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 Maisie Kingsley, Trainer / Blogger
Maisie Kingsley
 Posted: 1/8/18, 11:43 am
1 posts
Pokémon Trainer

nineteen female trainer / blogger

Standing at 5'9", Maisie is a taller-than-average girl with a slightly curvaceous body type. Her voluminous hair and full fringe is dyed a sweet, pastel pink and her eyes are a bright yet natural green, almost always outlined with near-perfected winged eyeliner. Her face is fairly round with delicate, feminine features. There is a light dusting of freckles like golden glitter across the bridge of her nose which she covers with makeup.

Maisie creates her own style when it comes to her clothing, which proves to be fairly popular on her online blog (or maybe it's the cute selfies with her pokémon that does it). Despite seeming like a girl who would follow the latest fashions, she mainly opts for cutesey clothing and pastel-palettes. She does like to flaunt a range of different styles, depending on her mood, but frills, lace and cropped tops feel like home to Maisie. Appearance is everything to her and she lets it define her. This does cause some complications. To Maisie's regret, on her back, is an obscure tattoo, a giveaway to her rebellious, less-than-cute past. Barely anyone has laid eyes upon this stain upon her reputation, and she makes sure that all of her clothes hide this secret away. If her fans found out, it would kick up a digital storm!
Maisie's head is stuck in the clouds and she refuses to come down. She certainly moves with her own pace in life and spends a lot of that life in her own bubble. She has habits of picking up random hobbies, only for them to be cast aside when the novelty wears off. Due to this, she has a lot of seemingly-haphazard pools of knowledge about a wide range of topics. The only exception to this endless rotation of hobbies is her precious blog, which has been running for almost two years. It is the pride and joy of her life, and a lot of her waking (and sleeping) thoughts are spent dreaming about what she can post to it next. It has grown to be much like a glamourous diary for Maisie, and she never misses a day of posting. Ever since she decided to post photos and write about pokémon, her online followers flourished into the tens of thousands. After all, who can resist cute pokémon selfies? Some would say she got her pokémon as a gimmick for popularity, but she truly loves them very dearly. It's not all that, however. Maisie is a fairly good writer and photographer, and this is reflected in her blog. She has a fiery passion for the way photography and poetry can capture a pokémon battle in a whole different way. She definitely has a strong creative streak within her.

Despite her flood of online popularity, Maisie finds it hard to maintain friendships in real life. People seem to lose their novelty even faster than hobbies do to Maisie. What she doesn't realise is, she can be very hard to get along with. She can be self-centered and hard to engage with. She can be harsh and speak her mind without meaning to be downright mean, but that's how it comes across. On the surface, she can seem very shallow, but there are other sides to her. Despite her cute dress sense, Maisie can be surprisingly knowledgeable and business-minded. She knows how to change herself to appeal to a particular person, a skill that blogging and trying to become famous has taught her. There is also a genuine soft-side to Maisie that not many stick around long enough to witness. She loves creatures of all kinds and has a warm heart. She would do anything for her true friends and her pokémon (except maybe delete her blog).
Maisie lived her childhood surrounded by the concrete skyscrapers and bustling crowds of Castelia City, Unova. She lived a fairly normal life in a rather cramped apartment with her parents, Christian and Hazel Kingsley, where there was a strict no-pokémon rule. Her parents had a decent amount of money, but Maisie was taught from a young age to pay her own way in life, despite being an only child. Her parents were very loving, but had an old-fashioned outlook on life that just called out to be rebelled against.

From a young age, Maisie's role model was her childhood best friend, Hestia Bluebottle, a girl of similar age who had been roped into the fashion modeling industry by her parents. They had initially met through their parent's friendship, but soon became inseparable. Even though they didn't attend the same school, Maisie and Hestia were constantly within each other's company whenever they could be. It was an innocent and very loving friendship. For Maisie, it was a chance to learn about what it was like to be loved by an entire city of strangers. For Hestia, it was an escape from that.

As Hestia's career truly took off at around the age of ten, Maisie found herself able to see her friend less and less. The more her best friend's fame and workload grew, her parents became more and more disapproving of their friendship - it was a distraction. Eventually, they lost contact and Maisie was left wondering why she wasn't good enough. Through her teen years, Maisie went through a rebellious phase at the unfair loss of her friend, resulting in the secret tattoo on her back.

At seventeen, Maisie settled down a little and took an ordinary job in a café in the city. The job didn't pay much, but she enjoyed seeing the different tourists and trainers that would stop by from day to day, along with many different pokémon. Each day was exciting and different from the last. This is initially what prompted her to start up a blog. Each day on shift, Maisie would take photos with interesting people or pokémon who came through the doors, as well as writing about funny or charming stories that happened during the day. She found no difficulty gaining many followers in just a few months, and it even brought in more business for the small café, much to the glee of her boss. This is where the 'likes' began to rule her life.

A few days before her nineteenth birthday, Maisie decided that the café photos and the 30,000 followers weren't enough. She had learnt a lot from the travelers who would pass through the café, and she had found a love for pokémon along with it. Unbeknownst to her parents, Maisie visited a well-known pokémon breeder she had seen advertised online and spent a good chunk of her savings on her very first partner - a young Vulpix she named Kiki. She knew near to nothing about the ins and outs of caring for an actual living, breathing creature, but a lot of online tutorials and forums helped. Maisie immediately broke the news to her parents, who were shocked and upset by the news of their only daughter's departure. Maisie did her best to seem like she had a clear plan. "Think of it as like a gap year or something. We can still keep in touch," she had told them as she packed some outfits and belongings. And with a short yet solemn moment to say goodbye, she was gone.

With another good chunk of her savings, what was supposed to be her 'getting my own place fund' which had come from both her job and the money she made from her blog, Maisie and Kiki took a ferry from Castelia Harbour to the Eden Region. Why Eden? No reason. It sounded cute. And if it sucked, at least she could blog about it?
  • Maisie was born in January and her favourite colour is pink. Of course.
  • Maisie's blog username is craisiemaisie. Two years on, she is starting to regret the name choice... Just a little. But that's a secret.
  • She is left-handed.
  • Maisie is pretty terrible at battling for multiple reasons - she doesn't like to see her companions getting hurt, and she's quite bad at thinking under pressure.
  • Maisie has an irrational fear of the Goomy line.
  • Her bag always contains spare outfits and accessories, her makeup bag, a camera, a notebook and her favourite pink biro.
  • She likes to decorate her Pokéballs with stickers.
  • made by gimmick on gs
    Maisie Kingsley
     Posted: 1/8/18, 11:56 am
    1 posts
    Pokémon Trainer

    pokémon team

    Vulpix Female Flash Fire Bronze Tier
    Kiki was Maisie's first companion, bought for quite a large sum from a reputable breeder near Castelia City, Unova. Kiki seemed like the odd one out amongst her littermates in terms of personality, which is initially what attracted Maisie towards her. Despite her pedigree background, the small fox is extremely shy and seems to lack a lot of confidence. She was the runt of her litter in anything but size. She is cautious when it comes to trying new things, and has the habit of using fire as a defense mechanism when she is startled. However, Kiki is very sweet and is quickly warming to Maisie as a partner. She seems to almost enjoy having her photo taken and all the attention she is suddenly receiving, which is a big contrast to her previous home. Maisie occasionally tries to dress her up in cute bows and accessories for photos, but most have ended up singed. Maisie writes a lot of poetry with Kiki as the subject, which she reads to her sometimes. She's not sure if she understands it, but Maisie feels as if she does.

    Kiki's Pokéball is decorated with glittery gold stars and a cute Vulpix emoji sticker.

    Moves: Ember, Quick Attack, Confuse Ray, Will'O'Wisp, Feint Attack

    Sorrel is an inquisitive and clever bird with quite the mischevious streak. Maisie met him on her journey over from Unova to Eden. He definitely wasn't a creature that Maisie thought would be her first "caught" companion, but hey! He was actually just an ordinary wild Murkrow who happened to be perched upon the ferry when it sailed away. Some would probably consider that a bad omen for the journey. Oblivious, Maisie happened to approach him, wanting to test out her new partner. A battle on a boat would be perfect for her blog! Needless to say, possibly the worst battle humanity has ever seen was cut short by a member of crew who insisted that battling was not allowed on their ferries. Maisie could've sworn she heard the Murkrow let out a cawing laugh. Ever since, Sorrel started following Maisie around, and Maisie didn't really know what to do other than let him. He may seem like an unlikely match to Maisie's aesthetic choice, but she loves him dearly and finds him a fascinating creature. He has made less of an appearance on her blog - her fans much prefer the cute Vulpix pictures, but Maisie thinks she can make Murkrows fashionable.

    Sorrel's Pokéball is decorated with shiny silver moon and star stickers.

    Moves: Peck, Haze, Astonish, Wing Attack

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