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 Midori Kita, Nightshade
Midori Kita
 Posted: 7/9/15, 08:18 pm
35 posts

midori kita
twenty-three female nightshade operative

Midori's image is largely a holdover from another life. Her black hair sits in a neat and sensible bunch down each side of her face, falling just below the shoulders. The ends still hold some light blue dye that's taking a while to grow out. A surprisingly stylish pair of thin half-moon glasses frame her deep brown eyes, and break up her plain but expressive face. She usually has the look of someone barely concealing a grin, and when it shows - which is often - it’s lopsided and charmingly superior.

Midori tends towards loose and comfortable clothes. Her favourite outfit is a simple cotton dress, form-fitting and leaf/mint green, styled to look like a short-sleeved shirt and pleated skirt fused together. A shockingly low, but equally narrow, neckline suggests a lot but reveals nothing, and thigh-high black socks, falling just short of the hem of her dress, complete this somewhat daring look. A very short black leather jacket adds some credibility to her Nightshade status, and she wears a pair of plain black boots to match. She ties up her hair with a purple band when it suits her.

Midori Kita does not suffer fools gladly. No - just kidding, actually, fools can be really funny. But God help you if you try acting smart and then pronounce it ‘expresso’. She is generally approachable and smiles easily, though these smiles go hand in hand with almost predatory looks that can be slightly intimidating.

Midori approaches every problem like a game, and will not accept anything less than the perfect solution. She likes to keep her mind busy, and is never seen without a Rubik’s cube she absentmindedly twists into and out of various patterns. She also has a strange habit of making jokes and jibes so roundabout and levels of removal away from the obvious that upon examination even she is left wondering where exactly she was headed with it.

Midori doesn't talk about her past, how she ended up with Nightshade, or what's with all her vague talk about puzzles. She would rather no one ask, either.

Midori doesn't often volunteer information about her life before coming to Eden. All that's commonly known within the Nightshade ranks is that until recently, she was a long distance Logistical Operative based in the Kanto region. Good at her job, too; she's been responsible for several highly profitable operations, and not once had to get her own hands dirty. Word is she's been shipped to Eden so the Boss can keep a closer eye on her - too valuable to risk her going rogue, perhaps.

Rumours, however, abound. Some are relatively tame, others so ridiculous as to be beyond belief. One of the most popular paints her as a long-vanished child genius, returned from the dead - but this particular conversation topic is mostly for fun, shit to talk about the ‘mysterious’ transfer operative whenever her back is turned.

Whatever the truth about her past, Midori seems less than thrilled to be here, but with her most recent orders simply reading ‘Await further instructions, and enjoy the downtime’, she intends to make the most of the opportunity and advance a few of her personal projects. In the mean time, the Eden League might make a suitable distraction.

Nothing yet.
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Midori Kita
 Posted: 7/9/15, 08:19 pm
35 posts

growlithe female intimidate
Until recently, Aimi was just Midori's pet. Somewhat lazy, she hasn't had much fighting experience, but is quickly getting the hang of it. Enjoys chin scratches and peanut butter cups.

Arrived at Silver tier.

EXP: 025/175

Odor Sleuth
Helping Hand
Flame Wheel
Fire Fang
Take Down
Flame Burst

larvitar male guts
Midori received Garrett as a welcome gift of sorts from the Nightshade organization, upon arriving in Eden. Apparently, they consider A Literal Dog to be a less than ideal fighting companion for one of their higher ranking members. Whatever. No big deal. In any case, Garrett seems friendly enough, though maybe a bit too eager to headbutt things for a strategist's taste.

Received as backhanded employee welcome package at Silver tier.

EXP: 025/175

Moves: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm, Screech, Chip Away, Rock Slide, Scary Face, Dark Pulse, Payback, Crunch

whimsicott female prankster
Work in progress.

Tripped over and wrestled into submission in Amaranth Forest at Bronze tier.

EXP: 075/175

Moves: Absorb, Fairy Wind, Growth, Leech Seed, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Cotton Spore, Razor Leaf, Poison Powder, Giga Drain, Charm, Helping Hand, Energy Ball, Cotton Guard, Sunny Day, Endeavor, Solar Beam, Gust, Tailwind, Hurricane, Moonblast

pikachu male static
Work in progress.

Assaulted in Hawthorn Woods at Bronze tier.

EXP: 000/175

Moves: Thunder Shock, Tail Whip, Growl, Play Nice, Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Thunder Wave, Feint, Double Team, Nuzzle, Agility, Light Screen

taillow swift
taillow female guts
Work in progress.

Sat upon rudely in Amaranth Forest at Bronze tier.

EXP: 000/175

Moves: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Aerial Ace, Quick Guard, Agility, Endeavor

goomy female gooey
Work in progress.

Ordered from Pokèmon Amazon at Bronze tier.

EXP: 000/175

Moves: Tackle, Bubble, Absorb, Protect, Bide, Dragon Breath, Rain Dance, Flail

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