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 Theodore Grimsby, Poison Specialist
Theo Grimsby
 Posted: 11/23/17, 02:05 am
7 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Theodore Grimsby
Nineteen MALE Trainer

Theo stands at six feet and two inches, weighing in at only 68 kg leaving him with a tall and stretched out frame. He doesn't have much in the way of a muscle build. His limbs are long and thin, bones visible at various joints against his skin. His lanky build combined with a paper white tone to his skin gives him a sickly look though it is far from the case. Theo keeps his hair dyed a consistent shade of purple though never bothering to style or cut it. The majority of the time he clips his bangs up into his hair to keep them from getting into his face. His eyes are a deep shade of blue that themselves are borderline purple. On a rare occasion he can be seen wearing glasses though normally tries to hide the need for them.

On his right leg he sports two large circular puncture wound scars where he was bitten by a Ariados in his early childhood. Another long scar goes along the inside of his lower right arm from a severe broken bone he received as a child. Both of these are hardly ever visible as Theo prefers to dress in layers. Using baggy clothes to cover his lanky frame he dresses in torn jeans and oversized hooded sweat shirts, his favorite being a black and purple striped hoodie that he wears even when its far too warm out. That's not to say he doesn't have an appreciation for style. Theodore loves to dress up in an old gray suit of his fathers with a purple tie for his own touch but only when the situation calls for it. When colder weather comes into play he wears a heavy patched trench coat that is more tattered than stylish. There is never a time he doesn't have his music readily available in a pair of headphones that he normally has placed around his neck.
First and foremost Theo is a gentleman, having been raised to treat people with the utmost respect he does do much to make waves. His chivalrous nature is second to none and one would have to go a long way to make him bitter towards them. This is double for women, Theo tends to have a soft spot for any woman kind enough to give him the time of day.

While he doesn't strive for much in life he loves helping others with their goals. Often he spends his time going out of his way to make other people's lives better, it gives him a true sense of achievement. He is selfless, thinking of himself and his own dreams last. Theo would give the shirt off his back for a stranger in need if such a need were to arise. When he isn't taking care of others he has his own achievements he hopes to achieve. Though he is in no rush Theo is determined to become a master of Poison type Pokemon. Its not due to distastes of other types simply a drive to follow in his father's goals. While he does find League battles interesting it isn't a milestone in his goals. Simply a test to show his skill in his craft. He is quick to become excited when coming across a Poison type Pokemon, often forgetting the task at hand in the distraction.

Aside from helping others and pursuing his own goals the young trainer is a relaxed individual. His down time is filled with lounging about and the occasional midday nap. People watching is an old habit having spent so much time in the city. Music is a constant he insists on keeping in his life at all times. It can encompass his attention to the point he seems to shut out the world.
Born in Virban, most of Theo's young life was spent in the city. His father was a researcher whose primary focus was working with Poison Pokemon. Not the most glamorous of fields but his father's passion for the commonly disliked Pokemon drove his work in the field. From a young age Theo had caught the interest as well. It started slow, reading through his father's research and following him as he went out on expeditions looking for particular subjects for his studies. When Theo was only seven he followed his father into a nest of Ariados, not paying attention to his surroundings he was caught off guard. The brood mother of the swarm caught a hold of his leg in its mandibles leaving a sizeable wound on his leg. This brought his secret expeditions to a quick end. His father recognized his interest and instead of scolding Theo for his curiosity he fed into it.

Theo worked as his father's assistant from that point on. Under his tutelage the young trainer shined. Quickly picking up on all his father had taught him and even making his own contributions by the time he reached ten years old. They traveled from region to region looking for and studying the Poison Pokemon unique to each place they went. It was in Alola his father befriended a Pokemon that immediately took up Theo's attention. His father's Toxapek quickly became a close companion to the pair, though it was short lived. Theo's father fell ill, confining the pair to their home along with his mother. It was hard for him to process, driving Theo into a dark time in his life.

Starting into his teenage years Theo had to find his own way. With his father being sickly and his mother caring for him it left the boy to hours fending for himself as he worked his way out into the city. Virbank had plenty to offer but what took the hold of Theo's interest was the underground music scene. It was in this hard time that he found solace in music. His focus fell away from his fathers studies and shifted to music. It was a nice distraction from his father's sickness, he even took to picking up a Bass Guitar in his spare time, but the peace was short lived. When Theo was sixteen his father finally passed from his illness, it devastated the teen.

In the aftermath of the tragedy he was bestowed with his inheritance. Theo's mother gave him the bulk of his father's research and an egg, from his father's prized Toxapek that had come into his mother's care. Taking the egg into his care Theo set off on his own journey, his father's legacy driving him towards an uncharted future.
  • Has an irrational fear of Ariados from childhood drama
  • Favorite color is purple
  • Loves Grunge, Rap and EDM music
  • Favorite Pokemon is Toxapek
  • Still likes pokemon other than Poison type
made by gimmick on gs
Theo Grimsby
 Posted: 11/23/17, 02:06 am
7 posts
Pokémon Trainer

pokémon team

Mareanie female merciless silver teir
Ursula is Theo's prized Pokemon. She's the descendant of his father's Toxapek and has been on his team since the beginning of his journey. He tends to let her out of her Pokeball more often than the rest of his team.

When she first hatched from her egg she was incredibly shy, preferring to hide inside her tentacles. It was only through hours of hard work and dedication that Theo was able to win over her trust. She is a loyal companion to him, the two growing close over years of working with one another. She tends to be shy towards new people and Pokemon she hadn't met but in battle she and Theo are a refined power duo.

Moves: Poison Sting, Peck, Bite, Toxic Spikes, Wide Guard, Recover, Venoshock, Poison Jab, Venom Drench, Pin Missle, Liquidation,

TMs: Frost Breath, Surf

MTMs: Water Pulse, Iron Defense

Croagunk Male Dry Skin bronze teir
Toxer is the first Pokemon Theo caught out in the wild on one of his expeditions. He is a bit of a tough act. Often he goes out of his way to prove his strength and challenge Pokemon even when unprovoked. He can be a handful but a good fighter.

Moves: Astonish, Mud-Slap, Poison Sting, Taunt, Pursuit, Feint Attack, Revenge, Swagger, Nasty Plot, Flatter

TMs: Power-Up Punch

MTMs: Dual-Chop

Bulbasaur Female Overgrow bronze teir
Persephone befriended Theo during a brief visit to the Kanto region. She is very relaxed and tends to lounge often. Theo tends to cater to this outside of battle, the two have been caught taking a midday nap on several occasions. She has a short temper for being roused from her relaxed state having explosive results.

Moves: Tackle, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Growth, Synthesis

TMs: Toxic

MTMs: Bind

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