offered to fly him out for an interview. On top of a monetary prize, Wu offered the trainer his leadership position and took the first flight available out to Eden. He was fully confident he'd be perfect for the position.
Women make him nervous.
He has trust issues.
His weakness is candy.
His favorite color is blood red.
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Wu Yan-zu
 Posted: 10/4/17, 09:23 pm
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Eden Elite

elite pokémon team

Mega Blaziken Male Blaze
Sikaran is named after a Philippines martial art that focuses almost exclusively on kicking.

Wu acquired Sikaran as a Torchic, of course. During his travels, he came across a group of them up for adoption by a local breeder. Most of them had been claimed already, but one of them still hadn't. He was a shy little thing that would need a lot of socialization. Wu liked a challenge, and adopted him on the spot. Anything that took work was worth it. Sure enough, the little Torchic took some effort but grew up into a very strong, confident fighter. He evolved into Blaziken during Wu's fighting-type competition before coming to Eden. Sikaran and Taolu are the only two pokémon Wu keeps outside of their pokéballs.

Moves: Blaze Kick, Double Kick, Flare Blitz, Fire Punch, High Jump Kick, Scratch, Growl, Ember, Sand Attack, Peck, Flame Charge, Quick Attack, Bulk Up, Focus Energy, Slash, Brave Bird, Sky Uppercut

TM Moves: Earthquake, Fire Blast, Rock Slide, Poison Jab

Mega Lucario Female Inner Focus
Sanda's name comes from Wushu. Competitive Wushu is composed of two disciplines: taolu (forms) and sanda (sparring).

Ryu came as a gift from Wu's father. When Wu first left home to train, his father wasn't very supportive and the two grew apart. After Wu became successful and was invited to Eden, his father surprised him with a Riolu and wished him the best. She was quite small, but she took to Wu instantly and was very willing to learn and train. Wu often found her quite charming, watching her attempt to lift weights with him. However, she took to martial arts much easier and practiced Wushu with him every single day. Now, as a Lucario, she continues to be his sparing partner in mostly all of his martial arts practices.

Moves: Aura Sphere, Laser Focus, Foresight, Quick Attack, Detect, Metal Claw, Counter, Feint, Power-Up Punch, Swords Dance, Metal Sound, Bone Rush, Quick Guard, Work Up, Calm Mind, Heal Pulse, Close Combat, Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed

TM Moves: Psychic, Dark Pulse, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball

Mega Gallade Male Steadfast
His nickname comes from Shuri-Ryu, a martial arts style that combines elements of Karate and Kung Fu.

During his journey, Wu came across Shuri as a tiny little Ralts in Amaranth Forest. He was sick and hiding under some leaves. The nearest pokémon center was pretty far out of his way, but Wu couldn't leave the little guy alone. He took him in and carried him to the nearest pokémon center, getting him the help he needed. The Ralts of course wouldn't leave his side after that. Just like all of his pokémon, Wu put Ralts on a strict diet and exercise routine, and it wasn't long before he grew stronger. As he grew, he joined up with Wu's other pokémon and began training in his gym. Now, a fully-evolved Gallade, Shuri is just as keen as he is strong. He is very intelligent, taking on the demeanor of his trainer and mostly keeping to himself.

Moves: Slash, Stored Power, Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Leer, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Quick Guard, Fury Cutter, Aerial Ace, Heal Pulse, Wide Guard, Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, Helping Hand, Feint, False Swipe, Protect

TM Moves: Psyshock, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam

Hawlucha Male Limber
Shaolin Kung Fu is a well known style of Kung Fu.

Shaolin came to Wu sometime during his traveling through Kalos to Eden. A trainer had been looking for a trade, and Wu had offered up one of his own that he hadn't trained yet. The Hawlucha was rather loud and obnoxious to start, but with a little bit of discipline from Wu he learned to behave himself. When allowed, he is still rather loud and excitable, especially in battle. He is one of the six pokémon that Wu trains with at his gym.

Moves: Detect, Tackle, Hone Claws, Karate Chop, Wing Attack, Roost, Aerial Ace, Encore, Fling, Flying Press, Bounce, Endeavor, Feather Dance, High Jump Kick, Sky Attack, Sky Drop, Swords Dance

TM Moves: Focus Blast, Fly, X-Scissor, Steel Wing

Pangoro Male Iron Fist
Taolu's name comes from Wushu. Competitive Wushu is composed of two disciplines: taolu (forms) and sanda (sparring).

One of Wu's most favorite pokémon is his Taolu. Wu came across him as a little Pancham while hiking through the Gingko Mountains on his way to the Eden League. The little guy was extremely feisty, and refused to get captured without giving it everything he had. Wu admired his courage and determination and the two immediately took to each other. They've been best friends ever since. He was the first to join Wu in his training and is still the most loyal and disciplined. Taolu and Sikaran are the only two pokémon Wu keeps outside of their pokéballs.

Moves: Bullet Punch, Hammer Arm, Low Sweep, Entrainment, Tackle, Leer, Arm Trust, Work Up, Karate Chop, Comet Punch, Slash, Circle Throw, Vital Throw, Body Slam, Crunch, Parting Shot, Sky Uppercut, Taunt

TM Moves: Earthquake, Brick Break, Shadow Claw, Surf

Mienshao Female Regenerator
Her name came from Vale Tudo, a Brazilian martial arts system.

Vale was a congratulatory gift from Wu's mother when he was accepted into the Eden League. At the time, she was a shy little Mienfoo that was terrified of everything and refused to train or fight. She would cower behind Wu's leg anytime a person or pokémon approached. At first, Wu was even more strict with her, hoping she'd see that it was his way or the highway. She never gave in though, which encouraged Wu to maybe take a different approach with her. Rather than being tough on her, he tried a more gentle, understanding approach. She blossomed. Instantly she became engaged, encouraged to make Wu proud, and began training with the rest of his pokémon. Now, she's a strong, confident Mienshao with quite the attitude, and he loves it.

Moves: Aura Sphere, Reversal, Pound, Meditate, Detect, Fake Out, Double Slap, Swift, Calm Mind, Force Palm, Drain Punch, Jump Kick, U-turn, Wide Guard, Bounce, Hi Jump Kick, Reversal

TM Moves: Stone Edge, Giga Impact, Payback, Hyper Beam

Wu Yan-zu
 Posted: 10/11/17, 08:50 am
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Eden Elite

personal pokémon team

Chespin Male Overgrow
Kyudo is a Japanese martial arts style focused on archery.

Kyudo was the first pokémon Wu received as a young lad. As excited as Wu was to finally have a pokémon of his own, he was still very focused on his studies and training, which explains why Kyudo hasn't grown much stronger. He'll join Wu at the gym and help hand him weights, but that's the only physical exercise he got for a long time. Now that they live in Eden, Wu promised to start training him and the other pokémon. Kyudo is quiet but playful, loves to cuddle, and admires his trainer's strength and dedication. Just being Wu's pokémon makes him happy.

Moves: Growl, Vine Whip, Rollout, Bite, Leech Seed, Pin Missile, Mud Shot, Bulk Up, Pain Split

TM Moves: Smack Down

Tepig Male Blaze
Dambe is an African martial arts focused primarily on boxing but it also uses kicking techniques.

Dambe joined Wu's team during his travels from Kanto to Sinnoh. He had come across a trainer looking to clean out his pokémon as if they were toys in a closet. Wu was so disturbed by the trainer's insensitivity that he confronted him, and almost ended up in a fist fight. In the end, Wu took in one of the pokémon in fear of it being abandoned. The pokémon turned out to be rather cute, a small fiery piglet. He's quite the handful, but Wu has grown to love him like his other pokémon. Dambe is energetic, full of spunk, a spitfire so-to-speak. Wu compares him to a toddler that needs to run several laps around the house.

Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Oder Sleuth, Defense Curl, Flame Charge, Smog, Rollout, Heat Crash, Roar

TM Moves: Work Up

Poliwhirl Male Water Absorb
Sanshou is a martial arts style developed for the Chinese military. It is focused on combat training and combines elements of kung fu, grappling and self-defense techniques.

This little Poliwag was a gift to Wu by his grandfather before he left home. As of right now, Wu isn't all that impressed with him and doesn't often choose him for battles. However, he's held onto him throughout the years because his grandfather promised he'd grow into a strong fighter. Wu remains skeptical. The little tadpole does bring some amusement to the team though. He's rather slick, so his feet don't get a lot of traction and he often slips off of things, or just standing still. Because he is often laughed at, Sanshou keeps to himself and doesn't act out much. Every now and then he has enough and throws a fit, soaking Wu and whoever else is around.

Moves: Water Sport, Water Gun, Hypnosis, Bubble, Double Slap, Rain Dance, Body Slam, Bubble Beam, Mud Shot, Belly Drum, Wake-Up Slap, Mud Bomb

TM Moves: Brick Break, Surf

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