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 Atticus Green, Hibiscus Beach Gym Leader
Atticus Green
 Posted: 6/28/15, 01:00 pm
Zibb / Goldie
29 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Atticus Holokai Green

Cis Man • 45 • Hibiscus Gym Leader, Marine Ecologist


  • Tall (6’ 3”) and very fit. Has a long, triangular swimmer’s body—large feet and hands, muscular back and shoulders, and lean legs.
  • Close-cropped black hair, usually kept high and tight. Generally has more hair on his face than his head in the form of a dense, wiry salt-and-pepper beard.
  • Stern-faced, but is belied by very warm, hazel eyes that are gathering crow’s feet at their corners and a very friendly smile.
  • Often wears glasses and is currently wrestling with a recent transition to bifocals.
  • Is clearly happiest at his beach bum-iest and generally prefers to wear as little clothing as a given situation requires, which means he’s generally seen shirtless in some form of swim or dive attire. He does, however, very much believe in the power of a well-dressed man.
  • Covered in tattoos and several prominent, raised scars from various ocean-related mishaps, some more exciting and gruesome than others—and there are few things he loves more than sharing stories about them over a glass of whiskey.


  • Always in it for the sheer thrill of life and all its wonders—sometimes to borderline adrenaline junkie extremes.
  • Eco-conscious and radically passionate about preserving and protecting the island’s natural ecosystem and wildlife, especially the marine life. Operates on a strong, but very personal, moral compass.
  • Generally cooperative and easy to work with, but once he sets his mind, there is no stopping him. Atticus is extremely stubborn and headstrong once he takes a hard position on something.
  • In a phrase, not afraid to get his hands dirty.
  • Has a “protector of the small” mentality and can’t stand to see anyone, human or pokémon, hurt or mistreated.
  • More prone to moodiness and brooding than he is actually talking if he’s concerned or focused on a personal problem.
  • Very charming and personable, he’s very good at working a crowd—all good traits as a gym leader and community figure—but he’s also good at keeping only a very narrow window into his personal life. Which is not to say he doesn’t enjoy the attention.
  • Unfailingly flirtatious. It's a well-known community secret that Atticus is openly bisexual, and despite his restless, never-going-to-be-tied-down ways, he never seems to be wanting for company.
  • Loves experiencing new things, but loves introducing people to new experiences even more.
  • Enjoys working with his hands and is always tinkering with some sort of craft.


  • Born and raised in Hibiscus with his elder sister by his single mother. His father was a loving and caring parent, but passed away when Atticus was 11 from a stroke while away on a fishing boat.

  • During his youth, spent most of his time helping his mother and constantly exploring the tide pools and beaches. Learned to swim in the choppy ocean from a young age.

  • As a young teen, Atticus supported himself and his family by showing up at the fishing docks early in the morning to be hired on for last minute work on the boats going out for the day. While almost certainly illegal, it allowed him to put away a small store of money for college.

  • Enrolled in college full-time while working as a boat mechanic, a skill he’d picked up both on the fishing boats and by maintaining his mother’s ancient flats boat.

  • Remained relatively undecided and mostly spent his credits on required curricula and classes he saw as useful or interesting, including an opportunity to become scuba certified through an introductory course. As a result, he became enraptured with Eden’s aquatic life and decided to pursue a degree in the university’s marine biology program.

  • Soon became restless and bored with academic life, but found himself drawn to the more active political groups on campus. Finding strict biology unengaging, he shifted his focus onto studies in the island’s ecology, fueled in part by his new-found activism in campus environmentalist groups.

  • In his final years at school, spent as little time in class as possible, focusing as much time as he could on field work, studying the delicate ecosystems the coasts and waterways of the island for his final thesis.

  • Was invited into a graduate program, but he deferred the offer to take time off in school and attend to his aging mother. He stayed connected to the university through his job at a dive shop, where he frequently offered his services as a dive master and extensive knowledge of the island’s underwater terrain to researchers.

  • When not doing that, Atticus spent much of his time in his twenties traveling. He also spent time forming an environmental coalition, specifically targeting destructive industrial activities on the island and protecting the waterways with radical but peaceful protest.

  • There is much suspicion regarding the sabotage of several notable industrial projects, including disruption of the building of a hydroelectric dam, and construction of a gas pipeline through the island’s marshes. Nothing has ever OFFICIALLY been traced back to Atticus or his coalition, though the projects were heavy targets of protest.

  • The coalition eventually grew into its own small organization. The organization’s almost tireless volunteering around Hibiscus Beach has made Atticus a prominent figure in the community. The organization operated out of the old dive shop Atticus had since assumed ownership of, which had also been expanded by renovating the empty shipyard warehouse in the adjacent lot. Their activities included regular beach clean-up initiatives, educating the community about conservation and caring for the island’s wildlife, etc.

  • Atticus eventually decided to re-enroll to complete his graduate education. At the same time, there were promising conversations of nominating Atticus as the new Hibiscus Gym Leader, but both plans were abruptly put on hold in the wake of the death of Atticus’s elderly mother.

  • Atticus abruptly left the island, citing primarily the need to take care of his mother’s affairs, but also to ease some restlessness that had arisen in the wake of potentially tying himself down to both a position as a gym leader and a spot in academia. Very little is known about what Atticus did in his 5 years away from the island. He claims much of his time was spent traveling and “attending ecology conferences.” His environmental coalition continued to operate in his absence, though activity dwindled.

  • Upon his quiet return, Atticus re-entered school to complete a terminal P.hD and worked on reviving his environmental coalition. He was surprised to find the position of gym leader offered to him again and accepted the position.

  • These days, Atticus has spent considerable effort converting and expanding a section of his gym into a small rehabilitation and research facility, where he can quietly continue his research at his leisure, with a meager but reliable supply of student interns from the university. The environmental coalition is quiet, geared predominantly towards community work, though Atticus still occasionally arranges for quiet meetings with a decidedly more radical tone to the conversation.

  • Mostly, though, Atticus seems to be primarily focused on his gym, his pokémon, and taking care of Hibiscus Beach. His time patrolling waterways, rehabilitating small pokémon, and educating children about respecting the island is periodically disturbed about resurfacing rumors about his radical politics and activism. The word ecoterrorist even gets thrown around from time to time, an accusation that is often tactfully dodged by some handwaving about the "radicalism of his younger years." For the most part, Atticus carries on about his business on the island undisturbed.

Other Info

  • Atticus has several scars, predominantly on his arms, chest, and legs. Prominent ones are an x-shaped scar across his left pectoral; a long, jagged scar across his right thigh; a permanent rope burn scar on his palms.

  • In addition to scars, Atticus also has several tattoos of varying quality: a fading anchor on his right pectoral; two sparrows carrying a sailors knot on his abdomen (stomach rocker); a Sharpedo on his right bicep; a mermaid on his left forearm; a compass star on the back of his right hand, and a series of nautical stars and anchors on his knuckles. He has a rooster's head on his left calf, and a pig's on the right. On his back, a giant Tentacruel battles a fully rigged ship on a stormy sea.

  • Atticus is a social smoker with a preference for pungent cigars, and loves a good drink. He'll never turn down a nice, peaty scotch and a chance for good conversation.

  • He has a dead-eye aim with a harpoon gun, and (rumor has it) a disconcerting amount of working knowledge for make-shift explosives and guerrilla protest tactics.

  • He has a very close relationship with his sister, Lysistrata.

  • For all Atticus's dismissal, there are still many persisting rumors that suggest there is a much darker side to Hibiscus's gym leader with a much more questionable history than he lets on...

Out of Character

Hi! I'm Piper, but around Paradise I go by Zibb! I'm 22-years-old and just completed by degree in molecular biology/biotechnology. At this point, I've been roleplaying and writing for the better part of 10+ years (@.@), and I'm also a returning veteran from Paradise's spiritual predecessor, Destiny. I also play Willa Frey, and I'm always down to brainstorm and drum up storylines! BD

I like the pronouns they/them, she/her, and he/him and I encourage people to switch it up. Please use one or all of these pronoun sets when referring to me in the third person.












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Atticus Green
 Posted: 6/28/15, 01:02 pm
Zibb / Goldie
29 posts
Pokémon Trainer

Hibiscus Beach Gym Team

the mariner's revenge

Delta the Vaporeon

male » lv. 20
ability » Water Absorb

the undertow

attacks » Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Water Gun, Quick Attack, Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, Toxic, Rain Dance, Surf, Substitute, Heal Bell

Mahaelani the Lapras

female » lv. 20
ability » Water Absorb

the tidal wave

attacks » Sing, Growl, Water Gun, Mist, Confuse Ray, Ice Shard, Water Pulse, Body Slam, Safeguard, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Surf, Signal Beam

Iwalani the Pelipper

female » lv. 25
ability » Rain Dish

the harpoon

attacks » Growl, Water Gun, Supersonic, Wing Attack, Mist, Water Pulse, Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Protect, Roost, Fly, Aerial Ace, Scald, Icy Wind

gym records

past challengers




Atticus Green
 Posted: 6/28/15, 01:04 pm
Zibb / Goldie
29 posts
Pokémon Trainer

the crew

Hester the Wartortle

female » lv. 16
ability » Torrent

For Atticus, Hester represents the good, bad, and the ugly of rehabilitation work. The most notable fact about the Wartortle is her size; Hester is monstrous compared to the average Wartortle, clocking in at a solid 75 pounds. Despite the species' preference for fresh water, Hester is entirely unperturbed by the island's salty water supply. If anything, she's learned to thrive in it.

Atticus found Hester as a not-so-wee Squirtle, terrorizing a small, isolated lagoon near Hibiscus Beach. Between her sheer size and the advantage of being a foreign predator in the very small, remote ecosystem, she outcompeted almost all the natural inhabitants of the lagoon. Atticus determined that the out-of-place Pokémon had most likely been abandoned by an inexperience trainer and took it upon himself to rescue the turtle--and by proxy, the lagoon. (Atticus is still periodically releasing feeder populations to restablize the tiny ecosystem.)

Hester is not cruel so much as she is just woefully undisciplined, having lived almost her entire short life at the top of the food chain in that little lagoon. She's an irreverent, incredibly willful pokémon, and clashes with Atticus often. Driven by a deeply ingrained competitive streak, Hester frequently uses her abnormal size and strength to exert her dominance--usually in the form of surprise wrestling matches with unsuspecting opponents.

Channeling the pokémon's abundant energy into less destructive avenues is a full-time job, one that Atticus has taken on with vigor, but in an effort to protect local wildlife and unwary trainers, he frequently tags the Wartortle's shell with bright colors to serve as warning emblems.

For all her bluster and rebellion, Hester does seem to prefer the comforts of domestic life. Despite their frequent clashes, Atticus and Hester share an unmatched vigor for life--and, judging by the frequency of theft, an equally unmatched love his beanies.

Hester's speech color is #7794DD

attacks » Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Withdraw, Bubble, Bite

Tlaloc the Totodile

male » lv. 15
ability » Torrent

Where Hester tips the scales, Tlaloc is quite tiny for his species, though not for any sort of neglect. Atticus found the Totodile's abandoned, mud-caked egg in a torn up nest in the marshes, and was more than a little surprised to find the crocodillian that damn near chewed through his incubator several days later.

Yet Atticus still wonders if spending a little too long, too cold in that abandoned nest didn't leave the Totodile a touch.... peculiar. A lazy, imperturbable pokémon, Tlaloc is often found avoiding Atticus's active lifestyle by way of napping or otherwise inanimate, staring into space. In spite of Atticus's initial concern, the Totodile otherwise seems perfectly happy, healthy, and well-fed.

Make no mistake, the Totodile has proven himself perfectly capable of of moving fast when the urge arises. The only other pastime Tlaloc seems to enjoy more than sleeping is lying in wait, sometimes hidden, and chomping on unsuspecting passersby. Though the Totodile rarely means to actually harm anyone, Atticus is working on making the pokémon a little less toothy. So far, a watch, three boogie boards, and a pair of slippers have been sacrificed for the cause.

Tlaloc's speech color is #315A83

attacks » Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage, Bite

Titus the Krabby

male » lv. 10
ability » Shell Armor

Titus's speech color is #FDAA6B

attacks » Bubble, Vice Grip, Leer
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