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 Evangelos Kim, Nightshade Operative, Pokémon Groomer
Evan Kim
 Posted: 11/8/17, 09:37 am
3 posts

Evangelos Taehun Kim
twenty-two MALE nightshade operative/pokémon groomer

Tipping the scales at 119 pounds and standing at a mere 5' 4.6" – yes, that 0.6" is very important to someone who doesn't have much to begin with – Evan is pint-sized, as much as he refuses to admit it. It doesn't help that he looks pretty adorable too. His features are delicate, and his already tiny eyes are further reduced to slits when he smiles, giving him a striking resemblance to a Skitty. Further reinforcing that impression is his hair that's often dyed in various light or pastel shades.

Evan's casual outfits are an uncomplicated mix-and-match of comfortable and understated articles, mostly in solid colours or simple patterns. He favours loose-fitting clothes, particularly oversized sweaters or long-sleeved shirts that gives him the "sweater-paw" look. When he's at work, he goes for a neat and preppy style, which he usually achieves by layering a collared shirt under a sweater or vest.

As a member of Nightshade, Evan is required to wear the organisation's insignia. However, he seldom wears the pin or sash openly because he doesn't want the authorities to find out that he is affiliated to Nightshade, and that his team uses his shop as its base of operations. Instead, he carries with him a black and purple diamond-shaped keychain.
Looks can be deceiving, and this adage rings true especially for Evan on multiple levels. Owing to his diminutive size and bright smile, people often underestimate him and dismiss him as nothing more than a playful, goofy and cute kid. He’s normally pretty easygoing, and he can get a little rowdy when he’s with his close friends. Also, he’s shy and gets embarrassed easily as a result of how self-consciousness he is, and normally deflects any unwanted attention and teasing by laughing them off.

However, Evan is in reality a very serious person who’s mature beyond his years. He takes care of others around him and is comfortable assuming responsibility and taking charge of any situation he's in. Like a typical older brother who has nothing but tough love for his ‘younger siblings’, he doesn’t shy away from saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done for the good of his friends. That said, he's sensitive enough to recognise when he needs to nuance his words and when he can afford to be brutally honest. An incorrigible perfectionist, he strives to do his best in anything he commits himself to, in particular Pokémon grooming (his profession) and music (his ‘first love’, as he puts it). And when he’s hard at work doing something he’s good at and passionate about, he displays his professionalism and quiet confidence that is quite unexpected coming from someone who appears so young and inexperienced.

While Evan usually doesn’t bother himself with minor transgressions and tends to let the little and inconsequential things slide, it’s not difficult to get into his bad books. He cannot tolerate people who don't treat him seriously, or try to exploit or manipulate him. When Evan gets angry, he doesn't fly into a rage, but instead goes into a state of tranquil fury and guilt trips others. While it is honestly quite frightening to watch, ultimately Evan's all bark and no bite.

For someone who's so concerned about the people around him, Evan ironically doesn't accord others the same insights into his personal life. Indeed, there's a lot more to him that he lets on. In particular, he has a darker side that only a handful of his fellow Nightshade members have seen before. When he’s dealing with people he hates or otherwise couldn’t care less about, he is cold and emotionally detached; he has no qualms befriending them only to exploit or betray them without batting an eyelid, and often without them even suspecting that it was Evan who had stabbed them in the back. Despite his usually subtle modus operandi, he is much more ruthless and direct when he's dealing with the small handful of people whom he has a personal vendetta against. He will pull out all the stops and use any method at his disposal to exact his revenge, even instructing his Pokémon (usually his Dhelmise) to attack them.
​Hailing from an unremarkable middle-class family in Lilycove City, Evan was told that as long as he worked hard, he would succeed in life. As the eldest child, he felt that he needed to be a role model for his younger siblings, and that further spurred him onwards. That was, until his life was turned upside down by an accident.

When he was in middle school, Evan was on a school trip to one of the small islands off the Hoenn mainland. While making a turn, the ferry started listing heavily to one side and quickly capsized in the shallow coastal waters. Everyone onboard were caught by surprise, including the crew. Chaos ensued, and many of the passengers were trapped in the flooded decks of the ferry. Somehow Evan was separated from his classmates and ended up alone in one of the passageways in the lower deck. He tried to swim out to look for his friends but the doors were all sealed shut by the intense water pressure. Water kept pouring into the passageway, and the tiny air pocket he was relying on was becoming smaller and smaller as the hours went by. Almost a day passed and he still remained trapped. Just as he thought he was going to die, there was a terrible sound of metal being ripped apart, and before he knew it, something tore a massive gash in the hull of the ship. Water gushed in, but at the same time something wrapped around his leg and pulled him out of the sunken ship. His rescuer turned out to be a mass of seaweed wrapped around a huge anchor – a Dhelmise, as he later found out.

Evan reached the surface of the water, where he was picked up by the rescue crew. He was one of the lucky survivors; around half of the passengers (including some of his friends and teachers) were found dead inside the flooded compartments of the ferry. For the next few months, he was too traumatised by the tragedy to even leave his house, much less attend school. Initially the medications and psychotherapy sessions didn't help, until his psychiatrist gifted him a Ralts as a companion. Thanks to the feeling Pokémon, Evan's condition improved gradually, and he was well enough to return to school the following year.

Weeks after the tragedy, investigations revealed that the ferry had capsized because it was overloaded, and the operator had been blatantly breaching multiple safety regulations for years. That prompted the families of the victims and survivors to sue the ferry operator, and before they knew it they found themselves stuck as the court case dragged on with seemingly no end in sight. The operator's parent company was a powerful conglomerate that simply pinned the blame on the ship's crew and practically got away scot-free, apart from the meagre compensation for the victims' families that they gave "out of goodwill". All attempts to seek proper redress for the victims failed, and one by one the families of the victims ran out of money and energy to continue the fight. Likewise, Evan's family was forced to give up.

With no salvage operation scheduled till the next year, the half-sunken ferry remained where it had capsized outside Lilycove City's harbour, a constant grim reminder of how the rich and powerful were seemingly above the law. He eventually came to a realisation that would change his life and outlook forever: hard work and honesty wasn't going to help him climb up the social ladder or help him succeed. The only thing that mattered was power. Those with enough connections, influence and resources could do anything they desired at the expense of everyone else, and they could easily squish anyone like an ant if they chose to.

It was at that point in time when a member of Team Aqua approached Evan and asked if he would like to join the criminal organisation to get back at those who needed to be "taken down a few notches". He didn't ask Evan to decide immediately, and instead handed him a slip of paper with an address on it, asking him to drop by when he had made up his mind.

In retrospect that opportunity came as no coincidence, but Evan didn't care. All he wanted was to fight for justice, even if it meant breaking a few rules along the way. That night, he was walking aimlessly while considering the Team Aqua member's invitation when he found himself at the waterfront again. The abandoned ferry lay in the water like a grotesque tombstone, and the sight of it reignited his anger. Suddenly, he spotted something moving in the water, and before he could react, a massive anchor that wrapped in seaweed rose up from the water. It was the Dhelmise that had saved him during the accident. The Pokémon floated over and looked at him with its one eye, seemingly telling him that he should do what he felt was right. Evan reached out and touched the Dhelmise, asking if it would help him, to which the Pokémon nodded and allowed him to capture it. Later that night, he officially joined Team Aqua.

Evan didn't stay in Team Aqua for long; his father was offered a chance to work in a newly set-up branch office in Eden, and the entire family moved to Potpourri Harbour. Evan, who was a freshman at high school, transferred to Primrose Academy. He soon got wind of the local criminal organisation, Nightshade, and joined its ranks behind his parents' backs. A few years later, he graduated and started working full time as a Pokémon groomer, and eventually with some financial aid from his parents, he opened his own grooming salon in Hibiscus Beach. By then he was a full-fledged Nightshade operative, and he was given his own team of grunts to lead.

Presently, Evan divides his time between his legitimate business and Nightshade's cybercrime and Pokémon trading operations. He's still going after those who abuse their privileged positions in society; while Nightshade is no chivalrous organisation, thus far its goals are aligned with his personal agenda, and that's enough to convince him to stay.
  • Evan's birthday falls on November 8.
  • Due to the ferry accident, Evan still has a crippling fear of water and boats. He's trying to overcome his phobia: presently he's alright with waterfronts (as long as there's a sturdy railing between him and the sea), swimming pools, and knee-deep natural bodies of water, but that's about it. He reckons he might be okay with small open boats like rowboats, but the point is moot since the river/lake/sea the boat is in would trigger his phobia anyway.
  • On a related note, Evan gets anxious too when he travels by plane, particularly if the plane has to fly over water.
  • Evan is a talented musician, and played in several bands during his school days. He still is very passionate about music and performing, but he does not want to turn his hobby into work.
  • Though Evan's band was quite popular in school, and he had his fair share of adoring fans, he was never in a relationship. There was a popular joke that suggested that senpai (i.e. Evan) was too short to notice anyone.
  • For someone as tiny as Evan, he's surprisingly good at basketball. When he was younger he heard that playing basketball makes people grow taller and was an avid player. Clearly that didn't work out for him.

With the exception of Leviathan, his Dhelmise, the Pokémon in Evan's Nightshade team are named after the Angels from the Evangelion series.

Evan names the Pokémon in his personal team after flowers or confections.
made by gimmick on gs

pokémon team
nightshade team

personal team

Please leave a message at Evan's adoptable/tradable thread if you wish to adopt or trade any of these Pokémon.

Currectly, Evan has no Pokémon up for adoption/trading :(

Evan Kim
 Posted: 11/8/17, 09:43 am
3 posts

nightshade team

DHELMISE Genderless Steelworker SILVER
While Levi's sheer size and intimidating appearance might mislead others into thinking that it as a violent and uncontrollable creature, the Dhelmise is instead utterly loyal to Evan and follows his commands to the letter. As such, Evan trusts Levi very much and often relies on it during Nightshade's operations. Nonetheless, due to how large it is and the potential damage it might cause to its surroundings, Evan rarely lets it out of its Poké Ball.

Levi first met Evan when it rescued him from the capsized ferry. Subsequently, Evan encountered the Dhelmise again after he received an offer to join Team Aqua. Having sensed his fear when he was trapped in the rapidly flooding ship and his fury when they met a second time, the sea creeper Pokémon agreed to lend him its strength and allowed him to capture it.

Moves: Switcheroo • Absorb • Growth • Rapid Spin • Astonish • Mega Drain • Wrap • Gyro Ball • Metal Sound • Whirlpool • Heavy Slam • Giga Drain • Anchor Shot • Shadow Ball • Energy Ball • Slam • Phantom Force • Toxic™ • Protect™ • Pain Split [MT] • Synthesis [MT]

Battles to next tier: ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆

Last bred: 11 Dec, 2017

Larvitar Male Guts BRONZE

Moves: Bite • Leer • Sandstorm • Screech • Scary Face • Payback • Smack Down™

Battles to next tier: ☆☆☆☆☆

Last bred: [nil]

personal team

Sweet-natured and caring, Iris is a kind-hearted Pokémon who enjoys taking care of others. She is usually calm and clear-headed, and she's even able to remain composed and act logically and decisively even in stressful situations, such as when anyone around her is in danger. Given how she met Evan, she is extremely attached to and protective of him, and remains as one of his most trusted Pokémon, the other being Levi, his Dhelmise.

Iris is Evan's first Pokémon, given to him by his psychiatrist after the ferry accident to help him recover from his post-traumatic stress disorder. The feeling Pokémon was able to sense his fears and managed to earn his trust, and with her support and help he was able to recover.

Moves: Growl • Confusion • Double Team • Teleport • Disarming Voice • Lucky Chant • Magical Leaf • Heal Pulse • Draining Kiss • Calm Mind • Imprison • Charm • Hypnosis • Stored Power • Protect™ • Pain Split [MT]

Battles to next tier: ☆☆☆☆☆

Last bred: [nil]

Ditto Genderless Imposter BRONZE
Marshmallow is a troublemaker who does as it pleases and doesn't listen to anyone at all. Evan only managed to keep it in check after realising that it loves to play games, so whenever he needs Marshmallow to do anything, he has to turn it into a game with clear rules and a win comdition that Marshmallow has to fulfill. Thus far this method is working out pretty well.

Evan acquired (or in his own words: "liberated from the tyranny of an abusive trainer whom I happen to dislike") Marshmallow after stealing its Poké Ball along with its previous trainer's personal information. According to the system log the Ditto was released back into the wild, though in reality Evan freed it from its original Poké Ball in his shop and promptly caught it using his own Poké Ball before registering Marshmallow as his own.

Moves: Transform

Battles to next tier: ☆☆☆☆☆

Last bred: 11 Dec, 2017

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