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 Casey Leander, aka Stirling, Ironwood City Gym Leader
Casey Leander
 Posted: 7/8/15, 12:20 pm
82 posts
Pokémon Trainer


Casey stands at only 5’7” - a little short, by his measure - and is built slight; he’s a tad self-conscious about both of these things, and tends to wear shoes with a bit of a heel. His hair is dark and coarse, normally styled with a side parting, and he has the complexion to match thanks to his Italian heritage. His facial features are fairly soft, but he works hard to counter this through severe expression, and rarely smiles.

The most striking aspect of Casey’s appearance is almost certainly his eyes, though he tends to hide them, if he can, behind one of a large collection of shades. His left eye is a uniform deep brown, but his right is afflicted with sectoral heterochromia, and sports a pale blue section that makes up about two-fifths of the iris area. This unusual trait was inherited from his father, and is one of several that easily identifies them as related.

While on the job - whether spinning discs or taking on gym challengers - Casey hides his face with a custom motorcycle helmet styled after a metagross, complete with glowing red eyes. His work attire tends towards the formal, heavy on waistcoats and jackets; his casuals aren’t dissimilar, forgoing the outerwear but sticking with buttoned shirts and straight-leg trousers. Though they are classy-looking, his clothes are often quite scruffy, betraying their owner’s years of second-hand shopping.
On first meeting, Casey can come off as aloof and distant - though less in a ‘mysterious’ way than in an outright pretty rude way. Famously awkward and introverted, his interactions with others are usually off-putting, and don’t leave many people wanting more. He particularly dislikes being challenged to battles by strangers, a happening that’s unfortunately moreorless a given in his line of work. While not so unmannerly as to simply tell someone to go away, Casey is well-practised in the art of making it clear he would rather be left alone.

It’s not as if he has no redeeming features, though: he’s thoroughly capable of charm where it counts. In the event you successfully manage to get him to loosen up - for example, by getting some alcohol into him - Casey makes a quick transformation in to an agreeable, effusive man, almost a different person. His stiff expressions become easy smiles, and he cracks jokes and laughs far more easily. This wouldn't really be an issue, except everyone tends to prefer this person - even Casey himself - and as a result he probably drinks a bit more than he ought. It’s definitely not enough to be a problem, though. Why would you even ask something like that?

Coincidentally, he mixes a mean drink.

While Casey's day (or perhaps night) job is that of Ironwood City gym leader, in addition he serves as one of the club’s DJs and bartenders, and generally runs the show. As leader he’s no-nonsense, preferring to cut right to the chase - trainers who talk a big talk are guaranteed to irritate him - and in battle he’s quietly confident, though that confidence can quickly turn to frustration if things don’t go his way.

Off the job, he spends quite a bit of time soaking up Ironwood’s vibrant night-life besides, but in his spare time he enjoys the puzzle section in the newspaper, takeout, and a wide variety of music. There’s very little he won’t at least listen to, and he owns a pretty sick vinyl collection, a good chunk of which originally belonged to his mother. He dotes on his mum, and loves nothing more than dragging her off on expensive holidays they can scarcely afford. He is a particular sucker for the beach and the ocean in general.
Casey’s parents met in Castelia City almost thirty years ago. His father, Simon, was a high-ranking exec for an electronics company at the time. His mother, Felicita, was an experimental jazz musician, employed by the bar where they met. They never married; in many ways they were ill-fitted from the start, and stayed together only thanks to his mother’s unexpected pregnancy. The family moved to Ironwood City when Casey was very young, as his father was leading the opening of a new branch of his company, and they lived in well-fed luxury for a few years. As a child, Casey had basically everything and anything he wanted, and this was the beginning of his lifelong love-affair with cutting-edge technology.

At the age of 11, his father left the family in favour of a new job and a new life in Johto. His parents’ relationship had degraded over a number of years as Simon, who had wanted a son, put an increasing amount of pressure on Felicita, who had never wanted children at all. The event shook Casey to the core, and left him and his mother in a very precarious financial situation. He has fostered a deep resentment for his father ever since.

As well as downsizing in apartment, Casey was forced to move to a less expensive school. he paid little attention to his studies, preferring to focus on making music - a hobby Felicita more than encouraged - and scrounging up money anywhere he could. he eventually dropped out at 16 with zero qualifications, going straight into work to help his mother pay rent and buy food.

A date with a co-worker about six months later led him right to the coolest place he’d ever seen: the Ironwood City gym. Too young to drink but not to dance, he had the time of his life that night; the date sucked, but he’d found the club that would become his haunt and, in time, his life. Casey started spending almost every hour he wasn't working hanging around the gym. Over time, he endeared himself to the staff, and began picking up chores around the place in exchange for tips: setting up and taking down equipment; cleaning; fetching coffee for VIPs - all strictly off the payroll, of course.

By the time he was 19 he was selling second hand phones by day and working behind the bar by night. He rarely slept. He had never been so content. His mother worried of course, but frankly she was mostly glad to see him happy, and it didn't hurt to have a little extra money coming in. During his time in the gym he was slowly picking up how to battle pokémon from the other staff. It wasn't a pastime he’d ever taken much interest in, but his new friends - all trainers of the gym themselves, as well as bouncers and bar staff and DJs - made it seem fun and exciting! While no particular talent at it, no one worked harder than Casey, and he improved fast. When a position on the official staff opened up, there was no need to interview: it seemed only natural he should be the one to fill it.

The rest, as they say, is history. It took seven years for him to work his way up to leader - and work is exactly what he did, every hour god gave him. By now an accomplished trainer in his own right - as well as a DJ swiftly growing in popularity - he is determined to do the best damn job he can in his new role. Now if only he could get Felicita to stop nagging him about his drinking…
he goes by Stirling at all times during gym opening hours, and it's strictly forbidden under league rules to refer to him by any other name. the sign out front says Stirling; all literature on the gym lists its leader as Stirling; for all the general public knows, Stirling is the legal name of Ironwood City's rising star.

he doesn't actually have a motorbike license; he took a few lessons once, but doesn't trust himself on any kind of vehicle.

has two tattoos: one on his left clavicle, achieved one night while under the influence (doesn't so much regret it - as drunken tattoos go it certainly could be worse - but mostly keeps it hidden, all the same) and the other on his right upper arm. the story behind them is very slightly interesting.

as a rule of thumb, the more complex the drink, the better he is at making it. he doesn't seem to have a drink of choice so to speak, but harbours a particular soft spot for blue lagoons.

he's actually much more fond of pokémon than he is people, with one exception: fish. there's a reason for this! when he was quite young and on holiday at the beach, he was one day swimming in the sea when something brushed up against his leg. the experience wigged him out so much that, to this day, if it's fishy he won't go near it.

this is also why, while he loves the sea from a distance, he outright refuses to swim in it.

he doesn't mind people giving them a once-over, but it's best not to mention his weird eyes, if he happens to remove his shades around you.
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Casey Leander
 Posted: 7/8/15, 12:23 pm
82 posts
Pokémon Trainer

» personal pokémon

Adamant nature. Arrived at Bronze tier. Alert to sounds. Likes spicy food.

Moves: Taunt, Growl, Fairy Wind, Astonish, Fake Tears, Bite, Sweet Scent, Vice Grip, Feint Attack, Baton Pass, Crunch, Iron Defense, Sucker Punch, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Iron Head, Play Rough, Flash Cannon, Rain Dance, Thunder Punch, Magnet Rise

Modest nature. Arrived at Bronze tier. Very finicky. Likes dry food.

Moves: Charge, Tackle, Sonic Boom, Eerie Impulse, Spark, Rollout, Screech, Charge Beam, Swift, Electro Ball, Light Screen, Magnet Rise, Discharge, Gyro Ball, Mirror Coat

Jolly nature. Arrived at Bronze tier. Likes to thrash about. Likes sweet food.

Moves: Leer, Rage, Bite, Sand Attack, Torment, Sand Tomb, Assurance, Mud-Slap, Embargo, Swagger, Crunch, Dig, Scary Face, Sandstorm

Naïve nature. Received at Bronze tier. Impetuous & silly. Likes sweet food.

Moves: String Shot, Leech Life, Spider Web, Thunder Wave, Screech, Fury Cutter, Electroweb, Bug Bite, Gastro Acid, Slash, Electro Ball, Signal Beam, Agility, Sucker Punch, Discharge

Fighting evil by moonlight,
Winning love by daylight,
Never running from a real fight,
She is the one named Flaaffy Pink!

??? nature. Scouted at Silver tier. Trade from Mira. Likes ??? food.

Moves: Tackle, Growl, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Cotton Spore, Charge, Take Down, Electro Ball, Confuse Ray, Power Gem, Discharge, Cotton Guard, Signal Beam, Light Screen, Attract

??? nature. Received at Bronze tier. Likes ??? food.

Moves: Tackle, Leer, Charge, Baby-Doll Eyes, Bite, Roar, Swagger, Scary Face

??? nature. Received at Bronze tier. Likes ??? food.

Moves: Tackle, Sharpen, Conversion, Conversion 2, Agility, Recover, Magnet Rise, Recycle, Lock-On, Magic Coat, Aerial Ace, Shock Wave

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Casey Leander
 Posted: 8/19/15, 07:39 pm
82 posts
Pokémon Trainer

» gym team: bronze

blitzle male SAP SIPPER
Data unknown.

Moves: Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Charge, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Flame Charge, Pursuit, Agility, Double Team, Magnet Rise

porygon GENDERLESS trace
Data unknown.

Moves: Tackle, Sharpen, Conversion, Conversion 2, Agility, Recover, Magnet Rise, Recycle, Lock-On, Magic Coat, Charge Beam, Wonder Room

pawniard female defiant
Data unknown.

Moves: Scratch, Leer, Fury Cutter, Torment, Feint Attack, Scary Face, Metal Claw, Assurance, Metal Sound, Embargo, Iron Defense, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Dual Chop

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Casey Leander
 Posted: 3/10/16, 04:53 pm
82 posts
Pokémon Trainer

» gym team: silver

emolga male static
Data unknown.

Moves: Thunder Shock, Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Charge, Spark, Nuzzle, Pursuit, Double Team, Shock Wave, Electro Ball, Acrobatics, Light Screen, Encore, Volt Switch, Agility, Discharge, Swagger, Thunderbolt, Electroweb, Signal Beam

zangoose male toxic boost
Data unknown.

Moves: Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Fury Cutter, Pursuit, Hone Claws, Slash, Revenge, Crush Claw, False Swipe, Embargo, Detect, X-Scissor, Taunt, Swords Dance, Retaliate, Aerial Ace, Endeavor, Low Kick

skarmory female keen eye
Data unknown.

Moves: Leer, Peck, Sand Attack, Metal Claw, Air Cutter, Fury Attack, Feint, Swift, Spikes, Agility, Steel Wing, Slash, Metal Sound, Air Slash, Autotomize, Night Slash, Roost, Rock Slide, Iron Defense, Icy Wind

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Casey Leander
 Posted: 3/10/16, 04:54 pm
82 posts
Pokémon Trainer

» gym team: gold

Solomon came to Casey about eight years ago as an egg: a co-worker at the phone shop had awoken to find her lopunny curled up around it, and she was desperate to foist it off on someone. Intrigued by the mystery of it, and finding himself in need of more pokémon to train with, he accepted. The egg stayed nested in his pillows and sheets, largely forgotten about for several weeks, until he arrived home one day to find the no-nonsense Solomon waiting at the door. He was smaller then, of course, but Casey saw potential in the little elekid - and a quick google search seemed to agree. They have been together since, and generally get along well, being of similar temperament... although sometimes Casey does wish Solomon would lighten up a little.

Serious nature. Arrived at Gold tier. Proud of his power. Likes all food.

Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Thunder Shock, Low Kick, Swift, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, Light Screen, Thunder Punch, Discharge, Screech, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Electric Terrain, Wild Charge, Power-Up Punch, Rock Slide, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Low Kick, Fire Punch, Ion Deluge

A more recent addition to the line-up than Solomon or Cobalt, Piper joined the ranks of the Ironwood Gym when she was discovered out back by one of the bar staff. Jamming away to what little music was leaking out through the walls, the then-loudred was in a world of her own. The decision was made to introduce her to Casey, who found Piper's wonderment at the lights and sounds of his club entirely charming, and invited her to stay. She was delighted to accept, and has proved herself to have a fierce determination in battle as well as exceptional taste in music. Though they are fast friends, Casey is often frustrated by Piper's wilful refusal to listen. She is very proud, and the sorest loser of the team.

Sassy nature. Arrived at Gold tier. Hates to lose. Likes bitter food.

Moves: Pound, Echoed Voice, Astonish, Howl, Screech, Supersonic, Bite, Stomp, Uproar, Roar, Rest, Crunch, Sleep Talk, Hyper Voice, Synchronoise, Retaliate, Toxic, Substitute, Zen Headbutt, Snore, Endeavor, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang

Cobalt was Casey's first pokémon, gifted to him by the previous leader of the Ironwood Gym when he started to become interested in training. While young at this point, the beldum was already highly dignified, and their relationship was quite rocky to begin with - they were perhaps not the best starter for an absolute novice. Over time, however, Casey was able to gain Cobalt's respect, and their friendship has stood fast and unwavering in the decade since: he cannot imagine any other pokémon in their place, at his side. Cobalt's quiet, cool exterior conceals an incredible intelligence, and they are not afraid to put this to the test in battle. Persistent and calculating, they are the often the ace in the hole Casey needs to prevail.

Quiet nature. Arrived at Gold tier. Strong-willed. Likes dry food.

Moves: Confusion, Metal Claw, Pursuit, Bullet Punch, Miracle Eye, Zen Headbutt, Scary Face, Psychic, Agility, Meteor Mash, Hammer Arm, Iron Defense, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Signal Beam, Gravity, Magnet Rise, Take Down

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